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Published: Tuesday, July 15 2014 11:55 a.m. MDT

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Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Booker is a great defender. I'm not sure why Washington didn't make him a qualifying offer. He'll be a good backup. He won't draw a lot of double teams on offense but you don't want to leave him alone either. He should be a good addition to the team.

Doylestown, PA

PG - Burks, Exum
SG - Hayward, Burks
SF - Hood, Hayward
PF - Novak, Kanter, Booker, Evans
C- Favors, Rudy

Love to trade Kanter for a Stud SF and keep Gordon at the SG. I like Tony Snell from the Bulls. Chicago could use Kanter and we could swap Snell and Hood at SF depending on the match ups.

PG - Burks, Exum
SG - Hayward, Burks
SF - Hood, Snell
PF - Booker, Novak, Evans
C- Favors, Rudy

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Why? We don't need another big. We need someone who can shoot the ball from outside.

And if you have been watching the summer league, Burks and Exum play well together and create match-up nighmares for opposing teams. Hood is a much better shooter than Hayward will ever be. Better defender too. I would rather have Burks at the point, Exum and Hood on the wings, than see Hayward on the court.

CTJ fan
Salt Lake City, UT

BucksJazzFan, Kanter is still young and a gifted scorer, the best scorer down low in fact, not sure if getting rid of him would be a good idea. Plus Novak is more of a small forward then power forward and Jeremy Evans is definitely a small forward. Just because Snell has had a pretty good summer league doesn't make him a great deal for Kanter, Kanter has shown his skill during the regular season, Snell has not! We do need another point guard, unless we can get the dude from europe over here which would be great, he was really good. But Burkes and Exum will be playing together a lot, so Exum will be a 2 guard more than a point this year. But we do have many interchangeable parts which is going to be a good thing for us!

Saint George, UT

Relax folks, I don't think the Jazz are done wheeling and dealing.

Sparkley Briefs
New York, NY

Is Danny Schayes still available?

LaVerkin, Utah

Answer to CJ Miles question why. So that well healed Jazz fans will be able to see those fantastic arms. Whether he can play basketball is irrelevant, those arms are not.

Temecula, CA

I've never seen him play, but he should make a solid backup to Kanter at PF. Those who ask why should realize by now that Favors will be playing mostly center now for the Jazz, unless he is on the court at the same time as Gobert. It's possible, too, that Kanter might be involved in an upcoming trade. Booker is very strong and very athletic, a good defender who has some problems with taller guys (he's only 6'7" or so) but has long arms which helps some. One outstanding stat...he received a "10" in athleticism from draft.net coming out of Clemson. One sees very few of those.

Temecula, CA

Just listened to a Washington TV station sports analyst who said he was glad that the Wizards picked up Kris Humphries as a PF free agent because of Humphries' size, but was not happy to see Trevor Booker leave. He said that Booker proved himself as a capable starter when filling in for the injured Nene last year, had an emerging offensive game and played solidly for the Wizards in the playoffs. He also mentioned that he liked the way Booker hustled.

Los Olivos, CA

He is certainly the answer to the critics who wondered why the Jazz did not keep their second round draft pick. I'll bet the Jazz FO gets a big laugh out of these comments. As if any of us have any real knowledge of the business side of all of this.

Roy, UT

Booker, better than Mottum? Strengths of Booker include 4 yrs. experience, motor, working hard to improve...players always do better with the Jazz, and he's another lefty...who plays left handed at San Antonio? Is it Genobly the Argentine? Exum, Hood, now Booker, all lefties, is that an advantage not exploited enough previously?

Lindon, UT

The Jazz needed another veteran. That is why they didn't keep their 2nd round draft pick, which would give them too many rookies on the team. Did you all notice that 7'3" Greg Somogyi finally showed up in Vegas the 2nd game? He is a player the Jazz are looking at as an additional center, which we need, especially if Kanter plays some PF. Don't know if he will work out, but we'll see. I'm wondering if the Jazz will trade Jeremy Evens. He's not strong enough to be a PF but he is not a SF either. Maybe OK when & if they play some small ball. At least he would make a good bench guy, which he has mostly done all along. I'm excited with the direction this team is going and with our exciting new coach. The future looks great!

Bastrop, TX

The Jazz signing Booker negates the question as to why they didn't draft Julius Randle with the #5 pick, when they had a definite need for a tough PF......The more I see of Lindsey's moves, the better I like him.
I also see this move as making a few people start sweating their jobs...Murphy is probably gone, along with Thomas (who I really like), and I'm thinking Kanter and Evans have to be getting a little uneasy.
I'm thinking the two deep will probably be:
Finally, it should be interesting to watch these teams scrimmage. The bench should be really good.

Orem, UT

I might just add that Lance Stephenson just signed a 3-year, 27 million dollar contract with Charlotte. We could have had him rather than match that stupid, ungodly, 67 million dollar contract with Gordon Hayward. He is not only a better shooter and better defender, but his stats are better in every way plus he played on a much better team (Indiana Pacers) when doing that. The fraudulent line that we had no choice but to sign Gordon Hayward doesn't hold water. Signing Booker will have little if any impact on the Jazz squad. Stephenson would have had an immediate impact. Just to make the signing of Gordon Hayward more stupid, Lance Stephenson is also younger than Hayward. I see more promise in Rodney Hood than I see in Gordon Hayward. What an incredibly stupid decision.

Doylestown, PA

Just in from the East Coast. I am hearing Jazz will send Kanter to NO for Eric Gordon the Jazz also will be getting Austin Rivers. JLIII will also be sent to NO but the team says he will be waived.

New Line Up
PG - Burke, Exum, Rivers
SG - E.Gordon, Burks. I.Clark
SF - Hayward, Hood, Evans
PF - Booker, Novak, M. Thomas
C- Favors, Rudy, TBD

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Just in from the West Coast. Carlos Boozer to sign Max contract with the Jazz. No one will be traded and half the team will be waived.

New Line Up:
PG - Boozer
SG - Boozer
SF - Boozer
PF - Boozer
C - Boozer

No back-ups needed as Boozer can do it all!! Just bench players to cheer him on!!

Tokyo, Japan

i'd like to see the Jazz move Trey Burke...to be honest...i think Exum as a PG will be better....than Trey Burke...sometimes the ball rotation stops when Trey Burke gets the ball...

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Burke is better than Exum right now. If you move Burke, the Jazz will be awful next year. Also, not too sure that Exum isn't more of a Kobe, Ginobli type player. Better at the 2 and penetrating off the wing. Having watched them play together, I don't see the Jazz trading Burke. They make each other better.


Not sure why so many want get rid of Kanter. He was the most improved player over the last two months plus he still has a lot of upside! If the Jazz need more vets, why did the let Marvin Williams go? Already has 2 years with the Jazz and can step up to calm guys down an area Hayward didn't look comfortable doing.

Doylestown, PA

I am hearing Jazz are going to put a waiver claim in on Boozer for 3 Million. They they will look to gain an asset by trading him to a team with a needs, before the season begins or during the season. They think he can help Kanter with is Pick and Role Offense. Smart Mr Lindsey

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