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Published: Monday, June 23 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Huntsville, UT

"We are a minority in this country, and when our rights are curtailed, people feel it."

-- Funny how that works, isn't it.

Richfield, UT

Can there be a bigger sign of oppression in a country than when their government allows only a particular religion to say a certain word? I've never heard of a more lack of personal freedom in our supposedly modern society.

@ RanchHand:

No... there is nothing funny about this particular situation at all. Please don't be so naive as to assimilate this situation with anything in America.

Huntsville, UT


You don't see the irony about the Catholic Church complaining about discrimination against them for being in the minority, when they do EXACTLY THAT, and discriminate against minorities in this country?

There is a saying: What goes around, comes around. As your Jesus would put it: 'You reap what you sow'. It's variously known as 'Karma'.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

Whenever I read stories like this what always comes to mind is the genius of our founders (mostly Jefferson and Madison) for articulating the separation of church & state – to which I say “build that wall as high and thick as possible!”

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

what a "tolerant" "religion" this is.

Only they can say certain words an no one else?

Huntsville, UT

@Chris B;

Since my previous response to you wasn't allowed (apparently), how about this:

How is this any different than American Christians restricting the use of certain words (i.e., marriage, family, etc.)? Hint: It isn't any different. In this regard, as I've tried to point out in my earlier comments, Christians act exactly the same when they are in the majority. Exactly the same.

Newport Beach, CA

"Christians act exactly the same when they are in the majority."

Except for the whole sentencing women to death when they join other religions thing. And the burkas, and the stonings for adultery, etc., etc.

Logan, UT

@ RanchHand:

You vitiated and attenuated your previous stance with that last comment of yours. It appears you are now fighting a losing battle. Exactly what words do Christians make it illegal to speak either here or in Malaysia or anywhere else in the world for that matter? That's what this entire article and argument is about... having the legal right for all to mention certain religious words in public.

I'm aware of no instance when Christians have done this anywhere... in a majority or not. Please verify a particular instance that you are claiming makes it "exactly the same".

This has absolutely nothing to do with "reaping what we sow". I can hardly believe that any supposedly enlightened person would defend such a execrable law this one of Malaysia's. Or are you only trying to be argumentative?

I've noticed you usually do take a captious attitude regarding most religious related articles as you attempt to inveigle believers. That's been going on for years. As such, very little you write actually surprises me.

But in this case regarding strictly legal grounds, please think through your argument a little deeper before commenting further.

newhall, CA

the photo headlining this article tells it all, shows it all. Islam is the most suppressive nonreligion against women. Allah is the made up name they gave to one-up the God of Israel. When a group decided to declare that they have the one and only biggest God of gods, you know there's something very wrong with that belief. Islam is not a religion. It kicks and screams that it is, but it isn't. The founding history is flawed. Its pseudo, self-proclaimed prophet, was a murderer, a philanderer, a pedophile and a misogynist. mohammed, just like Constantine of old, realized that the only way to gain control over a people was to proclaim divineship and create a religion. These women can keep their Allah, but their Allah is as stone deaf as the stone edifice muslims erected in Mecca. Talk about idol worship.

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