Comments about ‘Mexican law enforcement chopper fired 2 shots at US border agents in Arizona, union spokesman says’

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Published: Friday, June 27 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Centerville, UT

Mexico's brazen disregard for our border may be encouraged by the Democratic Party and Progressives in both parties.

ute alumni

it's time to annex mexico and then relocete their people back. there is no regard for american law

Virginia Beach, VA

David -

"Mexico's brazen disregard for our border may be encouraged by the Democratic Party and Progressives in both parties. "


What does progressivism have to do with the US-Mexico border?

Besides it is "Conservative" capitalists who just love that cheap, ILLEGAL, foreign labor . . . not Progressives.

Like Unions, Progressivism is closely tied to worker's rights, and unions HATE illegal immigrants taking American jobs.

Greedy "Conservative" US employers with no sense of patriotism are the American most responsible for the influx of Mexican illegals into America.

Stop projecting and get real.

Mcallen, TX

And what did Mexico do when a Marine accidently crossed the border?

You can bet, our commander will do nothing. It's predictable.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Actually GaryO, Obama has been very lenient when it comes to immigration law. I thought Bush was lax, but this one is far worse.
FAIRUS has documented Obama's actions (or inactions). Obama has:
*Ceased worksite raids
*Rescinded 300,000 standing deportation orders
*Cooked up the DREAM act (in defiance of Congress)
*Eviscerated 287g and Secure Communities, making local partnerships impossible to administer
*Falsified deportation numbers to appear strong when he isn't
*Weakened the rules of engagement for BP agents
Actually FAIR has dozens of documented examples.
Mexico knows we are weak. This recent dumping of children at the border would never have happened if Mexico believed there would be diplomatic repercussions, but they know Obama wants this humanitarian mess to make his point.
The only question here is how Obama will whitewash the problem and blame the GOP.

Salt Lake City, UT

The administration will eventually come up with a reason to blame George Bush for the helicopter raid.

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