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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 19 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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liberty or ...?
Ogden, UT

A lynching we will go ,a mobbing we will go, high ho the daryo a looting we will go. Just remeber to say its all to remember uh ..uh that man who was shot. Pathetic, and again the cop is tried and convicted before and in spite of evidence in his support.If what the protestors say is true then yes the cop should be tried, proven guilty and then go to jail. However, the evidence keeps mounting in defense of the Cop and if it turns out this Cop was justified and is vinidcated every protestor should feel like a fool and apologize to their neighbors and if I had my way be made to do mandatory community service for harassing and terrorizing their neighbors and the police.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

The eyes of the world are watching. to see what the out come will determine if we are free people or if we are enslaved.

Mcallen, TX

If this police officer was of the same race, it wouldn't be in the world news.

Instead we have political leaders stirring the pot, and dividing the country.

We get what we vote for!

Alpine, UT

The latest pathology report I saw explained on TV indicated 6 shots hit Michael Brown's arm and shoulder area and 2 shots hit his head. Based on how the shots entered his arm, it's most likely his arms were down at the time. Also, no shots were made to his back side as some earlier reports erroneously said.

As the first comment mentioned, more and more evidence is now backing the official police version of what happened. The officer initially did not know Brown and his friend had just minutes before robbed a store and assaulted its owner. However, the police dispatcher informed him about it before the main confrontation with Brown occurred.

Both that recent robbery and the drugs found in Brown's system help to explain his aggressive behavior toward the officer.
A newly released You-Tube video being made by a couple of Black guys at that same time and very nearby has them commenting about the incident as it was happening. They concur with the police version of what happened... that Brown did charge the officer after initially fleeing the fight and kept charging until the fatal head shot was fired.

Logan, UT

@ george jungle:

We are free people and not enslaved regardless of what plays out in this incident. You are way over-dramatizing the situation. It is only one situation that is being overly perpetuated by the excessive media coverage. If there wasn't for over a hundred media teams and cameras there nightly, the riots would be much smaller, since there wouldn't be anyone to make a scene for.
Human nature loves attention... especially TV attention. And so do race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who are both there inflaming passions in negative ways and making the situation worse.

Also, people (mostly youth) who don't know Brown or give a hoot about him are using this as an excuse to loot and steal from stores to appease their something-for-nothing mentality. There is absolutely no way such behavior could honor anyone's memory. It's ludicrous.

The officer involved in the initial incident had a spotless record and nothing to indicate any racial motives. More and more evidence is supporting the official police version of what happened. Brown and his friend were on drugs and had just robbed a store. They were the aggressors.

Anti Bush-Obama
Chihuahua, 00

The troublemakers are only a small amount of people. They are probably Black Panthers or NOI in disguise. But it doesn't help when the police are harassing reporters and keeping this guy on paid leave when there is enough evidence for probable cause.

Orem, UT

There are too many people emotionally invested in this case to accept a verdict based on the evidence if that verdict goes against their preconceived notions.

In the Trayvon Martin case, there were those who believed that it was totally racially motivated even though the guy who shot him was not white (although they tried to paint him as white in the press) and none of the evidence supported that theory.

If it were a common occurance in this country for white police officers to shoot polite, unarmed black youth then the marchers would have a very strong case for all their protests. But the stats just don't bear that out. Police shootings are pretty rare.

Black on black gun violence within gangs is a lot more common, yet you don't hear much about that problem at all from the race-baiters. The media will talk about this all day, yet won't even mention a few dozen gang deaths in Chicago over a short period of time.

Cedar Hills, UT

I watched this 'circus' last night. What a waste of TV air time. This has turned into nothing more than a forum for the 'race hustlers' to make some money and a time for political race aggitators such as Eric Holder to exploit the situation for poltical gain. Interesting isn't it that in Chicago over the past weekend you had 12 black on black murders ...in ONE weekend...and where is Holder and his team? Not to be found...EVER!! The same thing plays out in every major US city but somehow Holder isn't worried about that ...he is looking for an opportunity to pit black against white and stir up nation wide anger. Holder has already described what "his" outcome of this case should be and that is the indictment of the police officer and I have no doubt Holder will intimidate and pull any dirty punch to get his outcome....and who cares about the facts of the case. This is a pattern with Obama we have seen any time a black / white situation boils up....the man can't help call the police "stupid" or make some other careless judgement.

Cedar Hills, UT

re:george of the jungle

Actually the eyes of the nation are waiting for the investigation to conclude so we know what REALLY happened here. There are conflicting wild accusations all over the board with this and there are race - haters and race - aggitators taking full advantage of the situation. Cooler heads must prevail and allow the justice system to do its work. We have video of Michael robbing a store and we now have eye witness testamony to suggest that Michael never did hold his hands in the air (and the bullet wounds support that). Michael actually taunted then changed the officer according to the eye witness.

We need to wait and not convict anyone until we know what happened. The race hustlers (sharpton and Jackson) need to go home. CNN needs to apologize for shamefully giving out the officers home address which may endanger the officer and his family.

