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Published: Friday, June 13 2014 11:30 a.m. MDT

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Mcallen, TX


Won't this effect the world?

Alpine, UT

The only other option to sending in troops is to give air-support... something the USA could do relatively quickly and without risking many American lives. Our Air Force strength is unequaled anywhere in the world.

Quelling this insurgency would help alleviate the feeling that America gave 4,500 lives, 32,000 injured soldiers and almost a trillion American taxpayer-funded dollars in support of Iraq for nothing.

Whether going into Iraq in the first place was a good idea or not is no longer relevant. What's done is done. We now need to make the best of the situation as it now is.

These extremist groups have made it no secret that they would love to destroy America... the great Satan in their minds. To allow them to grow and get stronger while acquiring a big base of operation (supported by huge oil revenues) would certainly not be in our best national interest.

Hopefully, Obama will make a wise decision this time.

Fillmore, UT

So, is the President surprised to see this happen?

clearfield, UT

So basically the President is putting his head in the sand and hoping for the best. Can't we at least send in some drones and blow up some of these guys? Maybe that would stop them for a while. Otherwise the headline of "Worlds Wealthest Terrorists" will become a reality. If they actually do take power in Iraq, they become major players in the world of OPEC and oil. That will give them a lot of leveredge. As it is they already have taken some 500 billion in cash. I wonder if Iran will let this continue.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

I am jealous of Rush Limbaugh. He is sure. (And I don't even know what his position is.)

Why are the insurgents in Syria good because they are against our interests (Syria, Iran and Hezbollah), but when the insurgents go into Iraq that they are bad? So, if we bomb them, will we hold joint air force exercises with Iran who are also helping the Iraqi government. We can team up with Iran's Revolutionary Guard. They will be in the ground and they can call on us and we'll drop bombs where their fighters tell us.

But if a fighter crosses into Syria with an Iranian following behind him, we'll bomb the Iranian because he's the bad guy. so we can save the good guy.

Obama is right (and yes he is arrogant), "We can't do it for them." Maliki has been oppressing the Sunnis, dropping barrel bombs on them, and now there is a revolution. Perhaps Maliki should have been reading Che Guevara.

Winnings hearts and minds.

Bluffdale, UT

we should never waiste another of my brothers and sisters in a useless war that i and many like me said wht the out come would be just by knowing history. we new what would happen. the only country that should stop it is iran. they have the army and they have the reason. shia vs sunni. oil is and was the main reason we went to iraq. you can tell this by the lack of help for afirican countires that could have used our help. but they are poor and have nothing for the rich to gain.

seattle, WA

Send in George Bush, Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld. They single handed made this mess, and they ought to single handedly clean it up.

Oh, I forgot. These guys never really served in the real army. Maybe they need some help. Send over Limbaugh, Beck, and those other chicken hawks on Fox and right wing radio. Bet their military training and expertise ought to fix Iraq. Again, I don't think many of them have served.

This country is a disaster, along with most of the rest of the Islamic Middle East. We should never have gotten sucked into this part of the world. We should have weaned ourselves of our petroleum addiction in the late 70's when we had the chance. Oh, that's right. Reagan got us back, addicted to oil. We just can not get over the energy addiction.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

I don't know about everyone else. But, I'm not addicted to oil. With that said.

We need to realize what these terrorists groups are about. They believe in the Caliphate. They believe in a territory for Islam be established there, and from there they will crush all non-Islamic people, thus converting the world. They are bent on this idea. They have zero interest in negotiations, they don't care if we fight them or sit back. Eventually they will come for us.

So we fight now or later.

Cedar Hills, UT

talk about a ship without a captain....America is leaderless. We dump our equipment then cut and run out of Iraq and we think there will be no consequences. Geez - whether or not it was right to go into Iraq or not is pointless - the real question is how do you exit the place so the sacrifice that was paid in blood and tressure actually created something better. Iraq reminds me of Vietnam and seeing the North overrunning the South as we dump our helicopters into the sea and leave the remaining people to the mercy of the Khmer Rouge and the killing fields. The same thing is happening in Iraq simply because we decided to ignore our generals and instead listen to a community organizer. When we exited Europe and Japan after WWII we did so in a thoughtful - stategic way that would ensure stability in the region. Had we just packed up and left the Russians would have slaughtered the bulk of the German people and the Europe of today wouldn't exist. There is a way to exit a war and a way NOT to. We are doing the latter because we have no leader.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

If after twelve years of U.S. military involvement, training, and financial assistance, the Iraqi government still cannot stand on its own, then our Iraq policy has failed. How much more should we put into what has turned out to be a bad investment?

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Weighing options – that’s BO speak for “I have no clue what to do!”

“Obama suggested it could take several days before the administration finalizes its response to the situation on the ground in Iraq.”

No, more likely several years, or at least until after the election.

