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Published: Tuesday, June 10 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

hard life?

Like when she had to duck and run for cover amidst bullets flying in Bosnia?

Oh wait, she didn't remember that event correctly.

Mcallen, TX

Sorry Hillary, but you don't understand hard life.

Casa Grande, AZ

Oh yes, it's republicans like Mitt Romney that understand poor people. Poor people are "takers".

Are you Republicans seriously using the argument that assets makes one ineligible to run for president? I'm chuckling.

Gene Poole

@ Screwdriver... it isn't assets that make one eligible to run for office. It is integrity. When a potential candidate tells her hard luck story of only having a $1.2 million home in NY to be able to run for office and Bill's $192K annual retirement pay. Must be rough doing it that rough. There may be a dearth of integrity in her "hard life" story. Hillary has the potential to be in the big house rather than the White House if all of her shenanigans are revealed. What will happen? Who knows. Show me a politician with integrity and I'll show you a man or woman who decided not to run. (See Colin Powell as an example.) You mentioned Mitt Romney. You may want to read a bit more about him in the Washington Post. He pays attention. And obviously you feel that his net worth of 250 Million makes him a bad manager and way too wealthy. You know like Oprah feels. (She's worth ONLY 2 Billion, so obviously she does it hard, too) (that's tongue in check.) Best of luck in 2016 - we will all need it.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Oh, too FUNNY!
A woman who makes $200k per speech understands the “hard life”
Give me a break.

Who said she is ineligible to run for president?
Are your arguments in her favor so weak you need to make up straw arguments against her you can then refute?

Obviously having no concept of truth is one of the foremost requirements for a dem candidate for POTUS.

Logan, UT

I knew some biased liberal was going to try to deflect the attention of this article off of Hillary and on to someone else like Mitt Romney, who isn't a part of this article. And it didn't take long... only the third comment. Sad, but predictable. Only someone clueless would chuckle at his own totally wrong take on that.

At least Mitt and his wife lived in a basement apartment and had to eat mac & cheese for multiple years while going to college before making it financially on their own. There's no doubt they had a true taste of what it's like to struggle financially. He's been there, done that... regardless of the pious comments liberal apologists like to make about him and other successful Republicans.

Assets have nothing to do with eligibility to run for President. But trying to pass off oneself as something that they are not, truly does not help. And that's what Hillary did with her "been broke and had a hard life" type of statement.

She truly doesn't seem to relate and get it with her $200,000 per speech fee and Secret Service protection for decades.

Virginia Beach, VA

Hillary Clinton was never a poor little rich girl.

Her mother worked as a maid, and cleaned houses to make ends meet.

Hillary Clinton has a much better understanding of working class America than does, say Mitt Romney, or just about ANYONE the Republicans would ever field as a Presidential candidate, don't you think?

The Clinton's were pretty much broke when they left the White House . . . But HUGE speaking fees from grateful citizens around the world have made them some serious money.

Contrast that with GW Bush . . . He was born into wealth and privilege, but after his devastation of America and the world during his time in office, who wants to hear him speak?

SEC Rules
Seminole, FL

CNN is already electing the next President, again.

Leesburg, VA

How sad that because of party biases we clasify people as good or bad.

It is interesting that those who claim to be Republican and believe in personal growth and independence would put down the success of Hillary Clinton.

I also find fascinating that some people can equate success and or quality of life based solely on money. The fact Mrs. Clinton is now a wealthy woman doesn't mean she oblivious to what is a hard life.

Mrs. Clinton has earned my respect and most people of this country by being a superb first lady. A first lady who was able to portrait herself with dignity under very humilianting circumstances.

An exemplary mother. If you don't believe it just ask Chelsea.

One of the most astounding Secretary of State this country has ever had.

Guys if you are going to focus in destroying somebody's image. Please at least pretend to be objective and try to make balanced statements.

You may not like Mrs. Clinton, you may disagree with her. Regardless, you cannot deny she is an inspiration to millions at home and around the world.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Blah blah blah says the democrat. Please, the rulers over us are clueless as to what us peasants do. They could care less, until it's election time when their handlers feed lines to them.

Anyone who believes a politician has their interest in mind, is a fool. How many of these "public servants" have become wealthy or wealthier after taking office? How many of them are in bed with billionaires and millionaires they claim to hate? How many of them are in bed with the press, that is supposed to be our eyes and ears?

