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Published: Wednesday, July 23 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Centerville, UT

Hamas does not seem to understand that Israel would not have an embargo in place if Hamas would declare peace with Israel. But because Hamas openly calls for the destruction of Israel, they must not be allowed to gain strength sufficient to carry out their true objectives.

This is all Hamas' fault.

Alpine, UT

Hamas is not going to get any concessions as long as they keep sending rockets into Israel. Hamas couldn't even exist without foreign aid from other countries. They've done nothing whatsoever to warrant world respect... or even self-respect.

Alpine, UT

Hamas is not going to get any concessions as long as they keep sending rockets into Israel. Hamas couldn't even exist without foreign aid from other countries. They've done nothing whatsoever to warrant world respect... or even self-respect.

Burley, ID

There can be no peace as long as Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal keeps calling for the destruction of Israel.

Opening Gaza's borders and ending the blockade would simply allow Hamas to import better, bigger missiles and send hoards of terrorists into Israel to blow themselves, and the Israelis, up.

For your information, there never has been a Palestinian people or a nation called Palestine. It has been fabricated by the Arabs. "Palestinians" are mostly Jordanians and Syrians. Yasser Arafat, the now deceased leader of the "Palestinians," was actually an Egyptian!

If the neighboring Arab states are so concerned with all the carnage taking place in the Gaza strip, why don't they take in the "Palestinians" and vacate the Gaza strip?

Answer: They want to see the destruction of Israel come to pass and the "Palestinians" are simply a convenient excuse.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

I rhink they think that it's their duty to kill to bring the second coming.

Burley, ID

By way of comparison, what would the U.S. do if Mexico started lobbing missiles into the U.S. in an attempt to kill U.S. citizens? We wouldn't be nearly as reserved as the Israelis have been.

Reserved? Yes, the Israelis issue warnings to the areas they will be bombing to allow the locals to leave. Instead, Hamas often forces them to stay at gun point. Why would Hamas do that? So they can play up of the death and destruction of children at the hands of the Israelis. Just watch NBC, CBS or ABC and you'll see a nightly parade of the images Hamas wants the world to see. Unfortunately, the whole truth of the matter is rarely shown to the public.

I have noticed one other thing about broadcast news in the U.S. While they will often spend two to three minutes reporting the carnage befalling the children in the Gaza strip, they rarely spend more than 15 seconds mentioning the deaths or the destruction on the Israeli side of the border. Why is that?

Woodland Hills, UT

Hamas needs to be completely destroyed. It will be the only way to peace.

Cedar City, UT

Both sides are to blame. Both sides are lobbing missiles at each other killing innocent civilians. Chaos breeds chaos. The Thirty Years War of religion only took thirty years but at least they finally came to their senses.

ER in AF
Harare, Zimbabwe, 00

Hey, I have an idea for Hamas!!!? Stop lobbing rockets into Israel and they may listen to you about the blockade. Anytime you are in negotiations for peace with an entity and you give them 96% of what they ask for, and they refuse, then they are not really interested in peace. The Pallies refused the Israeli offer of 96% of what they were demanding. The Palestinians said no. They do not want peace, they want to kill israelis and they are not genuine in negotiations.

Danville, IN

It's a matter if when, not if, it becomes a matter of "it's either you or me".

clearfield, UT

rvalens 2

Furthermore as you alluded to, there is a lot of land held by the other Arab countries, Jordan, Lebannan, Syria, ect. that could be a "Palistinian state". But, no, the so called Palistianians want their country right smack dab in the middle of Israel, or on its immediate border. Just the place for people who hate Jews to live, don't you think. This whole middle east mess is based on the desire of 10s of millions of Arabs wanting to get rid of a few million Jews. Simple as that.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

When religion and nationalism rule, this is what you get.

I'm glad we're not there...yet.

Pittsburgh, PA


By way of comparison, what would the U.S. do if Canada began building Canadian settlements on U.S. sovereign soil to the point where the United States is quarter the size as it was before? If we used our second amendment rights to stop further encroachment, does Canada then have a right to defend itself?

The problem here is not differences over culture or religion. It is about respect for life, liberty, and property. Both sides are complicit.

P.S. I have nothing personal against Canada.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

What to do when both sides are chosen by God and Speak for him?

Nationalism and Zealotry make for an explosive combo, not a peaceful one.

Niskayuna, NY

Good luck with that. As for religion and nationalism there is no equivalency to the rest of the religious world and hasn't been for hundreds of years. No other faith (or nations ruled by religious law) is attempting violent forceful exportation of itself, waging war in the name of their religions or doing anything remotely like what the faith united neighbors of Israel are doing all over the globe.

UT Brit
London, England


By way of comparison, imagine if I came to your house in a bulldozer and destroyed it (without checking if anyone was still inside), then built my house on top. I am sure you would shake my hand, shrug your shoulders and be on your way.

This has been happening in Palestine for several decades now.

Cedar City, UT

" This whole middle east mess is based on the desire of 10s of millions of Arabs wanting to get rid of a few million Jews. Simple as that."

Its only that simple if you are not a Palestinian.

Goddess Divine
Orem, UT

. Even if Hamas stops bombing Israel, and even if Hamas recognizes Israel as a state, this war is,not going to end because the Palestinians are not free in their own land. Everyone in the us values freedom but the principle doesn't apply when we talk about Palestine. That is what I call hypocrisy.

Someone suggested all Palestinian should just go to live to the other Arab states, well, this is what has already been going on. There are thousands of Palestinian refugees already in the other Arab countries and they can it take anymore. It is funny how that suggestion comes from someone in a country where right there is a huge problem with little children being sent to the us illegally. The us government is not willing to take in these children and the us people in California sent back all these buses with illegal people, they would,not take them, but it is so easy to suggest others should take Palestinians refugees when your own country is not willing to take little children that are running away from violence.

Goddess Divine
Orem, UT

The region of Palestine has always existed since biblical times, same as Israelites. Most arabs are descendants of Ishmael , the son that Abraham had with the Egyptian slave, the first son that Abraham had. The second son was Isaac and he is the father of the 12 tribes of Israel. Conclusion: Arabs and Israelites are family by blood because they originate from the same father. Instead of fighting they should learn to live together. Easier said than done. I doubt it will ever happen. But at least they should not kill each other because they are brothers and sisters.

Anyway, The region of Palestine has existed since biblical times. There are stories in the bible that mentions them in the Old Testament before Jesus was born, like the story of Samson and Delilah. Palestinians are called filisteens and Delilah was a filisteens. Around that time Israel and Palestine were already neighbors. During the Byzantine empire, Palestine was the name given to the entire region of Syria Palestine, Samaria and Galilee in the year 395.

Chicago, IL

If Hamas were to give up its dedication to destroying Israel and murdering Jews, it could have peace with Israel this afternoon and economic prosperity within a year or two. However, just as a leopard cannot change its spots, so Hamas cannot change its attitude toward Jews. The reason is that the problem is not limited to Hamas. As the Hamas Charter makes perfectly clear, the war against Israel and the Jews is an ISLAMIC holy war. The Moslem god, in the Koran, and the Moslem prophet, in the Sunnah, command Moslems to make war against the Jews and either subjugate them to Islamic rule or kill them. The very existence of Israel stands as a rebuke to the Moslem god and prophet. This goes far beyond Hamas. It goes far beyond the "Palestinians", and it goes far beyond the Arabs. Israel's deadliest enemy is the Islamic Republic of Iran which is not Arab. Islamic religious Jew-hatred is taught and preached in every mosque in the world including the ones in Salt Lake City.

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