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Published: Thursday, April 17 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I think the President has a point. Hopefully we can stop framing this Republican vs Democratic debate and realize that we all win when Americans have access to affordable health care. Its also a relief to see the number of younger people signing up because of the insurance mandate. I could never quite figure out why the Republicans were so dead-set against this when it was their idea in the first place.

salt lake city, UT

One thing the critics of this law hate more than anything else, and that is sucess. We'll start to hear less and less of the critics because all of their complaints and prophecies are turning out to be the biggest lies attributed to this landmark legislation.

Home Town USA, UT

I don't believe the numbers with so much bungling delays etc of this whole ACA. So many untruths have been thrown at "We the People."

Pardon the skepticism but how do we know this to be so? This debate is NOT over yet.

Saint George, UT

It has nothing to do with Republicans and Democrats and everything to do with Independent minded Americans that actually like liberty and aren't fooled by the uniparty that is in power. This is far from over. We the People are in power and will pull down everything that a Republican or Democrat proposes. They are the ones that have brought us to the precipice, taken us to war, started the War on Poverty, and ruined our country! Any Questions about where I stand along with millions of others? Hope not!

North Salt Lake, UT

It is amusing to watch the president indulge in his own "Mission Accomplished" moment. One remembers the confident rhetoric coming from the White House just before the health care website went online last fall. Proclaiming victory and declaring the debate to be over at this point is quite arrogant, especially since most of the controversial provisions of ObamaCare have yet to take effect (thanks in part to the President's politically-motivated delays).

Especially since an estimated 15-20% of those signups have not paid any premiums and are not officially insured. In addition, demographic analysis of those who signed up show there are not enough young and healthy enrollees to ensure affordable premiums for everyone else. Finally, no one, not even the White House, knows how many of those enrollees were previously uninsured.

Like his famous "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan" lie, this latest pronouncement will be the butt of late-night jokes within a couple of years.

Heber, Utah

FT- success doesn't come from 8 million people (especially when over 2 million of those are people who were just re-insuring themselves after getting tossed earlier because of Obamacare) signing up, success will only come if this program doesn't continually need to be subsidized at our expense. Obama, said himself that success will only happen if the youth get on board and help fund this venture. Well, they didn't! Will they next year? Maybe. But even my older kids didn't buy in, and probably won't. They will wait until they get coverage from their jobs (maybe, fingers crossed) because they all believe they are invincible. If the youth won't buy in, the rest of us middle aged and older will see our premiums skyrocket. And then what?

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

First off,
signing up for an account on the exchange is NOT signing up for health insurance, let alone signing up for health care as BO disingenuously stated.

glaringly absent from the announcement was any information on how many have actually paid a premium, which is necessary for insurance to be in place.

Also absent is the percentage of those who may have actually paid for insurance are getting subsidies.

Nothing in the WH spin says how many of those people already HAD insurance.

There is a challenge being held in district court that those signing up on the federal exchange are not eligible for subsidies because the monstrous act says subsidies are available for those who sign up on exchanges established by the states; only an IRS ruling decided the Federal exchange qualified.

Just more spin from liars who do nothing but campaign.

We are dead set against it because we saw from MA that it does not work. It does nothing to control costs and encourages graft. We learn from our mistakes - are liberals/dems incapable of learning?

CA. reader
Rocklin, CA

Gee, the know-it-alls claimed there were up to 43 million people without health insurance. What happened to the other 35 million? Maybe it turns out they kept their coverage and their doctors. Oh, I forgot, that was a lie too.

Virginia Beach, VA

Ah the poor Right Wingers struggling to defame Obamacare are so stressed and conflicted.

Conflicted? .. . You ask. Well yes, conflicted.

Republicans in Congress stubbornly refused to help design Obamacare. They refused to represent their voters back home in shaping the MOST IMPORTANT LAW of century, and now they complain.

They complain about Obamacare, and in doing so, they are complaining about themselves and the hopeless lack of leadership, political savvy, and common sense in the Republican party.

Republicans really do have a LOT to complain about, don't they?

the truth
Holladay, UT

What he doesn't tell you is only about 1.5 million are paying into the system,
while 6.5 million are taking from the system.

That is system setup for failure and massive debt.

and almost none of those 6.5 million were uninsured before.

So the uninsured are not being insured.

another failure.

Virginia Beach, VA

Hey Lost in DC -

First off, second, third, AND fourth . . . . "8 million signed up for health care"

Things are looking up for America.

