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Published: Thursday, Feb. 23 2012 2:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Rubio, of course, is the freshman senator from Florida and tea party favorite; it is widely believed he will be on the short list for vice presidential candidates if Mitt Romney wins the Republican presidential nomination. - Article


So much for religious 'tolerance.'

The claim contradicts itself when you can ONLY be of a certian faith.



I don't understand your question. Which faith are you asserting is the ONLY one? Rubio's catholic (like Santorum and Gingrich). Romney is Mormon. So, is the ONLY faith ANY faith?

Rubio is very popular in Florida and among Hispanic voters - making him a very likely choice as a VP.

Brigham City, UT

Pagan, I have days that I don't have a clue what you are carrying on about. I must be getting old... However, this article does raise an intersting question. If Rubio's name is still on the records of the church, could he and Mitt be the first presidential home teaching companionship? Maybe they could visit Harry Reed...

Syracuse, UT

Okay, let all those who are/were Rubio band wagon member's start jumping off just because he is "linked" to the Church. I can't wait to hear all the hypocrites start trying to change their stories, especially all those evangelicals.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Dear BYU Aggie and Ned Grimley: Why do you even waste your time reading his posts. It is pointless! Responses are also pointless!


Wouldn't you Mormons love that!

Springville, Ut

Dear Cats, most of us say the same about you. Unfortunately, you continue to post. Welcome to a free society. Feel free to leave your opinion and allow us the freedom to ignore you. And for those asking, it's pretty clear Pagan was referring to Christianity as the one faith. Isn't that what we Mormons want to be called? Pagan does and you have a fit about it? No wonder the people have such a hard time understanding what the Church stands for when its' members continue to confuse.

deep in thought
Salt Lake, UT

@ LValfre

No, we wouldn't "love that". It's enough having one Mormon running for president and see the liberal media attack my religion at every opportunity. Some of the articles I read make me sick to my stomach because of the blatant misrepresentations about those things I love most. This presidential election means nothing to me compared to beliefs.

Having two Mormons on the ticket would make the media frenzy even more ridiculous. I know it and I'm sure the Romney team knows it too. We would have full blown conspiracy theories going nuts. Rubio just got taken off the "short list" in my opinion.

American Fork, UT

I thought rubio was a dentist in Los Algodones, BCN, Mexico.

Salt Lake City, UT

Why would people be upset with a connection that ended when he was 13? Actually yeah you're right, people aren't rational. Similarly I expect his favorability among some similarly silly LDS members to fall because now he's an "ex".

oakley, idaho

How is it a Mormon ticket when only Romney is LDS? Odd thinking unless Rubio is planning on reactivating, which would be a surprise.
Frankly, the way Rubio jumps around on religion doesn't exactly impress me. Seems like he is rather easy to change on his stances.

Kansan by choice

uhhhhh NO

Springville, Ut

Anne, I hardly think changing your religion at 13 when you were baptized most likely without much thought at 8 to be "jumping around" religions. It's especially ironic considering most LDS converts are between the ages of 22-28. Do these converts not count as sincere because they changed their religion so "late"?

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Be careful Sen. Rubio ---

Remember how the Utah Republican Mormons questioned, pounced and then dragged Jon Huntsman Jr. through the mud about his LDS Membership...

Murray, Utah


you should be more tolerant to Mormons.

Las Vegas, NV

@ deep in thought...
"No, we wouldn't "love that". It's enough having one Mormon running for president and see the liberal media attack my religion at every opportunity. Some of the articles I read make me sick to my stomach because of the blatant misrepresentations about those things I love most. This presidential election means nothing to me compared to beliefs."

Dude if this is the way you feel, I suggest you go hide in your closet and never come out. This is a free country where people are free to think and speak their mind. The issue of misrepresentation happens to one's church/religion, family, you as a person, your job, etc. The question is how are you to deal with it? Are you going to embrace it as part of life and think of it as opportunity to educate others or are you going to go hide and hope nobody will talk bad about you?

Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT

I took Pagan's comment to mean something totally different.

Either he is a Mormon (he is counted in our 13 million members) or he is a Catholic (he is counted in their number). One person cannot be counted in both faiths. Only one faith per person.

Maybe I was wrong?

m.g. scott

Hello everyone, my turn at bat. I actually think it might be an advantage that Sen. Rubio became Catholic, politically anyway. The Catholic religious affiliation won't invite as much negative scrutiny as an LDS one does. Hopefully the huge mainstream Christian community (that is so important for Republican candidates) will look at as a feather in Rubios cap that he left the LDS Church, not punish him for once having been in it. From what I know of Rubio at this time, I really like him and I do see him as a likely Presidential candidate in the future. Since I care about the country and its future, I'd much rather have a good solid conservative in leadership that I share political values with. The fact that we may not now share the same church is not really that important. If Romney had changed to another church, I'd still be supporting him.

Kearns, UT

I'm fine with Rubio as a VP. If he's now less active and goes to another church, that's fine with me. It would be a good chance for Mitt to fellowship him.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Lane Myer
Rubio is likely counted as a Catholic and as a Mormon as far as the church's own membership roles are concerned since it seems he or his family hasn't asked for name removal from the LDS church. In terms of things like census records he's just counted as a Catholic.

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