Comments about ‘Alves slams 'backward' Spain over banana taunt’

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Published: Tuesday, April 29 2014 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Alpine, UT

Unfortunately, racism has always existed throughout mankind's history to one extent or the other. It has never gone away, nor is it likely to. Hopefully, it can be minimized as much as possible. But with billions of people, there will always be some who think and act ignorantly of their fellowman.

Sometimes it's best not to overdue the coverage some of these incidents receive. Doing so only seems to encourage some perpetrators to a higher level. But on the other hand, they can't be ignored either. How this was handled seems about right. It wouldn't be right to post the banana thrower's picture on the world wide web and completely ruin his life over one stupid moment while caught up in the heat of a hotly contested game. Banning him for life from watching the games in person seems harsh enough.

Sadly, there are also race hustlers who will play these incidents way out of proportion for their own personal gain. They make their living feeding off of the exaggerated negative emotions they can elicit from minorities. They feed off of the media attention they get. They are the ones who should be ignored.

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