Isn't it great Obama and the Democrats are ready, willing, and ABLE to help this nation?

Lord knows the Republicans aren't doing anything for America.

Centerville, UT

Americans don't believe Obama anymore and yet he believes he can simply throw out numbers and we'll accept them.

Obama needs to open the books and allow an independent evaluation of how Obamacare is being implemented, the costs, where we are now, and where we are heading. Until he allows for an independent verification and evaluation of Obamacare, there will continue to be a huge group of voters who will doubt, and vote against Democrats in the next election.

Just because Obama says something doesn't make it true. In fact, we have repeatedly seen the opposite.

Saint George, UT

Gary o: Is this like the war on poverty that was declared by the Democratic Party 50 years ago and now after billions of dollars in spending we have more in poverty and more on food stamps than ever? How right wing do you have to be to not see those numbers. I mean really, 50 years of failure and still wanting more from the people who work and pay the bills? Oh, I see, health care will certainly do as promised and those who actually have paid attention to the numbers are sticking their heads in the sand and just don't trust our principled and good hearted politicians. come on. Gary o, just be honest about the track record of the our government's promises! Health care is just the latest charade bought hook, line, and sinker by the socialist dreamers, if people would just trust them with everything! Come, Gary o, just tell me with a straight face that Washington is a place to place all your hopes and dreams because, for sure, we all know how remarkable their success has been and how trustworthy they are! please!

Vernal, UT

"Isn't it great Obama and the Democrats are ready, willing, and ABLE to help this nation?"

If democrats were "ABLE to help this nation", why haven't they? Obama has doubled our national debt, attacked our first and second amendment rights, trashed our health care system, and made much of the American population dependent on the government.

I thought the reason we became a country was so we could have a better, more free nation than the one we were dependent on. Most politicians today are not "ready, willing, and ABLE to help this nation", but our making the situation worse. Our great nation is falling, and I am surprised and saddened that most of the American people cannot see that.

clearfield, UT

Why doesn't Obama just come out and say that 40 million people signed up for it. How would we know any different? The press is doing everything to cover for his mistakes anyway. This so called landmark legislation began with one of the biggest Presidential lies in history, and you all know it because it will be Obamas legacy line.

Virginia Beach, VA

Hey Banderson -

You’re still wrong.

The War on Poverty is not a failure. We have much less poverty now than we had prior to its implementation, in SPITE of all the lies and misrepresentations put forth by Paul Ryan and Right Wing faux “News” organizations.

Actually, the track record of our government at keeping promises is pretty good . . . EXCEPT when Republicans are in power. We shouldn’t be surprised at this. It would be naïve of us to expect decent governance from government-hating Right Wingers in government positions.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Much like mitts loss, reality is just to harsh to address when it comes the ACA, it just can't, can't work because the guys on the radio said it wouldn't.

When I read "Americans don't believe Obama anymore" I think to myself, I've been reading comments from these same folks who have never believed anything about Obama, literally from his birth. So it's no surprise what they think, the same thing, always.

Phoenix, AZ

It is the private sector insurance companies that are selling the insurance policies and therefore ultimately the numbers have to come from them, so are those against ACA saying the American insurance companies are all liars. That is doubtful, because how would that them. It is more likely that those opposed to their less fortunate and poorer neighbors receiving ACA health care are jealous and threatened by others prospering. It makes them feel they will no longer be as important or superior.

Salt Lake City, UT

There is more poverty today than ever before in the history of this nation and Obamacare is a disaster. We have 50 million uninsured and of the 8 Obama says are insure today which is a lie, none of them were uninsured before....so what was the point of Obamacare if not to insure the uninsured........thus Obamacare after 6 months is a compete FAILURE!

salt lake city, UT

To the reviewers. Your double standards on post are unbelievable. There is nothing in the post which has not been used 100's of times by the opposition to the ACA. You allow post that call BO or Democrasts liars all the time. Fair and balanced, you are not!!

The GOP and its followers continue to hate, lie and distort this law. What's the biggest lie of the ACA was it "you can keep your own insurance (which insurance companies decided against) or was it death panels or death spirals or deficit busters or job killers or you name it.
I had a client who's wife died of cancer earlier this year. He had insurance through work but the medical bills far exceeded the cap and he has to declare bankruptcy. As a life long Republican who was opposed to ACA he now regrets it. The ACA is going to enrich peoples lives, make people more responsible, and our society stronger.

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