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Published: Wednesday, May 21 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Obama says he "won't stand for it"' but he already has- after promising to improve things at th VA as a candidate in 2007, this has happened on his watch. It's shameful. Our veterans who have sacrificed everything to defend all of us deserve better. We should all be embarrassed and mad.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

"I didn't know," hasn't worked as an excuse since grade school.
He may need to do more...like fire another bureaucrat who was retiring anyway. That'll fix the problem.

Alpine, UT

I wonder if this will be anything like the promises Obama made concerning the catching and punishing of those who murdered our foreign ambassador at Benghazi. Over a year later and literally nothing seems to have happened... proving once again that talk is often cheap... especially political talk.

Additional voter remorse continues piling up by the day.

Cedar Hills, UT

Barack will approve a bi-partian investigation into the VA - fire all who participated in the scandal - admit that his administration knew about the scandal but did nothing - and then make sweeping changes to make sure it never happens again.....just like he did with the IRS scandal!!

Bountiful, UT

Ah yes, one more scandal to throw on the heap. Where to you start?

1. Fast and Furious

2. Benghazi Terrorist Killings.

3. Obamacare Startup.

4. IRA Abuses.

5. and now, VA Care Treatment Irregularities.

What is sad about all these instances are official Administration communication office sources claiming they first learned about any problems related to these occurrences from news media press releases. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has already admitted this.

Is this as very detached non-functional Administration, or what?

This Administration seems to totally focus on messaging rather than solving problems before they become scandalous.

Salt Lake City, UT

Obama has gone from the smartest in the room to dumbest on the planet! He knew about this VA abuse years ago and did nothing then because its part of his Obamacare.....he supports and expects to see many more Death Panels like we are seeing today at the VA!! The sad thing is the Liberals voted for Obama knowing full well of Obama's intent to euthanize our treasured American Vets!

Protect a vet tomorrow, impeach Obama today!

clearfield, UT

Yeah Boy! Obama is really mad. And so what's he going to do about it? Well, "further investigation". What I'd do if President with this mess on my table is I'd tell any vet who is not getting proper or any medical care to go to any local doctor and or hospital, begin getting the needed care, and the government will pay full costs for the medical care. That would be done when I told Congress to pass the needed emergency legislation to fund any and all medical care incured by American veterans. You think any Congressman or Senator would vote against that? Of course not. It would be political suicide. So if Obama REALLY cares, he would do just that. Period. You think the White House cares enough or is smart enough to think like that? I doubt it. But it should be done, and done NOW. That would show real anger and be real leadership by our CINC.

Murray, UT

"The White House has said it shares the goals of the House measure — to ensure accountability at the VA."

Obama says he believe is leading from behind. This would be a good example. He certainly can't lead from in front. He has not taken accountability for anything he has done in office so far.

Leading from behind is synonymous with hypocrisy, and it is Obama's way, as admitted by him.

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

Obama: "We will get to the bottom of this and punish those who did wrong."

Can we punish Obama?

Mcallen, TX

Obama will do nothing.

* Fast and Furious

* Benghazi Terrorist Killings.

* protecting the borders-sueing Arizona

* IRA Abuses.

* VA Care Treatment Irregularities.

More evidence that he doesn't like this country.

Moroni, UT

emp·ty adjective \ˈem(p)-tē\
: containing nothing
: having no real purpose or value

rhet·o·ric noun \ˈre-tə-rik\
: language that is intended to influence people and that may not be honest or reasonable
: the art or skill of speaking or writing formally and effectively especially as a way to persuade or influence people

When you elect a president who has never run any kind of business or organization and thus has never been held accountable for anything himself,but he speaks well, this is what you get -- empty rhetoric.

Virginia Beach, VA

Hey VST -

Your long list of phony scandals apparently only appears significant to "Conservatives."

And fortunately, as the last two Presidential elections indicate, the overall American psyche possesses a strong streak of rationality that neutralizes "Conservative" impulses.

Bountiful, UT


“…only significant to Conservatives?”

For the sake of brevity, I will counter with just one example – the IRS fiasco: A Quinnipiac University poll indicated that 76% of registered voters favored appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate this scandal with only 17% against an appointment. Those backing such a move included 65% of registered Democrats. A spokesperson for Quinnipiac said, “…there is overwhelming bipartisan support for an independent investigation into the IRS.”

“Let the blind lead the blind and they both fall into the ditch.”

Virginia Beach, VA


"A Quinnipiac University poll??"

And you're suggesting that Quinnipiac University conducts polls that reflect reality better than professional polling organizations?

Why do you think that?

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