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The 2 former Utah top cops face 23 felonies, misdemeanors between them

Published: Tuesday, July 15 2014 8:10 a.m. MDT

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Morgan, UT

Wow, sometimes it is a long fall from the top to the very bottom and it can happen fast when power, greed and fame become over whelming and a persons integrity is thrown out the window. Too bad, each person had a bright future.

Woodland Hills, UT

Hopefully the case against them is air tight by now, they probably have the necessary evidence they need, which seems to have taken a long time. Public servants should not be able to get away with the things these two have done.

Logan, UT

I almost don't believe it. About stinkin' time! Now I wonder what the charges will be...

Springville, UT

Wow! Well, Utah, welcome to the big time. Chicago has nothing over on you.

You know, a two party system would fix a lot of this type of corruption.

Saratoga Springs, UT

This is a sad example of "investigations" run amok.

Since they devoted millions, as well as major law enforcement and government institutions to the hunt, and since the matters involve murky campaign finance rules, it's a perfect playground for law enforcement. And if you don't get the indictment, then you look like a fool. The "investigation" has to justify itself. So, ultimately, someone is jailed.

You mark my words and see if they do not come to pass. In the end, the two men will be exonerated, or accept some kind of reduced "plea" deal just to get the murky matter behind them. Press conferences will then be held where the prosecution will defend itself and continue to smear these two men.

And, in the end, what has been accomplished? Nothing.

A complete waste.

Orem, UT

How can this be? I've read that we're the best managed state!

Besides, Swallow said on ksl that he was innocent!

Sandy, UT

Nobody is above the law! Even the law. This is quite the expose on how entitled and insulated our elected officials can feel when working amongst cronies. I can't say this bothers me one little bit.

Sandy, UT

They would never have arrested them unless the evidence was overwhelming.
And remember that both of these guys swore up and down that they did nothing wrong.
Either they are not very smart, or corruption, in their minds, is perfectly acceptable.
May they not meet anyone in jail that they were instrumental in sending there.
Well...Shurtleff, anyway. Swallow never did anything while in office.

Sandy, UT

byufootballrocks is not paying attention.
They don't arrest or indict unless there is some SERIOUS evidence.
This is not a anti-Mormon thing, sir or madam. This is not politically or religiously motivated.
This is a criminal investigation against 2 individuals who time after time were breaking the law.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's about time.

Kings Court
Alpine, UT

It's about time. Anyone who can't see these two for what they are must be their relatives or extreme political partisans.

Pittsburgh, PA


The Trib didn't make it happen. What are you talking about?

Mister J
Salt Lake City, UT

to FreedomFighter41

It appears byufootballrocks is stuck on apologetics duty.

Of course, its a liberal conspiracy. the police are a government entity receiving public funds and therefore socialists.

sl, UT

Swallow and Shurtleff did this to themselves...not the trib.

Salt Lake City, UT

Now let's hope for some sembalance of justice in that there are no plea deals offered for their felonies, the Church does not step in and lean on people to let them off the hook, and any politicians or government leaders get a wake up call the people of Utah have spoken and are through with corrupt leaders, whatever religion they belong to.

Salt Lake City, UT

RE: two party system prevents this type of corruption. Maybe, maybe not. It might just spread opportunities around for more people to get some of the "political goodies".

I have always felt that others in state government must have been aware of what was going on, we are a small state and even with the divide between political parties, someone must have known something was not right. Why didn't anyone speak up? Because they were privy to the "secret", they were on the inside. This might have included some of the media.

It was the same thing with FDR and his not being photographed in his wheelchair and JFK and his romantic dalliances. People knew but said nothing because they would loose their connection with the power group and be on the outside.

Let's wait and see how this sordid tale unfolds, I'm sure there is a book here.

metamora, IL

Esquire: Which goes to show how little you know about Chicago politics. 3 of the past 4 governors have served time for corruption and the current one is being investigated for the disappearance of $1.8 million and possible illegal hiring practices. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Speaker of the House since 1983 and Chairman of the State Democratic party, Mike Madigan, has controlled Illinois politics through the giving or withholding of favors for decades and with the help of gerrymandering (as demonstrated by Illinois' 4th Congressional district).

Kearns, UT

As a good Conservative Republican that runs to the libertarian side of things, I'm happy as a clam that these two got nicked. I used to be a Shurtleff supporter way back in the day but I saw him turn from a good ethical man to a power hungry one. As for Swallow, I've seen him coming since day one. I once shook his hand at a function but then went and washed it because I knew how he was. He's been ethically challenged since before he was in the legislature and after becoming Shurtleff's lap dog, he got much worse.

In the 2012 Republican convention, I talked to many delegates telling them that Swallow had problems that went way back and he shouldn't be Atty General. Most didn't listen. I had heard rumors about Swallow for years and the chickens finally came home to roost.

I even, I hate to admit it, voted for Matheson once when Swallow ran against him. The lesser of two evils.

Don't use this as a reason to say Republicans are bad. Remember Allan Howe and Dave Watson among others.

Provo, UT

Is this the "Republican Leadership" and "Judeo-Christian Conservative" values that I've heard touted so much in this state?

I think we need new laws and new leadership.

It's obvious that the laws and transparency are way too weak and that those in power have been in power for far too long.

Provo, UT

Have any Utahns lost their "testimonies" of the Republican Party yet?

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