This entire thing is a circus. Where is our leader??? Golfing...

Frozen Fractals
Salt Lake City, UT

"Interesting isn't it that in Chicago over the past weekend you had 12 black on black murders ...in ONE weekend...and where is Holder and his team? Not to be found...EVER!! "

And the 12 who committed those murders... have they been arrested? Are they being charged with crimes? Are they in positions of authority? Those details are pretty important when it comes to why one situation is getting different reactions than another.

Salt Lake City, UT

The protestors are, for the most part, seeking confrontation hoping to precipitate another "police brutality" episode for their phone video. If people sincerely wanted to be constructive they would improve education, provide job opportunities and counsel the community in responsible conflict resolution.

salt lake city, UT

Can you imagine what Ferguson would look like if all these people rioting actually got out and voted? You have one black police officer on a squad where the general population is 90% black. Racism is alive and well in our country and part of the problem is those being oppressed would rather blow off a little steam every once in awhile instead of registering to vote and electing politicans to change their communities.

Logan, UT

@ FT:

If Ferguson were to change their municipal demographics in the direction you are insinuating, their city would then look a lot like a small Detroit, which does have a mostly Black police force, mayor and city council... and has had so for many decades.
And to be honest, it doesn't seem to be working out so well for them or for most other mostly Black communities who have voted accordingly. Balance seems to usually work out a lot better.

The Ferguson police chief said he has been open to hiring more Blacks for some time. But they have encountered a general lack of interest from their majority African American population segment. And of those who have shown an interest, most haven't been able to pass the state instituted and state required test.
Exactly how does that translate to racism being alive and well in our country? If you are talking about reverse-racism, then maybe you have a valid point, since there are growing indicators that it has been happening via affirmative action and other such programs.

Getting more Blacks to vote won't change any of what you are contending.

Farmington, UT

Just what have the local Ferguson merchants done, either white or black, to deserve being looted? How has this freebie of robbery improved the situation? At all?

Morgan, UT

Frozen Fractals said:

"And the 12 who committed those murders... have they been arrested? Are they being charged with crimes? Are they in positions of authority? Those details are pretty important when it comes to why one situation is getting different reactions than another."

It doesn't matter what evidence is presented to a liberal; they will find racism in anything and everything.

I posed this question in another thread, but haven't had any takers yet. Why don't you take a crack at it:

Please enumerate all of the cases of violence perpetrated by white police officers on Black Men. Since we're being told this is an epidemic, specificity should be very easy. Please provide us the names of the Black men, the white police officers, injuries or deaths, and other details of these cases. We're being told this is happening all of the time, it should be easy to provide an abundance of incidences proving this assertion??

I eagerly await your answer (And yes, I'm serious).

Salt Lake City, UT

Wonder if Michael Brown's family wants 10 days of unrest, the destruction of their community, and the thousands and thousands of dollars all of that is costing taxpayers including their friends and neighbors? Even if their grief they should speak up and call for peace in their community while they are waiting to see if there is some justice for their son. Those that call for justice there don't understand true justice would be having their son back and that is not going to happen.

Redding, CA

The family of the murdered teen, Michael Brown, the family have taken the high ground and called for peaceful protests not violence not looting. Good for that family.

Michael Brown did nothing to justify his murder. The police have a lot of explaining to do and the situation should have been explained already. Now there will be a grand jury, that will take weeks if not months. People in this community deserve to hear the facts now, not rumors, not half facts, but the written record that investigators have.

Now I don't trust law enforcement as much as I used to, this one's a real tragedy of over-reaction or maybe deep seated misjudgement based on race

Now I do recognize better the problem that some of my friends who are African American have with law enforcement, and especially with this law enforcement tragedy.

Edwardsville, IL

Somewhere I heard that journalists should report the news not make the news.
The best way to defuse Ferguson would be for the reporters and their cameras to just leave the area. Let the protesters protest without giving them a pulpit. As long as the news organizations continue to show up at night lighting up the area with their floods, the protesters and out of state agitators will continue to give them a show and endanger the lives of the Ferguson residents and businesses.

Niskayuna, NY

Crump said, "verifies that the witness accounts were true: that he was shot multiple times."
So? That's not relevant to anything. Even if it were true and he were innocent and unarmed -which reports are increasingly saying was not the case, why loot other people in their own neighborhood? Why go about posing violent criminal threats to people who had nothing to do with what happened -except perhaps that they were the owners of stores now looted that the deceased reportedly robbed? In NY we endured weeks of Al Sharpton on the fraudulent case of Tawana Brawley and other equally bogus race baiting cases. Oddly Sharpton and Crump types never seem to express the same outrage over the 1000 times more frequent murders among people in those neighborhoods. Where is the outrage for the violent criminal element which commits 1000 such murders for every time a cop kills anyone under disputed circumstances?

Hayden, ID

Why don't Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton go to Chicago and make these same speeches about the hundreds of black on black murders that happen everyday? Answer that question and you will discover the profitability of "race hustling"! Sharpton is worth about $5 million and Jackson is worth about $10 million! Guess where their money comes from!

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