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Published: Thursday, June 19 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Murray, UT

Good for them. Jesus had a central message: love thy neighbor. His commandment transcends the Mosaic law which prohibited specific behaviors and empowers his true followers with the ability to decide for themselves how to apply his central commandment. This assembly seems to be doing just that.

John Sun
Houston, TX

Presbyterian church is ahead of curve when it comes to the issues of gender equality and marriage equality. Hopefully other denominations will follow suit.

Salt Lake City, UT

The title of this article should have been 'Presbyterian assembly taking steps toward splitting denomination'.

Bob K
Davis, CA

It is easier for churches which are governed democratically to keep in step with the times.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

I guess they have never read Paul's epistles

Huntsville, UT


Which one would you rather follow, Paul or Jesus? Paul, a reformed murderer, hated everybody. Jesus preached love.

Hmm, I await your answer with baited breath.


It is harder for churches which are governed democratically to keep in step with the Lord.

Leesburg, VA

@ Lost in DC
Paul, the only apostle who never met Jesus. Paul the aopostle who was raised as an strict pharisee and attempted to implant in the various churches the mores of his upbringing i.e women being silent in the congregation, women covering their heads, celibacy over marriage, etc.

It doesn't seem to be a good time for Paul, specially in Utah and the LDS doctrine.

Good for our Presbyterian brothers and sisters.

Houston, TX

@Baccus0902: Actually, Paul did meet Jesus as a resurrected being on at least two occasions. Paul didn't serve multiple missions and wasn't martyred because he hated people.

Paul was a valiant apostle, beloved of the Lord. His epistles were the Lord's will when they were written. Subsequent translations may have jumbled them a bit, but I find truth in them today.

Thank goodness for modern apostles and prophets.

Leesburg, VA

Dear friend,
referring Paul's epistles you wrote: "but I find truth in them today." and I would tend to agree with you with that statement. However, we need to put everything in a historical context.

Please allow me to ask you: Is everything that the modern Apostles and Prophets said or written since Joseph Smith accepted as "canon"? The answer is NO! right? However, when the New Testament was being compiled they (fathers of the Church) took the writings of Paul and just because they were from Paul or assumed they were from Paul were elevated to be part of the canon of scriptures.

I have nothing against Paul. What I disagree is to take his personal biases and fears as part of the doctrine of Christ, particularly when it is in contradiction to what Jesus taught.

On a side point, Paul's famous Road to Damasco experience has been for centuries a matter of controversy for scholars. Many attribute the story to the rumors and embellishments that spread after Paul's conversion and Luke the evangelist took those rumors as true. Paul does not mention this experience in his epistles.

Bob K
Davis, CA

It is harder for churches which are governed democratically to keep in step with the Lord.

--- Yes -- millions of people are not collectively as savvy about the world of 2014 as one octegenarian who gained his post by seniority

Dietrich, ID

The law of chastity and doctrine of marriage was given by our maker because he loved us. Where does he say since I love you do whatever you want? Will a parent let his child wander in the street or go out in cold without coat because he loves them? God's laws are not up for democratic vote, This is not a case of people trying to find mind and will of the Lord but what many people of there congregation want. What good would a law against gravity do? You cannot redefine the Lord's law of marriage no matter how many people want it any more than you can change the law of gravity.

New York, NY

OK. This "gravity" thing keeps coming up. (See @higv's latest)

Let's recap. EVERYONE AGREES, a law against gravity would serve no practical purpose.

Which has nothing to do with anything.

See, GRAVITY is an objective, observable, physical-- therefore not a good analogy for your "Lord's law of marriage," which is none of those things.

It is entirely subjective and based on faith. You chose it would be real to you. (And people, and churches, change their minds about what is real to them all the time.)

Still, no one is trying to prohibit you from living in your own reality. No one is trying redefine your "Lord's law of marriage."

The State's law of marriage remains of concern. One that governs in the physical reality we share.

Like gravity.

Newport Beach, CA

Jesus didn't say much about sexuality, but what he said left no reasonable doubt that the PCUSA has decided that what the Lord said doesn't matter.

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