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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 21 2012 1:00 p.m. MST

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Colorado Springs, CO

How can economists say the stimulus did or did not work? All we know what is what has happened with the stimulus. No one can go back to the past and know what would have happened without it. Things could have been much worse. Or, to the contrary, they might have been better. Again, no one knows. And those who say they do know are flat wrong!

Brigham City, UT

Mr. Gingrich, I believe, is the only one to say in the debates that "Christianity is under attack;" addressing this issue is more important than the economy.

Farmington, UT

I've been married, with the same two kids, living in the same house and the same job with modest income increases in the past four years. Nothing extravagent and little personal change.

Those of you who think the economy has "recovered," why is it so much harder for me to pay my bills, now? If this is "recovered," then we're holding the economic bar pretty low right now.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

dumprake 4:43 is not correct in his statement about the 2008 Democratic campaign. Obama had already won the nomination before the convention, and received it after the first (and only) presidential vote. This in spite of Obama's initial lack of both funds and organization compared to Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Square Kokonut
Orem, Utah

Romney has a history of flip-flopping on social issues while pandering to both sides of the political spectrum. His well publicized gaffes during debates and public appearances only expose him for the moderate everyone knows him to be. The 'Big Government' Republican establishment believe he can win the independent vote and the Obama camp who believe he will guarantee the President a second term have failed to hoodwink conservative Republican voters into crowning him the undisputed frontrunner to this day! Romney has the looks, the money and the organization to be just that...if only he were a TRUE conservative! The only thing 'hurting' Romney...IS Romney!

Springville, UT

Republicans cheering for a bad economy. Great. They gave us the recession and now they want to go on longer. Who do they work for?

Incite Full
Layton, UT

From article: "despite Santorum's stance with the Catholic Church on contraception, Catholics prefer Romney over Santorum by 43 percent to 31 percent. On the flip side, Santorum is favored by Protestants 47 percent to Romney's 30 percent."

I think this demonstrates the rampant antimormonism in the evangelical base. This is the main downside to Romney's candidacy... that he was born that way... with a religion that's not popular among protestant voters.

Santa Monica, CA

I think we can safely set aside the "left wing media manipulation," excuses, when publications like the Deseret News (and other news organizations which would seem to generally pander to the right) give us stories like this well written article. Mr. Obama and his team are whip smart. I work in a Catholic school and if you've ever attended meetings where issues of birth control, priest abuse and the Catholic Church's treatment of gays and women are discussed, you will see 300 church employees sitting quietly and listening with blank looks on their faces. When the Priest or leader is finished speaking they will step outside and literally seethe with anger. Believe me, many Catholics will vote not only with their hearts this election, but with a pent up anger toward their church and it's policies. Obama and his team are basically saying-"You wanna play the culture wars card? Bring it on."

Charlottesville, VA

The economic collapse came too late for Romney in 2008, but did you seriously just say that it was too little to bolster him as a candidate? That our economic crisis wasn't severe enough?

Salt Lake City, UT

'Four years ago, the economic collapse came too little, too late for Mitt Romney, who had already lost the Republican nomination to John McCain after Mike Huckabee came in and swooped up the social conservative vote. - article

On a personal note, I would like to say...

...people shouldn't politicize, events that factually bring harm, to our country.

** Michele Bachmann: God warns with disasters' - By Jamshid Ghazi Askar - DSNews - 08/29/11

** Perry leaves Texas wildfires, heads to GOP debate By Will Weissert AP Published by DSNews - 09/07/11

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

Mitt Romney is hurting Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin are the best things to happen to Democrats since---ever!

The nation is too smart to elect a republican to the White house now.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

I hope Romney goes broke losing this election.
Then he'll see just how inane Republican politics are.

Colorado Springs, CO

@ouisc: Maybe you should try to answer your own question, as I don't see how the economy in your particular situation makes a difference. I'd say it's because companies keep raising rates, i.e., insurance, utilities, groceries, gas, etc. I'm not sure the economy would help you in that regard, as you still have the same job, unless you claim you would get higher raises if the economy were better. Again, you could explain it better for your particular circumstance.

Joan Watson

It is far to early to celebrate the good times again economy. Just ask those who have been desperately seeking emplyment -hoping it pay more than minumum wage. It is not a time to think we are economically out of the woods

Kaysville, UT

The stating that the economy is recovering is not necessarily the truth. There are indicators such as the stock market but that is only one of a 100 different identifiers. Even though the BLS does an excellent job in many of it's surveys that doesn't mean it doesn't have holes or some fudging room for political performance methods. I don't believe it brings up data on individuals that stopped hunting or looking for jobs. I believe it is the same for government employees who have been chopped at all levels by 280,000 due to tax structures and downsizing. I don't think that includes in all cases, some of the military members who are in the process of being let go. I wonder if the next President will say for 4 years that he/she inherited the problems of the previous President. The Congress handles budgetary issues and oversight of those funds and the Congress was being run by the Democrats on both sides, Senate and House for 4 years. The President comes into power and he micromanages the Congress with every whim he had at his disposal going against logic and commonsense in many issues that engulfed the Congress in that time and carries over today. The President can spin everything to his way of thinking and the Press pushes his agenda 99.4 percent of the way.

A Scientist
Provo, UT


Yeah, we know almost everyone in Utah has a "testimony" of Mitt Romney.

Just because you assert that he is "all that", doesn't mean he is.

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