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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 3 2014 10:35 a.m. MDT

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Anti Bush-Obama
Chihuahua, 00

Why is there no explanation being given for how all those sick healthcare workers contracted the virus? Methinks it's mutating and becoming airborne.

St.George, UT

A group of neighbors just went to vacation in Africa.
Difficult to understand why people would take such risks now


@ Anti: As noted in the article, there is not enough protective gear to protect all the health care workers. Ebola is spread through contact with bodily fluids, including from contaminated needles or equipment that has not been thoroughly sterilized.

Some of the treatment centers dealing with this current outbreak may lack running water, or have only dirt floors - things that make it hard to adequately clean up and dispose of bodily fluids from infected individuals, which increases the risk of exposure to those caring for them.

There is no evidence of any mutation of the virus.

Wasatch Front, UT

@ ThornBirds, said:
"...neighbors just went to vacation in Africa. Difficult to understand why people would take such risks..."

Reply: Africa is a huge (HUGE) place! The current geographic areas impacted by the Ebola outbreak only constitute probably 1/400th of the total area of that continent.

So, not to discredit the very-real dangers of Ebola, but if tourists avoid the current "red zone" in West Africa, I don't see that they have any more "risk" in traveling to that continent right now, than at any other time. Now.... in another 3-4 months, if this plague isn't contained, but rather continues spreading out-of-control to other regions of Africa (Southern Africa, Central/Congo, The Horn/Eastern/Madagascar, The Sahara, etc.) ...

... THEN it may be considered risky to travel there (or rather, MORE risky than normal!)

Anti Bush-Obama
Chihuahua, 00


Ebola has proven to defeat the air barrier in animal experiments. Also, If you are within 40 feet of someone with Ebola that sneezes, then you are in direct contact with the bodily fluids also. If the virus were airborne, I wouldn't think the health authorities would even come out and say it.

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