Cedar Hills, UT

re:Craig Clark

You make the point of 12 years of blood and tressure paid by our America soldiers. It is because of the 12 years of blood and tressure that we do NOT just cut and run out of the region. Those who fought and died deserve to see something good come from their sacrifice but instead we now see THE most extreme and dangerous Islamic terror group ever taking over the country creating a nightmare situation. There is a right way to exit a war and then there is the Obama way....which always ends in disaster.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO


I haven’t suggested we cut and run. I just pose the question of how much more should we put into a policy that’s not working regardless of who you blame for it.

Virginia Beach, VA

Hey Liberal Ted -

"So we fight now or later."

Go for it Ted! And please don't ignore the suggestions of ordinary folks. Take Limbaugh, Hannity, and a few million other "Conservatives" with you.

Maybe you won't even have to fight. Just settle in and obstruct all progress there just like you do here. That'll teach 'em to mess with America.

Seriously though, I think we should let this thing take its course, and see where it goes. GW Bush screwed the whole Middle East up by taking power away from Sunni's in Iraq and giving it to the Shiites, constructing a government controlled by a Shiite minority to control the Sunni Majority . . . That simultaneously empowers Shiite Iran at the same time, at our expense.

A Sunni takeover of Iraq could change that. And maybe we could erase some of the horrendous damage the GW Bush administration did over there.

Sunni power in Iraq might keep the Shiites in Iran in check . . . kind of like Saddam did.

We need to undo GW's "Conservative" mistakes one way or another. Let's let the Sunnis help.

Cedar Hills, UT

re:Craig Clark

Well for starters you don't announce in advance when you are leaving (as Barack did). Second you don't pull the plug on everything - you leave behind some small American presence with at least the threat of lethal air strikes if the bad guys decide to overwhelm the new leadership ...as they are right now. Everything with Barack is political and this sort of thing can't be political - it must be strategic and well thought through otherwise you end up with the worst of all senerios ...that we have right now.

The REAL solution to this mess....is to exit the region properly and at the same time make America energy independent where we don't need middle east oil anymore. We have the oil and the technology but we lack the leadership in the White House to do it. If these new bad guys keep expanding and decide to hold America hostage by grabbing the oil fields we are HOSED as a nation and we can blame the man in the White House for the entire mess. History will judge Mr Obama very harhly for this.

Anti Bush-Obama
Chihuahua, 00

The best option is to stay out of there all together. Pull out of the middle east please. But I'm begging a madman, which is a waste of time.

Say What?
Bountiful, UT

Lets re-institute the draft and then we will have plenty of young soldiers to keep the rebels at bay not only in Iraq but everywhere else in the world too.

Anti Bush-Obama
Chihuahua, 00


"Send in George Bush, Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld. They single handed made this mess, and they ought to single handedly clean it up.

Oh, I forgot. These guys never really served in the real army. Maybe they need some help. Send over Limbaugh, Beck, and those other chicken hawks on Fox and right wing radio. Bet their military training and expertise ought to fix Iraq. Again, I don't think many of them have served."

And Obama has served in the military? I must've forgot that. All this time I thought he was a chickenhawk just like the rest of those neocons.

Aurora, CO

We aren't putting money into a policy, we are looking at probably the most radical terrorist group we have ever seen, and that's pretty bad. They are indiscriminate, they have taken Shia cities, Sunni cities, Mosul is up near the Kurds, they don't care. They kill everyone who isn't with them. They want their own state, wiping out current borders of Iraq, Syria, Iran, possibly Turkey to get it. If they are successful, and so far they have been, they will be worse than Nazi Germany in their appetite for more conquests. We, the US and likely the free world will then be faced with the task of fighting them on such a large scale as to pale our worst nightmares.

I was in Tikrit, Kirkuk, Balad, Samarra and all the region surrounding them. I mourn for what is lost after all we did to liberate them from Saddam and his psycho sons. We left, and a vacuum sucked these terrorists into the void. Bad, bad planning. Bad, bad foreign policy. Bad consequences to come.

Virginia Beach, VA

Hey "Patriot"

" We have the oil and the technology but we lack the leadership in the White House to do it"

WRONG Again.

Domestic oil and gas production has grown by leaps and bounds since Obama took over.

Yes, we need to focus on energy self-sufficiency, and most of that focus should be on RENEWABLE energy sources.

Wind, Solar, tides, . . WHATEVER WORKS.

. . .Because non-renewable sources will eventually run out. That's why they are called non-renewable.

And why can't we focus on renewable energy sources even though the White House thinks its urgent that we do?

It's because of Obstructionist Republicans in Congress, who feel obliged to keep their extremist, reactionary, backward-looking constituents happy.

The answer is to vote out regressive Right Wingers and vote instead for Democrats with good sense.

It's that simple.

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