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Published: Friday, June 20 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

It was either an accident or it was done intentionally. Considering that this is a large government organization with all the technology resources that come with it, and knowing what we know about email services, we can estimate the chances of this being an accident to almost 0.

It is possible for them to delete the evidence if they intentionally did it. Then there would not be enough hard evidence to convict (since they destroyed it), BUT the world will know that they are responsible. We may never know the extent of this scandal, and since they are trying so hard to cover it up the extent is probably more than any of us realize.

How on earth people can support this administration is beyond me. I want to know if anyone REALLY believes that this whole email scandal is an accident, and if it wasn't, what are they trying to hide?

Centerville, UT

"Appointment of a special federal prosecutor to investigate the IRS handling of tax-exempt applications would be a monumental waste of taxpayer funds."

Isn't that what John Swallow said?

Springville, UT

Wouldn't it be nice if Congress actually did something constructive? This charade and never ending investigation won't raise the public approval level of Congress. We, the people, are weary of this kind of stuff. One or two inquiries are not inappropriate, but this is more about seeking an edge in the game of politics. Nothing more.

Cinci Man

This is the transparency President Obama promised at all levels under his administration and delivered, as predicted. The emperor has no clothes. Washington was the same before and is the same now, and will be afterwards.

Cedar Hills, UT

how could they go missing...hmmm...let's see...maybe the guilty people deleted them?? If we EVER get the truth from this we will find Barack Obama right smack dab in the middle of the whole thing. This would constitute the BIGGEST scandal of his infamous presidency.

salt lake city, UT

People this scandal is about the IRS and nothing has been found that links BO to the IRS on this issue. Unless their is evidence the two are linked the rest of us just chuckle at the crowd with their tin foil hats and divining rods. Some people spend way to much time listening to talk radio and watching Fox News.

Lafayette, IN

I wonder how the IRS would react if I "forget" to send in tax forms for a few years (with funds owed), then declared all of my records were inadvertently misplaced? Hmmmm...

Cedar Hills, UT


there is no way you can suggest that there is no tie to Barack Obama with this IRS scandal. No possible way. The deleted emails must first be recovered and examined by some impartial judge. Actually common sense STRONLY suggests that indeed there is a link to the White House if you are willing to look at the facts.

Fact: The intimidation of conservative groups by the IRS started over a year before the 2012 election. There is no possible way some mid-level IRS manager would order such a thing. This is a felony and without orders from above ...far above...no one is going to risk PRISON. This is common sense.

Fact: The fact that all the people suspected in the scandal at the IRS suddenly all lost their emails is quite the coincidence wouldn't you say??

Fact: With ACORN we already know what levels Obama will stoop to in order to sway an election. The man has NO honor.

this IRS scandal will only be uncovered IF the GOP wins the senate this fall when Harry Reid is out of the way and a real investigation can begin.

clearfield, UT


I'll give you a link. White House records show the IRS commissioner visiting the White House some 157 times. Some, but not the majority, were recorded as for the ACA rollout. During the Bush White House, the commissioner went there once. If this were a Republican in the White House I'd want the truth to come out because every time corruption at high levels is found and made public, it helps prevent further corruption, and it sends a warning to all who hold power. Sad that people like you and many others here are more interested in protecting your party rather than protecting the country. You are no patriot.

Virginia Beach, VA

Who cares (other than "Conservatives" with no sense of proportion and no sense of propriety) how those emails went missing?

The government should get back to the business of governing instead of investigating fake scandals.

boneheaded, but not a smidgen

need more time to do a better job of covering it up.
congress wouldn't need to investigate if it weren't for all of barry's shenanigans. I guess watergate shouldn't have been investigated either.
libs continue to give this guy a pass

salt lake city, UT

@Worf & SCfan
Neither of you provided any facts only "conservative hunches". Your thoughts on the scandal start with the premise that you dislike our Comander in Chief. My thoughts start with the evidence at hand and as of yet there is none to tie BO to the scandal. And yes SCfan, I am a patriot. One does not need to get his opinions from talk radio or Fox news to be a patriot. How does Worf get his "caps" post by the screener?

clearfield, UT


Who cares that Bush misled the country about his intentions in Iraq. Who cares that people in the Reagan adminstration illegally traded weapons in the Iran/Contra affair. Who cares that the Nixon White House bugged the DNC headquarters at Watergate, and then used agencies like the CIA, FBI, and IRS to try to cover it up. Who cares that Clinton lied under oath while serving as President. Who cares that the IRS may very well have been engaged in an illegal plan to stop conservative organizations from getting 501c3 status. Who cares about any of that? Let's let this White House get back to the business of governing in corruption instead of investigating all those "fake" scandles. Yeah, thats what will make us a better country.

