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Published: Monday, June 30 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Go secure the border barack.


This is a red herring. President Obama had a majority in congress for the fiery two years of his presidency. To now blame others for this problem is ridiculous. He had the ability AND opportunity to take action but didn't. I'm losing hope that this POTUS has the ability to lead the country.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

Obama created this problem in the first place with his "dream act". Now, he acts like he's doing us a big favor by COMPOUNDING the problem.

Sad thing is; the care and maintenance of 100,000's of thousands of kids flooding over the border will be on the middle class. The "rich" WON'T pay for them. The "poor" can't.

We already spend over 100 billion per year on illegal immigrant trespassers.

salt lake city, UT

A bi-partisan group of Senators constructed a bill that had strong support. It was passed over whelmingly by the Senate. Polls show it would pass the house as well and BO would sign it. A small, radical, right wing segment (better known as the T-Party) has cajoled House leadership from bringing the bill to the floor for a vote. The GOP and our country continue to be held hostage be a small block of representatives. The GOP and our country cannot move forward until we rid ourselves from these radical, self serving politicans. Utahns need to remove Chaffetz,Bishop, and Stewart this Fall.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Is there a valid reason why our "constitutional expert", who sits in the White House, has not read Article 1, Section 1, which gives all authority to legislate. Obama has NO authority to make law. His duty is to enforce the laws passed by Congress, including his duty to close our southern border.

He's had time enough to learn his duty. In January, if he continues to abuse the office of President, he needs to be returned to Chicago and allowed to try to find a job in the private sector.

Durham, NC

It will be interesting to see what he thinks he can do without legislative backing.... should be a fun last 2 years.

Alpine, UT

The truth is, Obama could've averted most of these immigration issues that are currently besetting the country by simply complying with existing laws. As it stands, he has shown a propensity for picking and choosing which aspects and parts of immigration laws he wants to follow and which ones he wants to and does ignore. The laws, as written, don't allow him or anyone else that level of discretion.

If Obama and his administration would simply now follow existing laws regarding secured borders and deportations, much of the current "humanitarian crisis" could and would be averted. It's as simple as that. He's actually created most our current issues regarding immigration. It's counterproductive to now try to blame Congress for most of these issues.

Granted, Congress does need to amend the 2012 immigration law that is currently being misused by the minors now crossing the border. It's being used and advocated in a way never intended. Congress needs to allow immigration officials the ability to immediately deport these minors and return them to their families in South America without unnecessary delays. It needs to be unequivocally understood that there are no free immigration passes.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, its sad when we have to break up families due to their poor decision to illegally immigrate.

Just as it is when we break up families when a parent robs a bank.

Mcallen, TX

These are all Gods children, and it's good to know Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are reaching into their own pocketbooks to help provide care.

What a nation of fools we have become!

Mcallen, TX

America is downgraded whenever Obama says "I'll act alone"!

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

ENforce the existing immigration laws. All of them.

If he needs more money to build fences, hire guards, deport anyone here illegally, then let's give it to him.

But, not a dime for care, feeding, lawyers, lodging or processing of any illegal immigrant to stay here. Get them home, and let them get in line and come here in accordance with our laws, and they will be welcome.

No amnesty, no pardons, no exceptions.

Obama's failure to enforce our current laws, and his de facto amnesty declarations are the bait that has lured this latest wave of underage illegals. He can reverse that with his famous pen and phone instantly. Do it!

If all else fails, then militarize the border and use all necessary force to preserve our sovereignty and the rule of law.

Spanish Fork, UT

"I will make things right." Famous last words of such dictators as Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Amin, Pol Pot, etc. King John also tried that and we ended up with the Magna Carta.

Virginia Beach, VA

"I'll act on my own on immigration"

Well, a President has to take whatever steps are necessary to get things done.

And if our Tea-Party-contaminated Congress only wants to obstruct progress, then the Congress should rightfully be circumvented for the good of the nation.

I remember when Republicans actually wanted to solve problems instead of being problems.

. . . But that was long ago.

I'm actually nostalgic for the days when Republican leaders were merely incompetent . . . And not intentionally destructive like so many of them appear to be now.

Salt Lake City, UT

In January DHS was advertising to hire contractors to assist with an expected 60,000 immigrant children coming across the border from Mexico.

The problem of immigration that he has helped create in secret, he publicly says he wants to fix.

Kinda like the anti-virus software companies writing the viruses you must buy their programs to protect your PC from.

Centerville, UT

Obama will go around Congress, despite the SCOUTUS decision just a few days ago that he acted unconstitutionally with his false recess appointments.

Obama is once again acting against the constitution. Unbelievable.

Everyone agrees that immigration and the border is a mess. But Congress writes the laws. The president signs the laws. He must work with Congress to fix immigration. If Congress is not acting the way he wants, then he must turn to the citizens to exercise their power of the vote.

Citizens hold the ultimate power--the power of the vote. Not the president. He derives his powers from the people, and from the US Constitution, which was established by the people. Our government is set up to protect the people from the powers of government to abuse its citizens. But this president ignores the constitution and abuses the laws and the people.

Congress should fix immigration. They should also remind the president of his place. It may require impeachment.

Kearns, UT

Obama counts those turned away, the vast majority, as deportations. He's well lagging in the actual deportation department.

There is been legislation passed by Congress to build the fence and begin to seal the border. That should be done first then everyone else here illegally should be handled case by case. If the U.S. can use them as workers then give them legal status. If they can't pass muster, then deport them.

The U.S. can't be all things to all people.

Martin Handcart Descendant
Azusa, CA

This guy is so dictatorially scary!!!

Kaysville, UT

A nation by the people, for the people, and to the people has their elected House of Representative officials criticized by the President who was told by the Court he stepped over his authority. Over 400 men and women in Congress are elected by their legislative districts to be part of a system that both Democrats and Republicans participate in and control depending on election results. Executive orders are end runs. He has elections this fall to gain control of the House. He forced those Democrats to vote for ACA before they read it. We have numbers of districts to protect the balance of power. This President chose to make agreements with those men and women to promise them something they couldn't do the next election to get elected. The President;s party can blame the tea-party but the people choose.. Thank goodness the court saw the right light.

Hayden, ID

Obama is all talk, no action!

Don Ira
St George, UT

If the President can enact laws at will, what do we have a congress for?

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