The fact is, our system is corrupt. They use words that are flattering and carefully polled to tell you what you want to hear, while they steal everything from underneath you.

I just can't believe the number of minions that throw their support at them. That goes for all of the parties.

Orem, UT

I don't know much about her before she and Bill moved into the Arkansas governor's mansion, so she might have struggled financially a long time ago.

But she is trying to say that she and Bill knew hard times just 14 years ago. Give me a break. Truth means very little to politicians in general and to the Clintons in particular.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Baccuss0902

Then you should post something along the same lines for Mitt Romney. He and Ann lived as us peasants for a time. They raised 5 kids (not just one) but 5 kids that are very productive and good for society.

You're post will be more valid if you reach across party lines and get other examples in there. Otherwise it sounds like a plea to accept a millionaire democrat, after a millionaire republican was demonized.

Either way the democrats are importing their illegal votes and encouraging more suckers to vote for them, with the promise that the democrats will loot the wealthy old white men and give the spoils of war to the peasants.

Which we all know is a bunch of fluff. Neither party has a genuine interest in helping peasants. Just to get more gain for themselves. Which is why this country is swirling down the toilet bowl of civilization. Preparing itself for the expected drop into the sewer.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Who here is putting down the success of Hillary. The title of the article is about her understanding hard life. People are simply pointing out she is a rich 1% person.

@screwdriver - You're making things up, which goes to show how weak your argument is. The article is about her understanding hard life and its correctly being pointed out she is a very wealthy person and part of the 1% that liberals like to bash. No one is saying being part of that 1% group makes someone ineligible for office.

You two want to try again and actually address the topic?


Leesburg, VA

@ Liberal Ted

You wrote:

"Then you should post something along the same lines for Mitt Romney. He and Ann lived as us peasants for a time".

No, I shouldn't! I support Mrs. Clinton not because of the size of her Bank Account and/or personal dealings. I support her :
for her committment to social issues.
her proven high intellect.
her impressive managerial and leadership skills.
Because her public life is a life of service.
Because of her vision of our country in relationship to the world.

If you are set in discrediting her, you can use any strategy you want as far I am concerned. Of course if you go on a rampage of lies and emotional diatribe then somebody will point that out to you.

Springville, UT

Funny how Republicans begrudge the success of both the Clintons, both coming from humble circumstances, but worship the silver spoon boy Romney. I guess the stereotypes about the Republicans being the party of the rich and not caring about the upward mobility of the lower classes is true. But what is really amusing is how Republicans of modest means think they are in the same class as the wealthy and fight for those who already have. Talk about being used.

Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT

"But she is trying to say that she and Bill knew hard times just 14 years ago. Give me a break. Truth means very little to politicians in general and to the Clintons in particular."


Let me see...If I own a house that costs 1.4 million but owed lawyers 2.3 million, I too would think I was broke and get to work to pay off the debt. They did. She became a senator and Bill started speaking for money. They paid off their debts - they did not ask for a handout from anyone, but worked together and paid off their debts. That took patience and desire. The Clintons are a good example of pulling themselves up by their own hard work, right?

As an accountant, I would call owing a million more than you have in assets as being broke, wouldn't you?

Thid Barker
Victor, ID

Hard life? She made over 100 grand illegally in cattle futures, for which she was never prosecuted! Any other person would be in prison! Hard life- laughable!

Springville, UT

Thank goodness for so many apologists who want to make sure that this follower of Saul Alinsky assumes the position that she has sought after for years, and continue this fundamental transformation of the once greatest nation on earth to just another country.

If she can't name a single accomplishment during her tenure as Secretary of State, why in heaven's name would anyone but a die-hard Democrat support her?

And this notion that she was flat broke is a laugh. Even her friends in the media noted the discrepancy.

Her handling of our consulate in Benghazi should be a dire warning regarding her ability to handle crisis.

She's not fit for office, never has been, and never will be.

Salt Lake City, UT


"her impressive managerial and leadership skills."

Do you mean like Benghazi? ...or is she going to blame Chuck Hagel like Obama did.

Salt Lake City, UT

From a technical standpoint their liabilities exceeded their assets at the time, but since they never really struggled (at least not around 2000), that was a poor (pun intended) way of wording it.

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