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Published: Monday, June 23 2014 9:20 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Typically on byu's media day, Utah has a big announcement, just to take what little attention byu would get away from byu. Its not so much we're competing against byu(we own them on the field) but any time we get to increase the profile of our program and do something that byu doesn't like, its good with me!

I wonder what Utah's announcement will be today

Syracuse, ut

"I wonder what Utah's announcement will be today?"

How about "We fully expect to be back to a bowl game in 2020."

St George, Utah

Chris B.

I wonder if it will be details of why Cory Butler, the only 4 star commitment Utah previously held for 2015, de-committed and committed to Kansas? Apparently Kansas was just had more to offer?

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

Rich B, how will you know if utah has an announcement? You are too busy on byu or Utah State boards.

Let me help you out...

this just in... utah announces they will languish in the bottom of the pac11.u yet again as well as going home for the holidays instead of bowling.

a related article... utah announces a new offensive coordinator even before the MWC guy gets a chance.

and finally... utah announces a new head coach, mascot, and fight song... but decide to stay with the same color... to match their faces.

Salt Lake City, UT

If I follow the circular logic correctly... BYU's best chance to join the Big 12 was back during realignment, but BYU decided that independence was the best way to prove -- years later -- that they deserve to be in the Big 12.

The key thing was admitting that independence has no future.

The Cougars will be ready to jump if there is another realignment. Key word: "if".

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Will byu football even be around in 2020? If it is, it will be on par with Weber state and Utah state.

The power 5 will have completely separated and the only playoffs and bowl games you'll be eligible for will be the ones division II mid majors like yourself set up.


Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

@Chris B

Since Utah already has games announced with Idaho State, SUU and just played Weber State. What bigger announcement could Utah make than those?

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

@ Chris B

Utah may announce a minor coaching change to buy Whit more time?
Perhaps they will announce the new door-mats they are introducing for the 2014 season



Utah is going to be adding an offensive coordinator to their already prolific offensive coordinating team, that formed like Voltron last year to stunning results- narrowly missing a shot at a bowl game. Can't wait!!!

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

These comments have me realizing how good BYU is at getting to bowl games. Can you guys teach us the finer points of dumbing down a schedule so we can get eligible for a meaningless bowl game?

Gone fishin
PAC Country, CA

Utah's big announcement??
My guess is this: "Utah's focuses their energy for their bowl game against the WSU Cougars"

Salt Lake City, Utah

Once again, Chris B has steered the conversation away on byu's 'big day.' And once again, cougar fans have swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker.

scottsdale, AZ

Chris B somehow thinks mid level non P5 teams are worth less than a P5 team. What a sad way to look at athletics. Chris, what do you make of a Harvard/Yale matchup? A nice little entertainment in a nice little Ivy league but meaningless? Colorado vs Utah ?better ?more important?

USU's goal should be to be competitive at their level of play. So far USU is succeeding while Utah is not. We have no dreams of playing in a major bowl…but do have dreams of playing in a mid level bowl with successful programs of our peers. Chris B dreams Rose Bowl…good luck with that. How about a winning PAC 12 season for starters? Until something changes Utah will have a distinct recruiting disadvantage against USC, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, Cal, Stanford, Oregon, Seattle. Only Oregon State, Washington State, and Colorado appear to me to be equal to the Utes in terms of recruiting potential. I see Utah becoming the Colorado State of the old WAC days…perpetual bottom dwellers with one of the worst records in the country until Lubick came along. Witt is no Lubick.

St George, Utah

Brave Sir Robin,

You do realize virtually every bowl game outside of the Championship Game is meaningless right? The bowl system was created to keep people happy and quiet about what a joke College Football is without a playoff, and to keep the bulk of the money in the BCS conferences. 30+ teams get to win a bowl game, but only 2 teams got a chance to win a National Title, everyone is just playing for the #3-#25 spot in the polls.

Provo, UT

Ok, here is a template for the future trash talking:

Yada, yada, weak schedule.
Yada, yada, bowl game.


Please use this for your meaningless back and forth. It will save time so we can just move past such comments.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

I think BYU's record in bowl games since Bronco took over being second behind only FSU nationally speaks for itself. BYU has been great at getting to bowls and winning them more often than not.

I am hoping that this year and the next BYU plays well enough to force themselves into the national discussion for the playoffs. Getting there is going to be the next big thing while these other bowls including the new year bowls, will be an afterthought.

@Daily Observer

Chris B. makes it TOO easy. HE is the biggest promoter for Cougar football in this state constantly bringing up the program on USU, BYU and Utah boards. He also has created about a dozen or so accounts just to boost up the message board comment numbers on the Cougars.

pocatello, ID

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT
I think BYU's record in bowl games since Bronco took over being second behind only FSU nationally speaks for itself. BYU has been great at getting to bowls and winning them more often than not.



Uhh there is a vast difference between FSU and BYU when it comes to bowl games.
The TV ratings speak for themselves.
The quality of bowl opponents speaks for itself.
2nd only behind FSU, geez, talk about fantasy football.

Reno, NV

They've certainly set up some expectations for the changes to the 2015 schedule. Will be cool to see what that is.

I'm getting pretty excited for this season, actually. A BCS bowl winner (UCF), four solid teams with revenge on their minds (UT, BSU, USU, Houston), a bowl team that will give us their best shot (MTSU), a couple of games of solid regional interest (UNLV, UNR), two winnable games against Big5 teams (Cal, UVa) and a trip to UConn. Also looking forward to the visit of Savannah State, with their marching band.

Would be awesome to be play a Big 5 schedule, but honestly, independence has fed that hunger more than playing in the MWC would have.

Missouri loves BYU
Lebanon, MO

Does anyone else get the feeling that some Utah fans are kind of like the ex boyfriend/girlfriend that says they have moved on but keep driving by your house, hanging out by your locker, following you around school, and worry constantly that you will end up talking to someone who is more popular than they are.... If they have really moved on, they wouldn't care..... Since they care... They haven't moved on.... Which begs the question... If they are really as happy as they say they are.... Why haven't they moved on? Everyone knows that the only answer is that they are not as happy as they say they are...As if they were really happy... they wouldn't care....


I don't think either a UTE nor a COUGAR can talk right now.

BYU is very good at hyping up their current "band of brothers" and having every cougar fan drink the kool-aid which makes this BYU fan throw up in my mouth. Put up or shut up! I will wait to reserve my judgement until I see a consistent product on the field. Until BYU starts winning games consistently against the P5 then they can't say they belong.

UTE fans having nothing to boast about either. You took the sloppy seconds from Texas and Oklahoma due to them saying no to the PAC12. So congrats you got in and after 3 years of getting your lunch handed to you that is all you can say that you are now apart of a P5 conference. Have fun being the Kentucky of the Pac12. You may have all of this money however loosing is never fun and believe it or not it is effecting your program's over all heath.

The ONLY thing the UTEs can say is that they own BYU in football. Which if the currently trends apply the tides will turn quickly.

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