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Published: Saturday, May 31 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Lindon, UT

Welcome Home Sergeant!!!

Mcallen, TX

We bargained with terrorists for a 5 to 1 trade, and for this our commander is proud?

Mcallen, TX

Can you imagine being a POW for five years while the worlds most powerful military did nothing to secure your release?

Than your country traded five terrorists for your release.


Do we look weak. Are we scared, and on our knees?

Bring in Clint Eastwood.

South Jordan, UT

I can only imagine how relieved his parents are to have him returned. Amazing that it took five bad guys to equal one good guy!

In a statement, President Barack Obama said Bergdahl's recovery "is a reminder of America's unwavering commitment to leave no man or woman in uniform behind on the battlefield."

Except when talking about Benghazi!

Mainly Me
Werribee, 00

It's about time. I can't imagine the PTSD he has as a result of his captivity. Thank you Sergeant for your service.

Ralph West Jordan
Taylorsville, UT

Yes indeed, welcome Home Sergeant! And Kudos to the POTUS and the military for pursuing talks with his captors and gaining his release! Shame on Rep. Howard McKeon and Sen. James Inhofe, who within just a few hours of his release find it necessary to denigrate the POTUS and his efforts in getting this fine soldier release. Both are pathetic and pollute a joyous event celebrated by real patriots! God Bless any and all who played any part in gaining the Sergeants release!

Ogden, UT

@worf 12:58 p.m. May 31, 2014

We bargained with terrorists for a 5 to 1 trade, and for this our commander is proud?


So you'd rather that Bowe Bergdahl had just been left to rot in Afghanistan?

City, Ut

It took 5 to equal this one good Idaho boy. Glad he's safe.

Ralph West Jordan
Taylorsville, UT

Re Worf: We are sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for your expose of how the " worlds most powerful military did nothing to secure" the sergeants release" Obviously you must be on the "in" with those at the pentagon and or State Dept. and have info. that the rest of the nation was deprived of!

You seem to have a problem with the 5 to 1 trade ratio! Did we give too many prisoners up or not enough. To my way of thinking the whole population of Gitmo isn't worth 1 American soldier!

As for Clint Eastwood. Is this the same Eastwood that made a fool of himself at the Repub. Convention, talking to an empty chair, only to have the unforeseen occupant of that chair rub it in his face come election night? Thought so!

Farmington, UT

It's wonderful to be able celebrate Sgt. Bergdahl's release...glad he's coming home. That joy is tempered somewhat by the inept negotiations that resulted in the release of five bona fide terrorists who are more than capable of re-kindling the same momentum that resulted in 9-11. Even the most inept of NFL or NBA teams could have engineered a better trade than that, and still gotten our warrior back!

I suggest that the reason the Obama administration did not want to give the required 30-day notice to Congress, is that they know darn well Congress would have sent them back to the negotiating table!

Simply astounding!

Ralph West Jordan
Taylorsville, UT

To Worf and DN Subscriber, I ask this question! If your child had been held captive for five years, would it have been worth the POTUS making as you say "the world a much more dangerous place for Americans. And the release of five very bad Taliban terrorists made it even more dangerous" Remember here, we are talking about YOUR child!

LOU Montana
Pueblo, CO

Today on ABC's THIS WEEK, Ted Cruz ridiculed President Obama about trading five burned out, brainwashed and useless prisoners of war!

How stupid are you, Ted Cruz, for not to being happy that our soldier is coming home!

American Fork, UT

I don't think the efforts here to slime the President and administration are that effective, or necessary. This is a positive event. Let's see it for what it is. instead of trying to use it as an opportunity to pour poison on the national character.

Lindon, UT

President Bush transferred\released 500 detainees from Gitmo
President Reagan exchanged weapons for American hostages in Lebanon

Since man has fought in wars, there has always been prisoner exchanges.

aceroinox you are right, the do nothing Congress would have shut him down. They only make a big deal out of things when someone dies.

UT Brit
London, England

Haha shame the pentagon did not think to call up some of the people commenting here, sounds like there is a lot of people with hostage negotiations!
Israel released over 1000 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for one captured Israeli soldier the last time it did an exchange. Sounds like you guys got a good deal.

Salt Lake City, UT

American soldiers died in trying to get this guy back before, and now you all think we should've just done some Rambo thing rather than this trade? Be realistic, war isn't a video game where if you fail you respawn at a checkpoint.

Houston, TX

" ...the law required Obama to notify Congress 30 days before any transfer of terrorists from the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. In response, the White House said that officials considered what they called "unique and exigent circumstances" and decided to go ahead with the transfer in spite of the legal requirement."

It was definitely the right thing to do, but it would have been better to do it legally. It is amazing how Pres. Obama always thinks that he is facing "unique and exigent circumstances."

Pres. Obama has severely weakened the Legislative Branch and made the Executive Branch supreme. One day we will realize how much damage has been done.

Murray, Utah

So, did he desert, or was he kidnapped? In 2010 the government concluded that he deserted his post.

Columbus, OH


FYI, "unique and exigent circumstances" are specifically exempted in the law, hence the reference by the administration. In other words, if the circumstances were indeed unique and urgent/demanding, then nothing was done contrary to the law.

From most accounts, the deal that was struck, regardless of what you think of it, needed to be done quickly in order to ensure it's going through. I don't think it would be hard for the administration to argue that putting it before Congress would likely have resulted in delays and the whole thing falling apart. Likewise, this isn't a simple release of prisoners deemed no longer a threat--the kind of release the law is written for--thus is probably qualifies as "unique" as well.

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