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Published: Monday, June 23 2014 9:20 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


"We(USU) have no dreams of playing in a major bowl"

LOL. How sad for you and your program.

Not only do I have dreams of a future big time bowl game, I have pictures and game stubs from actual big time bowl games, where Utah smashed the best program in the country right now. And those pictures are right now to more pictures of another big time bowl game where Utah won.

And you guys don't even have dreams of doing that?


Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Michael, Jamall Williams didn't even know who byu was until he was recruited. He actually thought they were a division II Program.

Kinds of hurts their claim that byu is a national brand and well respected everywhere huh?


I've never heard a single recruit ever say they thought a big time program was division II.

I've never heard a single recruit say they thought a power conference program was division II

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

"I wonder what Utah's announcement will be today"

This just in...

We got a brand new shipment in today of pac12 stickers for our cars which is really cool!

Go Utes!

Heber City, UT

@Missouri loves BYU

You are one of my favorite people now, for saying what all of us are thinking. utah still cares a lot about what goes on with BYU, and have not moved on.

If they had moved on, why would they do and say the following things:

-"Typically on byu's media day, Utah has a big announcement, just to take what little attention byu would get away from byu." (from Chris B)

-"any time we get to increase the profile of our program and do something that byu doesn't like, its good with me!" (from Chris B)

-"I'm watching BYUtv and they are airing the BYU top 50 plays." (U-PAC)

The first two points Chris B made are sadly very true of utah's mindset. I don't think BYU ever tries to butt in to utah's big headlines or increase our program's profile at your expense. Also, I never watch utah's TV news or highlights like U-PAC watches BYU's. I watch a couple of their games every year, and as far as my interest in them goes.

Salt Lake City, UT

Missouri loves BYU -funny that you use the boyfriend/girlfriend analogy. Think of it more as Big Brother looking out for Little Brother, and the Big12 is the girlfriend. We don't want to see you get hurt.

Lil Bro: I'm going to ask out Big12.
Big Bro: You already asked her out. She said no.
Lil Bro: That was years ago. Things are different.
Big Bro: She's moved on. She's in a stable relationship now.
Lil Bro: She just doesn't how perfect I am for her.
Big Bro: No means no.
Lil Bro: I'm going to flood her Facebook and Twitter with notes about how I feel.
Big Bro: She'll just put you on "ignore".
Lil Bro: You're just mad because you're stuck with PAC12. I can go with anyone.
Big Bro: Except Big12.
Lil Bro: I've got it! I'll have a press conference and announce how prefect we'd be!
Big Bro: That's not going to end well. Ask out Big10.

scottsdale, AZ

@ chris B
Sad for our program because we strive to be the best among our peers? Why put down USU because we are a mid level Div I university? Would you tell Harvard/Yale how sad they don't have dreams of playing for the national championship? I know for certain USU will not play for a national championship. I am almost as certain Utah won't either. How about explaining how Utah will overcome its built in recruiting disadvantage against the premier PAC 12 schools? Utah will be lucky to be a mid level PAC 12 school, once in a while. USU strives to be atop the MWC, a very reasonable and hopefully obtainable goal.

Simpe Spectator
St.George, UT

Anyone making fun of Utah.....you have been spanked by Utah for the last 4 years. Need I say more?

River Falls, WI

Classic U-PAC... "Really, does it get any better than this? Oh my........a junior college football player from the west.......and never knew who BYU was?"

I'll tell you what's better... the fact that you pay more attention to what is happening in the BYU world than 90% of actual BYU fans (I didn't even watch BYUtv today, and I consider myself a huge fan). Not only were you watching on media day, you took the time to watch something as inconsequential as the 50 best plays. You must have been hanging on to every word from the actual broadcasts about the state of the program.

And while you and your fellow "Ute fans" certainly know who BYU is, let me attune you to a wake up call--Utah is not at all well known outside the west, even with their BCS wins. I lived in Miami and routinely talked to others who had no clue that Utah was even one of the fifty states. If the HS football players out east and down south think Utah is a city in California, it is not likely they are watching the Utes play football.

West Point , UT

Utah fans...it's real simple. U ARE midmajor...no amount of PAC12 stickers or PAC Country billboards will ever change that. Vanderbilt is midmajor, Iowa state is midmajor, Rutgers is midmajor. Being invited to, or part of a "prestigious conference" doesn't change the quality of your program. I believe your PAC12 brethren have aptly proven that. U are a MW team masquerading as a P5 team in a conference U don't belong in, and other PAC10 schools will continue to prove that point.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Cougsndawgs

Sour grapes, much?

Utah is in a P5 conference, and is therefore a P5 team. The week-in-week-out grind has been tough on Utah, as it has been for TCU and WVU as well. But they are not mid-majors. Also, FWIW Utah is 9-1 in non-conference games. That indicates Utah is still a quality program.

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