Springville, UT

Hey, let's talk e-mails:

"The Bush White House email controversy surfaced in 2007, during the controversy involving the dismissal of eight U.S. attorneys. Congressional requests for administration documents while investigating the dismissals of the U.S. attorneys required the Bush administration to reveal that not all internal White House emails were available, because they were sent via a non-government domain hosted on an email server not controlled by the federal government. Conducting governmental business in this manner is a possible violation of the Presidential Records Act of 1978, and the Hatch Act. Over 5 million emails may have been lost or deleted. In 2009, it was announced that as many as 22 million emails may have been deleted."

Did you want footnotes?

Alpine, UT

@ GaryO

It's almost unbelievable that you and a few other liberal Obama apologists are STILL trying to write this off as a "fake scandal". Can people actually live so deeply in the dark and be so naive?
Even an ostrich with his head in the sand could get some type of feel for the REAL corruption and REAL scandal that is taking place with the IRS in this matter.

This scandal must be very bad for the IRS and others involved to decide they'd rather take the vast amount of heat and embarrassment for "losing" this evidence rather than let them become public. Perhaps even worse than Watergate.

I truly hope that someday, somehow the truth of this matter will be found out. It will then leave the aforementioned administration liberal apologists will a lot of egg on their faces.

Centerville, UT


So what is your point? Because emails were deleted during the Bush administration to cover up information that they didn't want citizens to know about then Obama can do it too? Is that your point?

Or is your point that Republicans shouldn't complain about Obama's corruption because Bush presumably did things wrong too?

Should we ignore corruption and abuse in government?

I'm confused by your post.

Personally, I'm not worrying myself about former president Bush in the same way (though it would be valuable to understand Bush corruption and abuses to avoid it happening again). I'm much more concerned about the abuses and corruption of our current president and his administration. When any president from any party uses the powers of government to win elections, punish rivals and the opposition, or silence citizens, I am very concerned.

clearfield, UT


There is no hunch that one of the key players in this, Lois Lerner, has taken the 5th several times. One does not do that unless one knows they are in legal jeopardy. And do you refute my assertion that you care more about protecting your political party than getting at the truth of possible corruption in the American government? I wouldn't do that if it were a Republican administration in office. Because that is exactly how you and others seem on this. At least I'm glad that you referred to this as a scandle, because it certainly has become one, and not because of Republicans, but because of the actions of IRS people. You may not be old enough to remember, but this is exactly how Watergate started. A little here, a little there, then a stalled story. Nixon declaring 1 year of Watergate is enough. Nevertheless, against a lot of public opinion and political opposition, the truth came out. I just want the truth to come out here. If the Republicans had stopped the investigation sooner, we would never have known about the lost e-mails and Lerners 5th.

Mcallen, TX


How about deleted, or hidden?

Virginia Beach, VA

" . . .the agency will not share with Congress additional details about its lost emails related to the ongoing tea party investigation until its own review is finished"

That makes sense.

Involving Congress prematurely would do no good, and the point of governance is to do good.

So many Republicans in Congress, especially those of the Tea Party persuasion, are dedicated to preventing the Obama administration from doing its job, governing wisely. For many years now, Republicans have made attacking the Federal Government their reason for being, and Public Service has been put on a far back burner or maybe even removed from the stove.

Shamefully, Congress is stocked with people now who are dedicated to doing harm, rather than doing good.

Keeping Congress completely out of the investigation is the reasonable course to take.

Karen R.
Houston, TX

I heard the audio of the exchange with Paul Ryan when Ryan said, "I don't believe you." I wished Mr. Koskinen had replied, "Mr. Ryan, I've seen you campaign. That's pretty rich coming from you."

What we're getting from our Congress these days is pathetic. Both sides of the aisle. Why are we supporting this? Conservatives, do you really think things will be different if your side becomes the majority? How so?

Because it isn't the politicians running the show anymore. It's the moneyed interests. Our politicians no longer run for office in order to influence policy. They're running to get a piece of the pie being offered by those who TELL them what the policies will be. All that we voters decide anymore is who gets to feed at that trough.

Why are any of us supporting this?

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