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Published: Saturday, June 7 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Jeff Harris
Edmonds, WA

The Swiftboating of Bowe Bergdahl is another unfortunate chapter in American partisan politics gone amuck. The men and women who serve our country deserve better than this. The rest of us deserve better than this. Shame on the partisan hacks who have propagated this pointless cruelty.

Salt Lake City, UT

Welcome home, Bowe.

Casa Grande, AZ

It's pathetic that the republican party is now ready to sacrifice a soldier for the God of turning out the base.

The Army hasn't classified him a deserter because they have to prove intent which they can't do without talking to Bergdahl. You have to bring him back to court martial him.

Yet republicans have convicted him already and would rather leave him in the hands of the Taliban to be used as a propaganda tool. It makes you wonder whose side the republicans are really on.

Virginia Beach, VA

Jeff Harriss -

"Shame on the partisan hacks who have propagated this pointless cruelty."

Well . . . That's American "Conservatism" for you.

Lehi, UT

Just adding to the list of stupid and lies from the "administration."

Auckland NZ, 00

"As months passed, Bergdahl began grousing to Buetow, his boss, about their mission. "'You don't have to believe in it, but I need your mind clear if something happens,'" Buetow, 28, of Seattle recalled telling him."

Bergdahl didn't agree with his team leader that it's all right to participate in an occupation, and to kill the local people who resist, if you believe it's wrong and based on deception. Bergdahl and his family sound more and more like admirable people.

Saint George, UT

Lets all cool it and let him have his say in front of a General Court Martial convened in accord with the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Oh Mr. President keep out of the way and tend to trying to get the Marine languishing in a Mexican jail home. We know he served with honor.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Yes, what about the Marine in Mexico. I don't think the Republican grandstanding on Bergdahl is helping us out in this affair...

Casa Grande, AZ

The Marine in Mexico is there on criminal charges. He's not a POW. YOU are FREE to donate money to hire lawyers and get him out.

There are lots of Mexicans in US jails. I'm sure some have served in the Mexican military. Should they all be released too?

Oh I know, this is just the latest in the long line of conservative outrage. Remember when they were all in a tither about Obama not stopping BP's oil spill fast enough? Or how about when he didn't wear a jacket in the Oval Office?

Taylorsville, 00

His family and hometown have been receiving hate mail and death threats. How is that behavior 'patriotic'?

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

If I'm the marine in Mexico I'm not sure I want to come back to the states. Why? Because what happens if the GOP doesn't want Obama to receive any credit for my release? They'll call me a deserter, mudsling, dig up whatever dirt they can to ruin my family.

So if I'm that marine in Mexico, after seeing this ugly display by the right, I think Mexico might be my new home.

Holden, MA

Hey fellow Americans, this isn't the old west when people flocked to see hangings without justice. We need the facts about what happened so please give it a chance. We do know he was captured and until now, was a POW. Let us find out before we jump to conclusions.

Smithfield, UT

I think most people are upset most with the "caliber" of the five traded for him -- and not for Bergdahl himself. It's fine that they got him out -- but not at the price we traded for. Also, I hear Democrats, former generals, and others complaining about the whole thing. I don't hear ANYTHING being said about them on many TV channels except for Senator Weinstein being displeased. Why is it a Republican thing? Even some Democrat Reps and Senators pull their Tweets off their sites. Be FAIR everyone!


This young man volunteered. If he disagreed with government military policy and purpose then why did he volunteer? Before anyone blames the"conservatives"for the uproar over this incident, please remember that the 5 prisoners released in exchange are guilty of masterminding the killing of our innocent people. Our President has flaunted the laws of this country continuously, and is arrogant beyond belief in his actions against the Constitution. If the Conservatives or the Democrats value our freedom, they will force Congress to take action against the lawlessness of this current administration. No one in DC seems to have any backbone for patriotism or what is right any longer. God help us. God has His Own Plans, that we are unable to understand, so Let Not Your Hearts Be Trouble, or your blame go to places it does not belong.,.

Mcallen, TX

Obama believes in freedom:

* Bergdahl--from Afghans
* Five terrorists who have killed thousands.
* In 2013, released 36,000 convicted criminals out of American prisons.

Clearfield, UT

I am not taking sides. Just wondering why the bushy beard. Is he not still a member of the U.S. Army. Why is he out of uniform. I find this disturbing.

LOU Montana
Pueblo, CO

How disgusting of REPUBLICANS to attack this soldier. How disgusting of them to support Snowden.

The Army has not finished it's investigation of Bergdahl and the REPUBLCIANS have him tried and hung for treason. They have made death threats on his family and created an incredible hatred for this soldier who was confined and tortured for five years.

Bravo .... Republicans..........Bravo

Raymond, Canada, 00

I judge from the comments that people have never read the parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15). The father, when he saw his son from afar off, ran to greet him, IN SPITE OF HIS SINS, and welcomed him home. He ordered the best robe and a ring for his finger. The father ordered the killing of a fatted calf for a feast of celebration. We need to read it especially at this time of the Bergdahl boy. Mistakes, it appears so, but how pathetic that his home town canceled the celebration. Is there not a Christian in the group? The boy is home!!!

Alpine, UT

Wow... What a bunch of low information commenters. Its pathetic trying to make this into a partisan issue. Even Nancy Pelosi, the queen of Washington liberals claims this trade was all wrong.

No one knows the politics of his fellow soldiers, yet they are unanimous in their condemnation of Bergdahl. In light of those actual facts, this is simply NOT a partisan, and especially not a Republican issue.

Obama apologists go to ridiculous lengths in trying to cover for his controversial actions.

San Antonia, TX

When something smells this fishy you know that it stinking bad. Obama is laughing that he is giving a the dad a chance to come to the white house and claim it for their god. They are both anti American.

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