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Published: Thursday, Aug. 7 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Mainly Me
Werribee, 00

It isn't just in Africa any more. From Alerts USA:

"Mexico Ministry of Health reports first confirmed case of Ebola. Location Mexico City… Patient is 1 of 22 students who traveled to Africa for vacation."

Canada, 00

Dear "Mainly Me". Regarding your statement about Ebola being found in Mexico - a wise man once said, "Everybody is wrong about at least one thing during their lifetime and this is your time."

There is NO Ebola in Mexico, if there was it would certainly be noted by reliable sources, not fear mongering "make things up for a thrill" website.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Even if the report of Ebola being found in Mexico is not true today, I will bet a hefty sum that it will make its way to North America within 6 months.

Any disease with a 60-90% mortality rate, no known cures, and an incubation period of up to three weeks is a serious threat to all humanity, in every country. Even more so in places with poor hygiene, and little understanding of infection control. Even in the U.S., it will spread rapidly when it arrives, and keep spreading.

Outbreaks among a small number of people may be contained, if discovered early and prompt action is taken, and if infectious people do not travel outside of their home or small village. With millions of people traveling vast distances every day, spread will be very hard to control.

This will probably rival the "Spanish Flu" pandemic after WW1, or even exceed it due to its high mortality rate and no known cure.

If Ebola mutates and becomes air-transmissible, then it will be even more devestating.

Worry about this one. A lot!

Canada, 00

DN SUBSCRIBER _ THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING! Listening to unsubstantiated rumours and falling prey to persuasive leaders has never turned out well. Walt Disney nailed it in his 1943 version of Chicken Little. I suggest y'all watch it. Since this forum won't allow using URL's you'll have to Google "Chicken Little Mousefiles" (Those how ignore the past are destine to repeat it)

clearfield, UT


Sounds like you're feeling pretty safe up there in Canada. Well, we'll let you know when it gets to Minnesota.

Mcallen, TX

@ 2resU,

Your unsubstantiated rumor, of this being another terrorist attack, worse then 9/11, is being paranoid.

Canada, 00


Did you actually read what I said? Seriously? You are familiar with the original story of Chicken Little where a very ignorant (ignorant meaning "uninformed" as opposed to meaning "rude") character mistakenly thinks the world is coming to an end because he got hit on the head with an acorn, right? The result of Chicken Little jumping to this ridiculous conclusion is his friends meet an ignominious end.

So what I was pointing out WORF, is that I think DN SUBSCRIBER was just a bit over the top in their assessment of the Ebola situation.

How did you read terrorist attack into THAT??????

@ happy2bhere

Soon as the Russians get to Saskatchewan, we'll let you know :)

Mcallen, TX


Nothing wrong with being on alert, and prepared.

It's like a school child not taking his grades, and learning seriously. They grow up unprepared, and reliant.

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