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Published: Wednesday, June 18 2014 12:10 p.m. MDT

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clearfield, UT

I can answer all the unanswered questions. She and Obama did not care to deal with Benghazi because it was close to an election and Obama had declared that Al Queda was dead and terrorism was nothing to worry about anymore. Plus, just like it was this last weekend, Obama had a fund raiser and golf game to attend to. No need to interrupt those important things by dealing with Benghazi. They made up lies as talking points and sent out a stooge to sell them. That stooge is now the national security advisor. (I feel safer already). Now that no one believes the nonsense that it was a spontanous attack that coincedently took place on 9/11 they are playing cover-up. The only thing to watch out for is if during his time on the ship the guy they arrested for the attack will be brainwashed or bribed into saying that he and his cohorts were all reacting to the internet video. Don't be surprised. This crowd is capable of any lie, mainly because the mainstream media will let them get away with it.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

I doubt that there is a lot of computers in the Middle East.

Mcallen, TX

Like the IRS, e-mails are lost.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

and those question will remain unanswered if the answers hurt her political career.

Provo, UT

Right Hillary! We need more answers. Let's start with interviewing the people at the top, under oath. Like, say, you. What did you know and when did you know it, and why did you lie about it?

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

"What difference does it make?" she said. After all those peoples lives mean nothing, when you need to try and re-elect Obama and keep her own political future in mind. After spending the last 8 years, talking about how incompetent everyone else is and how stupid people are (even to the point we cant feed our own kids without the feds telling us how to).

The fact of the matter is, our politicians are corrupt. Both sides of the aisle. The American people are upset, but, we keep re-electing the same losers back into office.

It's a good ole boy system. I've watched both sides play the game together. The whole game is to keep themselves in power. Spend our tax dollars for their leisure, and destroy anyone who dares to oppose them.

Sure we might get an honest one in there, every now and then. Eventually they are forced to join.

Time to push for term limits on all of them. We can't allow career politicians. They haven't saved us or made this a great nation. They have destroyed it. Rise up Americans! Push for the amendment!

Cedar Hills, UT

"the fog of war"? The only thing "foggy" was the stream of lies that came from Barack and Hillary and Susan Rice on day one after the attack and then continuing for the next two weeks. The CIA claims that they NEVER said it was a u-tube video yet that was the lie that was hatched by the White House and repeated by Hillary and the rest of the gang for two weeks. The poor soul who created the video is in jail for heaven sake just to provide more cover. Aside from the lie about the cause of the attack - the fact that Hillary allowed Chris Stevens to die after repeated requests were made by Chris to increase security is unforgivable. Barack Obama shoulders most of the blame for Benghazi and especially for turning his back on the Americans who were fighting to save lives well into the next morning. Clinton must somehow convince voters that she is competent to be commander and chief after what she allowed to happen in Benghazi and that is going to be tall tall order to fill indeed.

Logan, UT

Sadly for Hillary, the capture of this terrorist is again bringing Benghazi back toward the forefront of politics.

Luckily for Hillary, there are lots of other Obama scandals currently going on to take some of the attention away from Benghazi.

One thing is known for certain. There were lies told soon after the 4 Americans were murdered. Because it was just before a Presidential election makes the reasons for those lies very suspicious. Had this tragedy received the media attention it should have, the results of the last election could very well have been different. If so, Obama would now be playing all the golf and fund-raisers he wants without scandals and important world events distracting him... as they now seem to be doing.

Thus far, no one involved has come clean about this tragedy. They continue hoping it will all just fade away. No wonder Democrats dislike Fox News. They aren't in bed with the liberals and the liberals despise them for it. Fox News has been the only news outlet who has continued pursuing the truth of what really happened that terrible day on 9/11, two years ago.

embarrassed Utahn!
Salt Lake City, UT

Hillary Clinton is forthright and honest.
The unanswered questions I have pertain to the previous administration that put troops in harm's way over made-up stuff.
The web of pain and suffering caused by Bush/Cheney goes well beyond the 5000+ deaths of U.S. Troops.
What does it matter at this point?

Woodland Hills, UT

The unanswered questions are the one's she and Obama won't answer.

Cedar Hills, UT

Hillary would actually grant herself some credibility if she just came clean with the whole Benghazi scandall. Admit she fell asleep at the wheel and didn't add requested security. Admit she mislead the America people with her u-tube video nonsense. Actually she could blame the u-tube thing on the White House since they are the ones that hatched this fib. Any Democrat who attempts to stick with Barack on these scandalls will eventually pay the political price themselves when they have to face the music. I would distance myself as far as possible from everything and anything tied to Barack Obama - just check out the mans credibility polling.

Virginia Beach, VA

There they go again.

A bunch of "Conservatives' seeing the opportunity to jump in and beat up on Hillary and Obama with more absolutely unsupportable claims.

" . . .Obama had declared that Al Queda was dead and terrorism was nothing to worry about anymore . . . "

Obama never said any such thing . . . Well, maybe in "Conservative" fantasy land, but certainly not in the real world.

And Hillary's "What does it matter now?" quote certainly didn't mean she felt lives are without value. Check out Politifact for the context.

I think she was underscoring the point that these lives are lost.

And niggling questions from "Conservatives" designed to exploit the dead in order to reap some political advantage . . . are immoral, obscene, ridiculous, shameful, and without any redeeming value whatsoever.

And, of course, Hillary is absolutely right.

Hillary Clinton is an extremely perceptive woman, and she would make a GREAT President.

Mcallen, TX

Hillary Clinton is an extremely untruthful woman, and she would make an untrustworthy President.
Only a fool would believe her words.

boneheaded, but not a smidgen

I love the libs that will defend barry and hillary to the end, against all reason, logic and truth.

Mcallen, TX


Hears a partial list of goodies on your hero. If you want additional info, check the internet. It’s super easy to find:

1. Hillary Clinton lied as a staff member of the House Judiciary Committee
2. Hillary Clinton lied about flying into Bosina under sniper fire
3. Hillary Clinton Misrepresented her Record opposing the Iraq War
4. Hillary Clinton Misrepresented her Role in the Irish Peace Accord
5. Hillary Clinton Misrepresented the extent to which her daughter was in danger on 9/11
6. Hillary Clinton Claimed she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary
7. Hillary Clinton Lied about supporting NAFTA
8. Hillary Clinton Lied about her role in the passage of the Family and Medical Leave Act.
9. Hillary Clinton Lied about her trip to Africa
10.Hillary Clinton Lied about the “uninsured” woman who died after childbirth

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