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Published: Thursday, May 1 2014 12:15 p.m. MDT

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Sioux City, IA

But the questions that still remain are:
1. How many of this 8 million had private policies before this year that were cancelled thus forcing them to seek coverage from the marketplace?
2. How many people would have qualified for Medicaid without the expansion because they lost their jobs or their Unemployment Benefits?

Hayden, ID

Let's do some honest math. 8 millions signed up but over 6 million lost their coverage due to Obamacare so we don't know how many previous uninsured now have subsidized coverage. Speaking of subsidized coverage, according to this article, over 4 million new signees were Medicaid signees of which we don't know how many are new enrollees or re-enrollees. Of the rest, we don't how many have PAID for their coverage and how many more are never going to make their second payment. Finally the CBO estimated that in 10 years we will have more uninsured than before Obamacare because millions will not be able to afford the higher premiums, co-pays and $3000 deductibles their wonderful new policies will impose. And we haven't even gotten to the employer mandates yet!

Cedar Hills, UT

"8 million" is misleading. Approx. 5 million people lost their insurance due to the ACA and had to re-sign up for insurance. This means a net gain of only 3 million people insured. Of those new insured people, it is estimated that more than 10% haven't paid their premiums, which puts their status in question and could bring the total even lower.

The cost to implement the ACA is in excess of $2.6 trillion and counting. That's a cost of over $333,333 per net new person insured.

This is a classic example of the inefficiencies of government management of a private industry.

Virginia Beach, VA

"Even though the administration is claiming huge successes, the Congressional Budget Office projects more than 40 million people will still be uninsured this year . . . "

The Obama administration is claiming huge successes, because they have in fact been hugely successful. They met and EXCEEDED the goals they set for Obamacare coverage.

One step at a time.

This biased, anti-Obama article makes it sounds as if "40 million people will still be uninsured this year" is a failure. It is not. No one expected to have everyone insured at this point in time. That was NOT a goal.

salt lake city, UT

Listen closely and you can hear the spin of the few remaining critics of this law. It's not going anywhere but only going to be improved moving forward. By October you won't hear many Republicans talking about Obamacare because polls continue to show Americans want the law to stay and be improved. Millions more have gained coverage through staying on their parents policies until 26 and thru Medicaid expansion.
If the few right wing critcs that are left want to keep goverment out of their health care the only place remaining may be on a ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada.

Cedar Hills, UT

I need to correct one of my figures. I calculated the cost per net new insured person using $1 trillion in costs and not the actual $2.6 trillion in costs.

This means that the actual cost per net new insured person is closer to $867,000 per net new insured person.

Virginia Beach, VA

I see the "Conservatives" responding here are armed with a tremendous amount of misinformation.

So much of what they say is so completely PREPOSTEROUS and false, it almost defies imagination.

Well, if that's all they've got, that's all they've got.

NO, the "cancelled policies" were those that did not mean the minimum criteria, but the people who had these policies were not without insurance at any time. Those polices were simply altered to meet criteria. And no, these people are NOT counted in the 8 million figure.

Right Wingers are very confused. It's almost if they don't really want to know the truth.

American Fork, UT


sandy, ut

Yeah, except for how many people, like me, are middle class working, and can't afford the price tag of even the most average of insurance plans? How is this 'affordable'?? They base it off of your income, and don't take into account what your expenses already are. A single person who makes $40,000 and lives with his parents is much more able to pay for insurance then a single man who lives on his own and makes the same wage. It is in no way affordable, and this new insurance is terrible! It is worse than not having insurance. This new plan is slowly sinking many families who can't afford it, yet are required to buy it.

Leesburg, VA

If the goal was to sign 7 million people and 8 million signed. Then by any measure it was a huge success.

ACA would have been more affordable if instead of going with a Republican national health plan, we would have gone with a single payer system.

ACA is far from perfect. However, it is a first step in the right direction. No citizen of our country should be without health protection.

It is an embarrasment that we have the strongest and most sophisticated defense sysem in the world, and yet keep spending millions in planes and weapons. We claim to value life yet we spend in death and refuse to work as community for the benefit of all.

ACA is here to stay, improve and grow. When ACA becomes the norm and everybody or most people are insured, no Republican will call it Obamacare anymore.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Good news indeed.

Provo, UT

News broke today that only 67 percent had actually paid their premiums. That is nothing to be proud about.

Salt Lake City, UT

"8 millions signed up but over 6 million lost their coverage due to Obamacare so we don't know how many previous uninsured now have subsidized coverage."

The Rand Foundation estimated between 5 and 6 million lost coverage and 15 million gained insurance for a net of 9 milion more covered. The Gallup survey found uninsured rates fell from 20% to 16%.

Vernal, UT

"ACA is here to stay, improve and grow."
Notice the lies that President Obama told the American People about the ACA to make it popular.
If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.
Thank you, President Obama, for deceiving the good people of America.

Centerville, UT

How will Americans feel after the November elections & in 2015 after more of the delayed provisions have kicked in? See, Democrats are rolling out their propaganda machine stating how successful the ACA is (are we getting real numbers?). But they have politically delayed the painful parts until after the election (how convenient & how deceitful).

Merritt Island, Fl

It is unfortunate some Governors refused funding for expanded Medicaid, or to support developing an Exchange in their State. Florida's Governor Scott went so far as to deny any facilitators or coaches in the State to help people with the process. He will risk the lives of millions of people for Political reasons.
"I see dead people", is a line in the movie The Sixth Sense. I can only wonder how many people will needlessly suffer and die after being denied by our Millionaire Governor. He doesn't need it, why should you.

Montesano, WA

So With 45 million uninsured with 5 million who lost their covrage because of Obama care . That means only 3 million who never had coverage now have it and still we have about 40 million still with out health insurance. Can any one see a problem here? this is like saying hey the Titanic maiden voyage was a success! Because it made it over half way to it's destination!! Give me a break this is one freaking unsutainable train wreck boondoggle that needs to be undone.

Thid Barker
Victor, ID

@ atl. 8 millions signed up but 15 million got insurance? lol. Did you hear that from Obama and Pelosi?

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Still no information on how many of those had plans they liked cancelled by Obamacare.

I see the BO apologists still have their heads in the sand about BO’s lie that if you like your current plan, you can keep it, PERIOD! They makes excuses and misinform saying the existing plans did not meet the criteria.

GaryO, THAT IS NOT WHAT BO SAID! He did not say, “if it meets the criteria you can keep it” Yeah, I know, next you'll say "they were junk plans" which is irrelevant. BO did not qualify his promise, he emphatically said "PERIOD!"

Go with a republican plan? What do you mean? No repubs signed onto this monstrosity. This is a DEM plan.

9 million net gain? Doesn’t add up with the 8 million BO crows about.

my 2 cents worth
West Jordan, UT

So, we have a lot of people who signed up for subsidized health care. People who can afford better plans from independent companies or who are covered by employers (and how long will THAT last? I am already seeing employees' hours cut so that benefits need not be paid) are not contributing through premiums. What do we think is going to happen when the claims start rolling in? Yes, that's right---your already thinly stretched tax dollars will kick in. That's what "subsidized" means. How much more debt can the country take before it implodes?
In many cases (my child included), people who could only afford catastrophic insurance can't afford the new plans. How is this a good thing?
Obama came up with it, but the legislature passed it without reading it. Everyone's at fault here. It would be easier to repeal and start over than it would be to fix the existing mess, but since the current legislature can't agree on anything....

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