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Published: Monday, July 28 2014 5:30 p.m. MDT

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Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

It looks like the Court did not read the editorial in yesterday's Deseret News...



Hamilton, 00

... or that they did.

Brigham City, UT

Polgamy is wrong. End of sentence. If you want to reform society, start by re-arranging your furniture, then get a hobby, then get a library card, then take up art, and science and literature and philosophy, and then start 10 companies and give away your money to the poor. There is plenty to do in life, we don't need to give up on the Bible.

San Francisco, CA

"Uncomfortable" has nothing to do with it. This is about the definition of what is the foundation of a family and what is in the best interests of children, not just what some adults want.

How comfortable are these judges with polygyny, polyandry, or plural marriage with multiple male and multiple female partners? If marriage is for "all lovers," someone is going to apply for a license to "marry" their daughter, son, brother, sister, both parents, and a man and woman who are already married to each other, and they are all consenting adults, so who is gonna interfere with their "constitutional right" to "equal treatment under law"?

Salt Lake City, UT

North Carolina has decided not to fight the ruling. Too bad Utah wasn't that smart.

Bob K
Davis, CA

I am surprised that the DN did not change the headline on this AP article to:

"Activist judges rule against God's Will and that of the people of Virginia"

Berkeley reader
Berkeley , CA


A Quaker
Brooklyn, NY

The Attorney General of North Carolina gave a press conference this afternoon. That 4th Circuit decision affects his state, as well. He said he's convinced that there's no longer any point in trying to defend those sorts of bans. Constitutional law, and the courts just can't support them anymore.

He went on to say that every state with laws like this on the books has already tried every conceivable argument (with support from every socially conservative organization) to justify denying marriage equality to gays and lesbians, and not one single court has bought one. The last year has brought an unbroken string of decisions tossing out discriminatory laws, over 20 so far.

There just aren't any more arguments to bring. Not a single one that the best "pro-traditional" minds in the business have presented has been accepted as pertinent by a single court. Those arguments that the anti-gay commenters here keep repeating? The courts have rejected every one of them. The kindest thing you can say about them is that they're... unconvincing.

99352, WA

Why Archibald? Because it's getting harder and harder to keep blaming 'activist' judges for ruling in favor of marriage equality? 29 courts in a row have ruled in favor of SSM, you had better get used to disappointment. Or just maybe look a little harder at yourself and try and understand that these rulings are not going to effect you at all, but will effect the children and families of LGBT in a great way.

American Fork, UT

Freedom is slowly eroding away the old fears and hatreds are slowly being eroded by freedom. This is good news and should be on the front page, not buried in the 'US & World' tab.

Hamilton, 00

Every state in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Circuits already has same-sex marriage. The 4th and 10th Circuits have struck down bans on same-sex marriage. Every state in the 6th and 7th Circuits either has same-sex marriage, or the ban has been partly or completely struck down in District Court. More than half the states in the 9th Circuit either have same-sex marriage, or the ban has been struck down in District Court. I wouldn't be surprised if the Supreme Court declines to take a case.

American Fork, UT

I should have read that before I posted. I got interrupted, and basically said the same thing twice, in a poorly formed sentence. Sorry about that.

nottingham, 00

As God is alive and laws of the country are founded and based on his judgements and laws, then surely judges belonging to the human race are in breach of those laws themselves by ruling against what He has ordered.

Leesburg, VA

Our state slogan: "Virginia is for lovers" is quickly becoming a reality for all.

Virginia has some of the strongest laws against LGBT couples. Many of us never thought that Virginia would be one of the states that would help to brake all barriers and make SSM an option.

Thank you to the judges that were able to overcome political ideology, cultural bias and voted according to their legal minds and constitutional duty.

It is a good day to be a Virginian!!!

Syracuse, UT

"In all these cases challenging state marriage laws, our office along with other attorneys general and state attorneys across the country have made about every legal argument imaginable. All the federal courts have rejected these arguments each and every time. So it's time for the State of North Carolina to stop making them. Simply put, it is time to stop making arguments we will lose and instead move forward."
The above are quotes from yesterday from North Carolina's Attorney General Roy Cooper. If only we had someone with the same intelligence and sense of realism.

Richfield, UT

It's so ironic to read naive comments celebrating government rulings that will eventually lead to the worsening of their own society. Sadly, foresight isn't always a given to the masses.

It somewhat reminds one of a big group of lemmings ignorantly getting excited while continuing to follow one another as they approach the edge of the cliff, all the while thinking they are headed for the promised land.
Then when a few start getting concerning and don't want to keep going, the rest start criticizing and bomblasting them for objecting and not staying in line with the rest.
No matter how much the few try to explain, the majority refuse to listen as they laugh with excited anticipation while steadily and naively continuing their march toward their own eventual demise.


@ Numinus: Interesting thing about lemmings - they don't really do that. The myth of lemmings jumping off cliffs and committing suicide was created by movie photographers who wanted to add excitement and forced lemmings to behave in ways counter to their natures.

(I guess humans are kind of like lemmings - suicide rates for LGBT individuals are higher when they are shamed and forced to act against their natures.)

@ hilary: There are many "laws" in both the Old and New Testaments that are no longer adhered to for various reasons - why are you so hung up on this particular situation? There are many more "laws" that deal with the correct way to treat strangers and the poor, those are violated at a much higher rate, yet many of those who condemn homosexuality have great respect for violators of poverty and stranger "laws". Kind of brings to mind the whole more and beam parable, if you ask me.

A Quaker
Brooklyn, NY

@Hilary, @Numinous: It's a pity you haven't ever met God, heard His voice or been joined by Him as you sat in worship. If you had, you'd understand that there's a very big difference between His will and what it seems that you've been told is His will.

Come sit with us in worship some time, open your heart and listen in silence, and you just may hear.

Meanwhile, try to remember we live in the United States. Our Constitution guarantees the freedom for us to practice our respective religions, but not to impose them on anyone else. Laws are administered by our civil government on an entirely secular basis.

If your religion teaches you that government is there to do the bidding of your church, you're living in the wrong country for that. You cannot live in the United States without a civil/secular life in addition to your spiritual one. There will be neither Caliphate nor Dominion here.

Here, UT

"Every child deserves a mom and a dad, ...confirmed that at the ballot box when they approved a constitutional amendment that " BANNED GAY MARRIAGES.

--- Banning LGBT couples from marrying does absolutely nothin, to ensure that every child has a mom and a dad.

"...he expects a direct Supreme Court appeal, since there is little reason to expect a different outcome from the full circuit..."

--- Keep tilting at windmills.

Californian#1@94131 says:

"This is about the definition of what is the foundation of a family and what is in the best interests of children..."

--- We are also families; your definition applies to you; the best interest of OUR children is that we are married. You don't get a say about OUR families. End of story.


Odin IS alive and he is great. You aren't banned from using his name if you want to you know. Also, did you not know that the US is not a theocracy? God doesn't make our laws.


Pray tell, how is this "worsening society"? Whatever makes you think you have "foresight" or that it it even correct?

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