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Published: Tuesday, April 29 2014 12:30 p.m. MDT

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West Valley, UT

I guess we should all be careful what we now say in private. I honestly believe Sterling might have a case for a law suit, I do not agree with him at all, but it was something said in private.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

It's interesting that Jay-Z recently wore a necklace with a large symbol from a anti-white group and it barely received any attention.

Now this guy, a prominent Democrat we should add, spouts off and he's banned for life. Jay-Z was previously a minority owner of the nets and is still heavily involved in the NBA, including as an agent of several high profile players.

We live in a world where we are hyper sensitive to white on black racism, but all too often sweep black on white racism under the rug.

Poplar Grove, UT

@Chris B
Well, to be fair, the earliest documented racism by Sterling was back in 1983, he had 30 years of being a public racist without punishment. Let's see if Jay Z can last that long.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Sure, what Sterling said is wrong and messed up, but a lifetime ban and $2.5 million fine is a HUGE overreaction by the NBA. Also, Chris B is absolutely correct in his comments on this article, to the point where I almost made my comment simply be "Ditto Chris B". Racism works both ways, and absolutely should be treated the same no matter whom is racist against whom. It is just as ugly when blacks are racist against white as when whites are racist against blacks (or any race against any other race for that matter).

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

Banned for life from the NBA?

Forced to sell his enterprise?

Fined 2.5 million for speaking his mind?


My wife would like to see me banned for life, if not longer, from the NBA, NFL, MLB for starters...

What this man said is repeated in various forms/forums each and everyday all across America.

The fact that he will be punished...while others less clumsy go without punishment...makes this guy a poster child for scapegoating.

Until the source of this kind of thinking is eradicated...nothing will change


Yes, he said this in private but it was made public. He has no case for a lawsuit against the NBA. The NBA is its own governing body and acted with in the limits of the NBA, doesn't matter how the tapes were released. At the end of the day Sterling admitted that it was his voice on the tapes, and Silver did the right thing. He could maybe sue his mistress that released the tapes, but Sterling should do the honorable thing and that's accept the ban and decide to sell the team himself instead of having the NBA owners vote to force him out.

Whites in this country can start complaining about racism in this country when they are forced out of their country, chained on a boat and sold into slavery, then be completely marginalized by society, have the overwhelming majority of the prison population be white etc etc etc. Racism against blacks and other minority groups in this country is real, and alive. Racism against whites in this country... that's just laughable.

Lindon, UT

JoshGarcia-- I in no way condone or agree with what was said by this guy but I'm curious how many generations must pass before we can judge entire classes of people by their own actions and finally move on?

salt lake city, UT

He can always get a job out on a ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada.

Sandy, UT

This decision by the NBA was a business decision. Being openly racist is just bad business.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


What person living today was forced out out their country, chained on a boat and sold into slavery?

Seems to me no one has that to cry about today.

Sandy, UT


There is no more racism in this country against blacks today than there is against whites. In fact, looking at assaults by blacks against whites and whites against blacks it very well could be argued that blacks are more racist than whites.

And look no further than affirmative action supporters who think its ok to deny a white person something for his race but its not ok to do the same for a black person shows where we stand in the war on racism. Its flipped from where we were a hundred years ago.

Somewhere in Time, UT

His remarks were despicable. I in now way agree with anything he said But in America we have a right to be a complete jerk. I don't see how that means he has to lose his business. I think it is completely appropriate for sponsors, players and individuals to boycott him. But to lose his business? I guess the NBA has incredible power over owners. The real punishment will be in the fact that he will be ostracized from Hollywood and others he clearly wants to be loved by.

Farmington, UT


To continue to look back to the past and believe that you or anybody else should be rewarded for things their great-great grandparents went through is ridiculous. How will we ever move on as a society if we don't focus on the present and the future and how to move past those issues, ensuring that they are never repeated. Reverse discrimination is alive and well. In fact, I have an 80 page capstone paper about reverse discrimination and the effects it has had on our country that I completed for my graduate degree if you would like a copy. Another example might be the ruling that was just handed down in Michigan about minority students being accepted to schools based solely on their minority status. That is wrong, and that is reverse discrimination.

Salt Lake City, UT

All else aside, just imagine if we were all judged by what we said in private to our girlfriends (wives)?


The Comish probably demanded that Sterling publicly apologize, and he refused.

If Sterling does not voluntarily sell the Clippers, this matter will be tied up in arbitration and the courts for years. Meanwhile, through his shadow assistants Sterling will continue to run the team. No doubt he will raise the ticket and beer prices and cut salaries of future player contracts to compensate for the 2.5 million fine and millions in legal fees. Ultimately, the players, coaches and those who call themselves Clipper Fans will be the ones who pay.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

So when the president of the United States of America (barack huessein Obama) accuses a white police officer of being racists on national television and radio. Full well knowing he is being recorded. He also criticized the officer for acting stupidly and along with pointing out that this officer and the all of the officers of the station have a history of being racists.

All of that turned out to be false. It was the black privileged and entitled professor that blew the whole thing out of proportion. Refused to identify himself to the officer (which is the law). The officer was checking on the professors home, after a neighbor reported it was being broken into. The officer does not know every single person that lives in every single home of the city. He needed to verify that the professor was indeed the homeowner.

Yet no ban on the president from his office. Instead the left wing media celebrated with the beer summit, where he lectured the white officer about how racists everyone that white is. Barack who grew up with a white mom and family that raised him, while his black father left him....


No talk in the media about the vindictive woman who secretly taped him for the purpose of extortion. No talk in the media about how this man employs hundreds of minorities within his organization including 11 black players and a black head coach, whom he pays millions to.

Now the media lynch mob an lynch mob NBA has banned him from his own property and fined him 2.5 million dollars for a private discussion in his own bedroom that was in the context of his relationship with his troubled girlfriend?

If John Adams were alive he would represent this man just as he did the British soldiers in the Boston Massacre. In the country that Adams helped to found, your private opinions within the walls of your own home were supposed to be free.

A sad day in America. One positive from this is that from the comments I read in national stories I find that the majority of people feel as I do. There is not a public outcry as the media is suggesting.

St.George, Utah

Yes, this incident sounds like Karma for Mr. Stirling.

Jack of trades

I used to drive NBA players around the city when they played the Jazz when I worked in transportation. I had some pretty big stars in my vehicle. Countless times they would make race statements about Utah and how it was "too white" or reminded them of a "kkk convention." They would also make horrible comments about Mormons and one big name star even said the only good thing about Utah was defiling "white mormon girls."

I still know who said these things, but I'll never tell. It was said in private and I respect their right to state their opinions. Never once did I ever think that saying something in private could result in being forced out of ownership and property.

Every player in the NBA is probably shaking in their boots right now that somebody like me doesn't have their private comments on tape, cause they all know they've said far worse than Donald Sterling.

Area 52
Tooele, UT


You probably mean MSNBC right? Weren't they the ones that was making from of Mitt Romney's adopted black grandson?

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