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Published: Thursday, Feb. 23 2012 11:00 p.m. MST

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cedar Hills/ utah, UT

How does Brock Zylstra get so many minutes, he contributes NOTHING!!

Lindon, UT

Tough loss for BYU but I think the NCAA is still within reach. Splitting with Gonzaga, by similar margins, should bode well if we can play well in Vegas. Getting to the champ. game would really do the job. Getting Hartsock healthy will go a long ways to that happening. Carlino needs to get the experience to know when to push and when to hold back-- either way, stay in control. Nice to see Rodgers back on the floor. Davies was awesome in the 2nd half. Still thrilled that THIS is what a rebuilding year looks like. Go Coug's!

Salt Lake City, UT

Rose is an excellent coach and there isn't much to criticize him about. But, playing Zylstra the second most minutes on the team this year has been detrimental to the development of the younger players and overal growth of the team. Zylstra is a waste of a scholarship and shouldn't even be playing at the D-1 level. Rose needs to strip his scholarship next year and find someone who can help the team win. Look at the games in which he's scored in double figures, it's all been in blowouts against lower level teams. He's a black hole out there when they play against decent talent, and he's not athletic enough to keep up defensively.

Just think how Harrison and Winder would have developed if they'd been given the minutes over the course of the season. They'd each have 400-500 more total minutes and BYU would be a much better team at this point in the season than they are now. Sure they would have struggled at times, but I'm OK with that to be in a better position now and moving forward.

Coach Rose, please free up that scholarship!


On the road, and without your top scorer, I hate losses, but this one actually gave me some hope for the next few weeks. BYU played top notch defense, and if Hartsock is healthy, have a decent shot at the WCC tourney. To get past the first weekend in the NCAA's, those 3-pointers are going to have to start going down, however.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

First time I've taken time to watch BYU play tonight and I only watched 10 minutes of it. Loved the chant from the Zag fans "You're no Jimmer" and truthfully if BYU get's into the Big Dance then I'd say there's some serious flaws within the NCAA.


Sorry, guys, but your conference seems to be losing its appeal at the most important time of the season. LMU, who people thought may make a late run in the conference standings, just lost to a losing team. Gonzaga's bad loss last week looked like the opening the Cougars needed to take sole possession of second place, but that's gone. And then the best team, SMC, wouldn't have been a shame losing last week if they had kept it close, and if Murray St. were still undefeated. But they got blown out. And Murray St. wasn't undefeated, which had several pundits wondering if they deserved a bid at all after a loss to a fellow Ohio Valley Conference member. And after all this talk about a 3-bid league, there doesn't seem to be any way in to the dance for BYU now without a conference tournament crown. Good luck.

Omaha, NE

How is an 11 point loss being pounded? I think you mixed up the headline for one of Utah's games. I could see a pounding if down 25 with 4 minutes left, but they were down 7. A whipping is more like 20 points. It was too late for me to see this game, but I'm not surprised they took a bunch of 3's and missed most of them. BYU's had games like this at home where they shoot a ton of FT and the other team doesn't. Gonzaga is a tough place to win, just like in Provo.

I like these WCC big teams. The fans are great too. Hope to face Gonzaga again where there should be an enormous BYU crowd, and probably a bunch of UNLV fans posing as Gonzaga fans. Lame rebel fans...at least it will be in another arena.

Iowa City, IA

BYU Basketball: Without Noah Cougars Sink.

Great effort Cougs, but the refs won't put you into bonus in the first half and you shoot 25%. Nevertheless, the effort you played with was great, no giving up.

Layton, UT

Yay! What a great moral victory for our team! As long as we keep trying and playing hard... ohh oops... this is a BYU article not a Utah one.

Otis Spurlock
Ogden, UT

I knew this was going to happen, when they ran out of pickle juice at halftime.

Barney Google
Beaver, UT


11 points!

6,000 in attendance!

WCC forever.

Bountiful, UT

wow. 44 free throws for Gonzaga to just 16 for BYU. No wonder they rarely lose at home.

CO Ute

Watched a lot of the Louisville - Cincinnati game and then turned to the BYU-Gonzaga game. Big difference in talent levels at least based on the play last night. Y probably gets in the NCAA if they make the semi's of the conference tournament but could be on the bubble when some other teams get upset in their tournaments. (Note- if you want to dispute my comments feel free but this isn't about comparing two in state schools. We all understand one is a good possibility to make the NCAA and the other is really bad this year.)


Hilarious blather from the Ute fans on this site. Really, the blind leading the blind obviously

Saint George, UT

Looking at the Utes vrs CA, 8,000 attendance, what does the Huntsman hold?

Salt Lake City, UT

Better to be a Cougar fan and lose than to be a Ute fan. How many victories do the utes have this season?

112 Pack
Spokane, WA

This Zags (and Utah) fan gives BYU big Ups! That's a solid, tough team. Hopefully they can win out in conference play, then pick up a couple more wins in the WCC tournament. If BYU goes 4-1, or what ever that number (just one loss) ends up being from here out, they deserve to go to the NCAA tournament. No shame in losing in Spokane, it's a tough, tough place to play. Good luck Cougs and GO ZAGS!

112 Pack
Spokane, WA

As far as comments go regarding foul discrepancy, get used to it. Every time you travel in the WCC expect to play against the refs. Gonzaga has been absolutely Homered the last three times they traveled to San Fran. Lotsa home cooking in the WCC; but a pretty good conference none the less. Especially at the top end: St. Mary's, Gonzaga, BYU, LMU, San Fran,.......

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

I commend Rose for his job this year. Lost 2 big men essentially for the season to injury. playing 2 freshman at gaurd, another as backup big man and another as backup wing. WCC gyms may not be big and glorious but they are difficult to play in. Over time, we'll figure them out. We were not favored last night with Hartsock, without him, the loss was fully expected. I hate that we can't shoot better and while he won't say it, I'm sure Rose is frustrated all the time by that. But we'll make the NCAA tournament and put together a stronger team next year.

And Utah fans: Making the Big Dance and losing in first round is still FAR better than not coming close to making any tournament. Stick to your rebuilding (if that's what you call it) and we'll stick to our reloading.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

It's hard to beat when you play the zags and the 3 refs to. 8 against 5 is always unfair.

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