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Published: Wednesday, July 9 2014 10:30 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

I think we all knew they're not anywhere near the cap--can you tell us what the floor is--how much do the Jazz HAVE to spend without being penalized?

Aaron Morton Ast. Sports Editor

jp3: Great suggestion. I've added it to the graphic. The floor is 90% of the cap.

Saint George, UT

I think they will have to sweeten the pot for Burks, maybe Kantor and another free agent later.

Granny Danger

Aaron - nice idea on the graphic. I would also be interested in knowing how the Jazz's salary cap looks for the next few years (maybe a new slide and graphic for each succeeding year?). We know Gordon's contract will balloon slightly with each year, but what about the other players? Obviously, some players, like Kanter and Burks, are expiring so we won't know how much the Jazz would sign them for, but we do know who's guaranteed through the remainder of their deals (i.e. Exum and Burke). It'd be interesting to see just how much cap space the Jazz will be working with for the duration of Gordon's contract.

Lindon, UT

Looks like the Jazz would have to have about 2,277,000 in additional salary in order to meet the designated minimum NBA team salary, if they match Gordon Hayward's offer sheet.

Hailstorm is a coming
Riverdale, UT

I'd be placekicking the grey areas bags. Starting with 1.6 Million just for the pleasure of seeing Lucas in the rear view mirror.

Saint George, UT

Excellent graphic display. It makes signing Hayward a no brainer, do it now before the Jazz do something like Cleveland when they lost Boozer.

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