Comments about ‘Seattle mayor proposes phased-in $15 minimum wage’

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Published: Thursday, May 1 2014 2:40 p.m. MDT

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Mcallen, TX

An employee should be paid according to how he/she benefits the employer.

Not all car salesmen are the same. etc.

Mcallen, TX

Earning your keep is no longer relevant. It's all about entitlement

high school fan
Huntington, UT

If the minimum goes to $15.00per hour, then those currently making $15.00 goes to what? And the increase in a business's expenses does what to the cost of the product they provide. We all just become poorer at an increased rate.

Lehi, UT

If a $15.00/hr minimum wage is such a great idea, well, why not go bold and set it at $30.00/hr? I mean, if we REALLY want to solve poverty--go big or not at all. And, if it's such a good, workable idea, why wait? No need to phase it in.

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