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Published: Wednesday, July 2 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

Thanks for the Mitt Romney update.

It's good to know he is out on the road again trying to make a buck for the Republican Political Machine as well as continue in his role as the endorser-in-chief for the Republican Political Machine.

St. George, UT

@there you go again.

At least he's not out on the road making a buck for the Dem Political Machine at the tax payer's expense. Not on the road making a buck for the Dem Political machine when he should be doing his job as the world crumbles around us. Not on the road, golfing at the tax payer's expense, getting his rest, as Benghazi burns and 4 Americans die. The only thing your guy is good at is making a buck for the Dem machine... Period!!!!!!!

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Hmm. I guess there's no limit on exclamation points anymore.

As for Romney, how does he convince a NH audience that Brown is actually a NH guy when they're BOTH from Mass.?

Virginia Beach, VA

If I were a Republican politician on the national stage . . . I'm not sure I would want Romney campaigning on my behalf.

The man has a record of losing.

That's bad Mojo.

Virginia Beach, VA

Mark B -

"Hmm. I guess there's no limit on exclamation points anymore. "

Well, "Conservatives" can be quite excitable.

Ogden, UT

Knowing how he operates, there's a very good chance Mitt is trying to line up opportunities to make money for himself. Business as usual for Mitt.

American Fork, UT

I wish he would run for president again. I think he would do an exceptional job.

salt lake city, UT

Sure, he's in NH. He left Massuchuetts in such a mess and with a 33% approval rating he's not going to hang around there. Didn't he lose both NH and Mass in the last presidentail election. How many ex-Govenors lose their own home states in a presidental election? That's George McGovern territory.

Mcallen, TX

Sorry Mitt!

But this country has lost its ability to elect honorable, and honest leaders.

A seventeen trillion dollar debt is the evidence.

Logan, UT

It's funny to see how quickly known liberal democrats line up to comment negatively on any Republican politician. Their comments are commonly known to be so biased that anyone looking for objectiveness takes their opinionated comments with a grain of salt.

And so it today concerning Romney.

I read a report earlier this morning about a poll taken by Quinnipiac University here in the USA that quite extensively covered each region in our country. It was about who is the worst president in the US since WW2. There have been 12 presidents since then in 69 years.

Barrack Obama was the clear winner of this award, followed by George W Bush, who was 7% behind Obama.

It also reported that most respondents now feel that Romney would've been a better president than Obama. Apparently, there is some substantial voter remorse. But then again, Obama makes that quite predictable and an easy call.

The people who know Romney best know he's a quality, high ethics kind of guy who understands economic principles and how to run big organizations. It makes being a community organizer quite laughable in comparison.

Has America learned its lesson yet?

Ogden, UT

@worf 11:06y a.m. July 2, 2014

Based on your comment identified above, Mitt would stand a good chance of being elected.

Logan, UT

One thing has become totally obvious from reading the comments so far...

GaryO, Furry1993 and FT know almost nothing about who Mitt Romney actually is.

Those particular opinionated comments are nothing more than skewed politics with nearly no factual basis. You three might very well be nice guys overall, but your political opinions lack any objectiveness or factual merit. In fact, I find them quite desultory and noisome.

Please do some reading and research on the subject matter before commenting next time. It would nice to read comments that actually add to the dialog in meaningful ways instead of sounding like a little dog yapping at someone's heals.

Sandy, UT

@Copacetic. I wouldnt too much stock in a poll like that. Of course he is the worst president ever. simply because he is still in office.

St.George, Utah

Thank you so much for the weekly update on Mitt Romney!

Richfield, UT

@ Shaun:

It's not just because he's still in office. Obama's current approval rating is a near record low for presidents in mid-2nd term. It's much more attributable to his actions and inactions that account for his dropping approval rating and overall poll results.

Reagan was extremely popular at this point in his presidency with an approval rating nearly twice Obama's current rating.

@ GaryO:

If you know anything of history, you'd know that Abraham Lincoln had a record of losing in elections as well. But when he finally got his chance, he ended up being one of the best presidents in the history of our country. I could realistically see history repeating itself in this case.

Romney truly does have that level of personal ethics and common sense to be a great leader. It would be a welcome change to have a national leader more interested in the welfare of our country than in his own self-self serving interests. Anyone who has spent any serious time studying Romney and his history knows that to be true.

His detractors basically know only that he's a Republican and therefore to be despised.

Mcallen, TX


Let's not think in small terms.

This is not about Democrat, Republican, hatred, or about what a president did thirty years ago.

It's about right or wrong. It's just that simple, and we do not elect honest people to office.

Vancouver, WA

Romney may have had his faults, but hard work was not one of them. Obama has sold votes(and our nations integrity)and with it, all hope of a prosperous nation built on the rewards of honest daily work. Voting for a republican conservative would mean that all those who have now been enslaved to dependency, would have to actually "do something" to better society. When a government wants dependency (as Obama has)...it will eventually collapse under its own obligation and lack of a productivity. History is replete with examples of the welfare state's demise.
I would again choose Romney to try and restore this integrity,if I had the chance. I believe he is a man who would respect the office of president, unlike its current occupant who has been found woefully lacking in wisdom...and it has hurt us all.

Virginia Beach, VA

Copacetic -

"GaryO, Furry1993 and FT know almost nothing about who Mitt Romney actually is . . . Those particular opinionated comments are nothing more than skewed politics with nearly no factual basis."

I said Romney has a record of losing. How am I wrong in saying that?

Hey Objectified -

"Abraham Lincoln had a record of losing in elections as well . . ."

Abraham Lincoln never lost a Presidential election.

How many times has Romney lost now? I lost count.

Oh, please!
Saint George, UT

@Mark B--"As for Romney, how does he convince a NH audience that Brown is actually a NH guy when they're BOTH from Mass.?"

The same was Hilary convinced the astute people of NY State that she was a New Yorker! It works both sides of the aisle.

Hayden, ID

In a survey of 1,446 registered voters, 33 percent said Obama was the worst president since World War Two, while 28 percent pointed to his predecessor, George W. Bush, as the worst, the poll by Quinnipiac University found. Oh how America needs Mitt Romney!

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