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Published: Monday, July 28 2014 4:30 p.m. MDT

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South Jordan, Utah

Wow - a lot of good athletes choosing not to sign locally. And the ones that do seem to be choosing other programs than the one whose fans for the past four years or more have been boasting that, due to their newly found alliance, athletes would flock to their university and make them a PAC12 contender year in and year out. Clearly it isn't happening.

If you can't recruit you are in big trouble.

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

We are really cleaning up now because we are power 5 prestegous.

Go Utes!

Heber City, UT

It's not very hard to see what the order is between the 3 utah schools in recruiting in-state so far:

1- BYU
2- USU
3- utah

It seems likely that Masina and Gustin will play out of state, so unfortunately all of the top 4 players will leave the state.

Also, most indications are that Mufi Hunt and Gabe Reid are currently leaning toward BYU. That would give us a solid group of kids from in-state to add to our increased emphasis on recruiting California, Texas, and other parts of the nation.

How is that Pac-12 membership doing for your recruiting, utes? Please don't try and tell me that utah doesn't care about in-state recruits. You have 2 commitments in this list. The problem is, they are lower than USU's 2 commits and BYU's 3.

I know that it's still long before signing day, but the Pac-12 membership doesn't seem to be giving utah any kind of head start.

Roller Mills
Lehi, UT

Haven't these guys seen the new facilities?

springville, UT

Not only do the Uties only have two on the list, one is a kicker, hahahahaha.

Salt Lake, UT

The coooogs will need all 25 on this list plus another ten missionaries that are currently signed somewhere else if they ever want to beat Utah again. So let me say congrats BYU! Until we meet again and make it five, six and seven in a row. In the meantime, everyone can endure more of these supposed recruiting victories. Let's never let facts get in the way of a good story.

West Jordan, UT


The Utes should be beating BYU every year for the next 40 with their numerous advantages of inclusion. That should be a no brainer. This is the problem with Utah is that they still base their success on how they compare to BYU. Your measuring stick shouldn't be BYU any more. Beating BYU isn't a great accomplishment relative to beating most of the teams in your conference.

If Utah would just start caring about beating Oregon, USC, and Stanford, and stop comparing themselves to BYU, most of their problems would be solved. You don't earn prestige by membership alone, and you don't get it by beating BYU.

Sandy, UT


Little Brothers can "Never" stop comparing themselves to their Big Brothers!
BYU will always be Utah's Boogeyman.

Herriman, UT

I love the irony. Every post on here is a Cougar fan taking shots at Utah and Utah fan. This is clearly not the 80s anymore and BYU fan is reaching for anything that looks like a win against the U, since they are not coming on the field.

But BYU fan is right, clearly the best thing for Utah would be to leave the PAC 12 and rejoin a mid-major. I'm sure Arizona fan feels that way, since they have never been to a Rose Bowl. ASU fans might be right there as well, since I believe they have only been to one, maybe two, since they left the WAC.

Regardless of how Utah does in the PAC 12, they are still better off than they were, and they are still better off than BYU. I will even admit that Utah could not last as an independent, but BYU can. It is still better to be a Ute than a Cougar.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Do you think it might have something to do with the continual obsession and jabs that BYU fans throw on these boards? Of course Utah fans care about beating USC, Oregon, Washington, etc. However, this is the D News; and fans from those programs don't continually badger Utah fans. As a matter of fact, you rarely see a post from those fan bases. A pretty simple concept in my mind.

Syracuse, UT

I don't see a difference. BYU fans poke at Utah. Utah fans poke at BYU. What a waste of time.

South Jordan, Utah

Spokane Ute - stop with the hypocrisy. Your holier than thou attitude just doesn't cut it.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Never claimed to be "holier' than anyone Judge Kit. Just stating it like it is. Of course it goes both ways. Kinda sad, but very true.

Salt Lake City, UT

Spokane Ute. Thank you glass house. I enjoy reading your comments

Salt Lake City, UT

Spokane Ute, let me mention the obvious. The Utes are on a downward slide in recruiting, which leads to losing. I know Ute fans like to pound their chest on how tough their schedule is. Great! Congrats! For the record, I would like to see BYU join a power conference and yes, there are some weak home games. I don't like going to watch BYU blow out Idaho State anymore than Ute fans like going up and watching their team get hammered. The Cougars SOS is decent and was better than 45% of the so called power conference teams last year. Will Ute fans continue attending games, knowing they are not going to sniff a bowl game? Look no further than your own State. WSU did not go to a bowl game for 10 years. The first few years, they still sold out Martin Stadium, but eventually attendance started to decline. In 2008 only 25K fans vs top ranked USC. In 2010 24K vs #3 Oregon, 24K vs #20 USC, 23K vs #17 Arizona and only 17K vs Cal. In fact that year there were over 5K empty seats vs their rival Washington. Congrats on the SOS National Title.

Holladay, UT

Why don't you look at that list a little closer. Most of those kids on thst list utah didn't even offer. Bc they aren't d1 players. Utah has to recruit a different type of athlete to compete in the pac 12. And I'm sorry to say 2 star kids don't cut it. Look at most of the kids on that list aren't even getting offers from d1 schools. There are basically 4 kids on that list who are big time recruits. And utah or byu aren't getting any of them. Osa will end up at Ucla with James and Gustin will end up at Usc. Utah can compete. They were in almost every game last yr but didn't have the depth. It takes time for that. And strength of schedule does matter. Utah is playing a top 10 schedule this yr. Byu is 97. So byu beats the teams they should loses to the 3 or 4 shoukd and finishes 8-4 every yr and goes to the nobody cares bowl. So this "downward slide" in recruiting are kids they are even going after in the first place.

Jake Gordon
Vernal, UT

I notice a lot of kids are from the Wasatch Front or the St. George area and I am wondering why that is? Does it hurt the recruiting of a kid if he plays at a small school and participates in other sports as well? Or are talented kids getting overlooked because they aren't playing at the heavyweight programs?

Salt Lake City, UT


James already verbally committed to UCLA. I doubt he will change his mind and go to USC.

Holladay, UT

Why don't you go back and read my comment again. I said osa will join james at Ucla and gustin will end up at usc. Never said james is going to usc.

Bountiful, UT

Some very good players on this list but you have missed a couple of guys that should definitely be in the top 25 prospects. How is the nations best punter Bailey Kenter from Layton Christian not on this list? I would have thought that if you were ranked #1 at your position in the nation, you'd deserve a mention.

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