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Published: Friday, July 25 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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"They also said federal land managers should not be allowed to carry guns."

I thought republicans wanted everyone to carry guns?

the truth
Holladay, UT


So the BLM should be an armed force?

We are not talking about individual rights here.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

The BLM is comprised of people...just like corporations are comprised of people.

People have rights as American Citizens.

Unless, of course you are a Republican picking and choosing who has rights.

Hayden, ID

This issue is so simple! Just put a lien on Bundy's property for the grazing fees! The government gets its money and the BLM doesn't need to be another abusive government gestapo! See how simple that is? That's how a conservative would handle this issue! Only in countries like Cuba, N. Korea, Iran or liberal America would we see this kind of government power on display against its own citizens!

Salt Lake City, UT

This group of GOP lawmakers had plenty of criticism for federal land managers. I'm curious if they had any criticism at all for Cliven Bundy. Mr Bundy has been breaking the law for 20 years. I wonder why these lawmakers don't have any thing to say about the other half of this armed confrontation.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

First, Bundy probably was in violation of some grazing provisions. However, that does not justify sending heavily armed SWAT teams out to harass him and his family, instead of using due process via the courts and civil proceedings via the local sheriff.

In addition, note how the Associated Press shows their bias by asserting "Bundy and his states' rights supporters, including self-proclaimed militia members, thwarted the bureau's attempt..." They deliberately and provocatively fail to report that the "self styled militia" folks were not invited by Bundy, and showed up on their own only after the hordes of heavily armed BLM agents began harassing Bundy.

We have a government that is overly large, too onerous in regulations, and obsessively trending towards full militarization of even the most obscure agencies with no real treats.

If this keeps up, some family will find a SWAT team battering down the door after throwing in flash-ban grenades just because their grade school kid had an overdue library book.

This is the sort of tyrannical government the founders wanted to protect against.

Blaine, WA

To paraphrase an old saying: "How can you tell if a Utah politician is lying? Their lips are moving."

stevan madrigal
murray, UT

Bundy told The Oregonian Thursday he doesn't owe anything. And one more thing: "I've never been billed."
Prescriptive rights.
So, Mr. Bundy says he does not acknowledge the State of Nevada, the Bureau of Land Management but uses daily and benefits from a variety of federal range management programs (such as killing wolves and other predators) that also benefit ranchers.

Moreover, 50 percent of grazing fees collected by the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service (or $10 million, whichever is greater) go to a range betterment fund in the Treasury. According to the bureau, these so-called “Range Improvement Funds” are used “solely for labor, materials, and final survey and design of projects,” presumably benefiting ranchers.


American Fork, UT

Ol' Clive should have left his home in the back of a cop car on day one of this thing.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Honestly, if I felt that my country had become a tyranny, I wouldn't complain about it in an internet post. First, they might find me, and second, I'd no doubt be better off in another country. Any suggestions?

slc, UT

Do you know how many cort hearing this has already been through?

Salt Lake City, UT

Whether Bundy was right or wrong, was the BLM's response reasonable?

Does he owe the fees or doesn't he? Until one year ago (I'm over 65 now) I had to pay to recreate in the national forest. I willingly paid my fees. Why can't Bundy?

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

The "overwhelming force" from BLM consisted of a few jeeps. Literally, you had like 6 officers. Hardly the Red Army that Hannity tried to make them out to be.

And as far as Bundy being billed? He's been billed. Several times. Hence why he's been to court and lost, several times. If Bundy claims that he hasn't been billed then he's clearly just lying.

It's time to end this. Arrest Bundy, throw him into prison, and take his assets until his bills are paid for. I don't understand how he can get away without paying his bills while I can't.

Taylorsville, UT

Not everyone should carry guns, just the American citizens and militia have the right to bear arms. Police and federal agents are not authorized militia to carry guns or weapons and violating the Constitution by being armed and terrorist by design. I agree with disarming BLM and forest rangers and not allow them to practice any articles of war.

Citizens and citizens militia have no restrictions or borders limiting their authority or powers to enforce the laws and law and order and protect this country and its economy from invasion. This scares the hell out of Obama and politicians the way it was designed to do. The mexican nationals should be afraid of this power we have in limiting their abject violation of our borders and rights.

The BLM did overreact and Bundy has a right to challenge the federal laws and the authority of the BLM to rent and charge citizens for grazing his herd of cattle on public land. If the BLM can make a citizen pay the goverment to enter or use public land then that law would also apply to campers, hikers, hunters, fishing, and people moving from one city or state to another.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

According to the article, House Republicans wouldn't even let the BLM into the room to tell their side of the story. This isn't government, this is tyranny.

Mr. Bundy appears to be a crook who has been stealing for years from the rest of us. He refuses to obey court orders. He answers the authorities with firearms. And yet he is a "hero" to the Republicans. When did the GOP become the party of lawlessness?

Impeach the House Republicans!

Virginia Beach, VA

Hey "the Truth." -

"So the BLM should be an armed force?"

Yes, absolutely.

It is the duty of the executive branch of government, which includes the BLM, to ENFORCE the law.

The Right Wing Criminals who support Cliven Bundy and then go on to kill cops should expect to be confronted by armed force.

Springville, UT

This "hearing" has all the markings of a Soviet era show trial. I don't know if I have ever seen such one-sided propaganda from the GOP. This has zero, and I mean zero, credibility. What a waste of taxpayer money.

Mcallen, TX


Clive Bundy is the least of our problems.

Bundy owes less tax money then the commander uses, to maintain the jet flying him to fund raisers.

Don't forget the other events going on.

Sandy, UT

Bundy is a welfare rancher and should be in jail for not paying his fees.

As far as the tactics of the blm, they had to show some force because Bundy and his family threatened to use force to stop the blm from removing the cattle from public land. The blm had the obligation to protect the contractors who were rounding up the cattle.

Virginia Beach, VA

Mountanman -

" Only in countries like Cuba, N. Korea, Iran or liberal America would we see this kind of government power on display against its own citizens!"


ALL Law Enforcement officers work for government at some level.

And it is their job to enforce the law.

Right Wing Republican criminals should expect to be confronted with force when they repeatedly break the law.

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