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Published: Thursday, April 17 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Why do you continually repeat the untruth that the GOP refused to participate in the framing of Obamacare? They were EXCLUDED. There is a difference.

It is such a mitigated disaster, though, they should THANK nancy for excluding them.

NO, 8 million did NOT sign up for health care. They enrolled in an INSURANCE EXCHANGE. An exchange is NOT health care. Is your case so weak you need to use untruths to defend it?

You mean BO is blameless for repeating false numbers? C’mon, admit he lied – he does it all the time. You’re not really such a skeptic concerning BO now, are you?

Nothing in the posts against Obamacare that have not been used before – you have a problem with the truth being repeated?

The dems and their followers continue to hate, lie and distort the GOP.

You excuse BO’s lie about keeping your policy because of what insurers did? What is there about BO’s emphatic PERIOD! at the end of his promise you do not understand?

Obamacare is going to destroy people’s lives and livelihoods, make people less responsible (let Obamacare pay my premiums), and bankrupt our society.

freedom in 2017

barry's numbers include children under their parent's policies....the lies and distortion never cease with this guy.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "Henry Drummond" you do know that Obama is cooking the books. The fact is that the 8 million number is based on all sorts of lies. For example, the number he is citing now is all of the people listed as needing insurance through the ACA web sites. This includes people that have signed up for multiple accounts because their first attempt did not work. The 8 million also includes children under age 18, which are not part of the goal of 35% between 18 and 34. The number also includes people who have signed up for insurance, but have not paid for insurance.

To "FT" you realize that even the left wing fact checkers have found that Obama lied when he said that you could keep your insurance. The ACA does include death panels, they call them panels to determine the most cost effective treatment that will be covered for certain illnesses. The CBO says that the ACA will add to the deficit, and they have even found that it has cut jobs or at least cut the number of hours worked at many jobs. The GOP has been telling the truth, only liberals refuse to accept it.

Durham, NC

"There is more poverty today than ever before in the history of this nation and Obamacare is a disaster."

Again, a blatantly false statement. There is not a single source that can back this up. In 1959.. you remember the good old days.... there were about 40 million Americans living in poverty. That was when the US population was 177,829,628. Today we have about 46.2 million in poverty... with a population of above 310 million.

So about doubt the population. But not even close to double the number of poor. In fact only 15% more.

Again..... if you don't like what is going up..... just go make stuff up seems to be the answer. "ever before in the history....." Good grief, whats next.

the truth
Holladay, UT


46 million is grater than 40 million,

and with tens of trillions spent.

It is a failure.

If the ratio has changed it is only because of capitalism and the great boom in technology has employed more people.

More welfare would not get you of poverty, or get you a job,
but just make you comfortable in your poverty.

Without jobs even the most educated would be unemployed or underemployed. Socialist welfare programs do nothing for that.

Durham, NC

So Truth.... what you are saying is going from almost 1/3 of the countries households living below the poverty line, to current rates of about 15%, is a failure..... all I can say is may we be blessed with many more failures like this.

Listen, I don't think anyone will argue the existing system is optimal. My wife has taught in public schools in the south here for many years, and she has seen these families stuck in this cycle up close and personal. For some time, she was also part of the Guardian ad Litem program. I used to go with her to check on some of these kids families. Their conditions were deplorable.

What we've got isn't perfect, and needs improvement - so if there is a better proposal, lets see it. But to pretend the state of the poor is worse now than say the great depression, is to misrepresent history.

Mcallen, TX


Fifty million on food stamps.

If each food stamp fed three, that's half our country being government fed.

Add the meals to school children, and those on disability, etc.

It appears more than 15% are below the poverty line.--A nation of increasing poverty.

Mcallen, TX

Take away government assistance and watch the poverty level soar.

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