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Published: Sunday, May 18 2014 4:15 p.m. MDT

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Wait, I thought we lived in a nation with laws against monopolies...

Taylorsville, UT

This is not so much a monopoly as it is a limiting and controlling the subscribers and users of these services. It will be a bigger chunk of the consumer debt and in the last 30 years the ability to control and hold consumer debt has become the new ultimate corporate goals.

When corporations control consumer debts they are in control of what the consumer gets and how much it will cost them. Consumer debt is windfall profit where billions can be made in market manipulation of imaginary consumer debt spending before it can be posted as red line losses.

I think the FCC and consumer advocate groups better pay close attention to the terms and conditions and consumer losses which tends to deplete the economy of consumer spending in high profile market manipulation profiteers. There will also be affects in the state and federal taxing profits that could double state tax revenues in a combined tax for each phone.

Fortunately I recently cancelled DTV becasue I found I was paying half my bill to taxes services I did not have or need, especially in Utah where new video taxes for tax loss from movie theaters.

Thid Barker
Victor, ID

The wonderful thing about corporate America is what it produces! Products and services that are amazing! Prosperity is created and people's lives are enriched! Then along come the government and all that changes.

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