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Published: Friday, June 20 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Ralph West Jordan
Taylorsville, UT

I watched coverage of the hearings and questioning of the IRS commissioner on CNN! What a dog and pony show, scripted and performed as red meat for the Neo-Cons of the country! It plays well in the Red States, but I suggest that we will find the rest of the voters in this country will see this farse in the same light as another member of the investigating committee when he asked the IRS Commissioner if he had any information concerning "Area 51 and Aliens or if he had ever been in possession of the Presidents birth certificate?" It all falls into the same category as birth certificate, Rev. White, IRS, NSA, Benghazi, "Shenannigans, Scandals, Abuses
Apologist, Tyrant, or whatever pathetic excuse they can dig up in an effort to portray the Admin. in a bad light until the Nov. elections. I may be offering the DN the Scoop of the year, but in case the Pubs didn't know, President Obama is not running for election again! It would be well if they got on board with Carl Rove and started to worry about Hillary!

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

5% of hard drives crash yearly. We poor citizens's emails are kept by Google, Comcast, Yahoo or whoever we use. The IRS should have back up hard drives. If not they should be fired. Even a crashed hard drive has information that may be retrieved. These people are crooked. Get rid of them. And I don't know much about computers, but this is quite obvious. Let's go to a flat tax and now.

Virginia Beach, VA

" . . .the agency will not share with Congress additional details about its lost emails related to the ongoing tea party investigation until its own review is finished"

That makes sense.

Involving Congress prematurely would do no good, and the point of governance is to do good.

So many Republicans in Congress, especially those of the Tea Party persuasion, are dedicated to preventing the Obama administration from doing its job, governing wisely. For many years now, Republicans have made attacking the Federal Government their reason for being, and Public Service has been put on a far back burner or maybe even removed from the stove.

Shamefully, Congress is stocked with people now who are dedicated to doing harm, rather than doing good.

Keeping Congress completely out of the investigation is the reasonable course to take.

Nita Harris
Saratoga Springs, UT


"Keeping Congress completely out of the investigation is the reasonable course to take."

Yes, let's just let the foxes investigate each other and not be bothered with finding the truth.

Nita Harris
Saratoga Springs, UT

Brio- I totally agree with you that "This scandal must be very bad for the IRS and others involved to decide they'd rather take the vast amount of heat and embarrassment for "losing" this evidence rather than let them become public."

Nita Harris
Saratoga Springs, UT

Esquire -

"We, the people, are weary of this kind of stuff. One or two inquiries are not inappropriate ..."

So you are not weary of the foxes 'investigating' each other, but a REAL investigation "is more about seeking an edge in the game of politics. Nothing more."

I beg to differ, I say we need a special federal prosecutor to investigate whether a crime has been committed or not, in order to hopefully find out the TRUTH instead of a cover up.

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