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Published: Saturday, April 12 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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newhall, CA

Finally the people win won against our tyrannical government and the gestapo-like BLM. Now it's time to demand the resignation of the head of this agency, the removal of every single weapon and military vehicle that it possesses and the resignation of the secretary of interior; and let's not forget the stasi inspired department of homeland security. This is why We the People will NEVER give up our arms or comply with the unconstitutional policies of this corrupt administration.

Elk River, MN

Oh puhlezzzzeee. Concerns about safety? Want to know what really happened? Alex Jones at Prison Planet published a story showing that Harry Reid has been working a deal for a "green energy" project with the Chinese that would happen on that land. Matt Drudge picked up the story and Reid realized this would be a nightmare.

Morgan, UT

It's now coming to light that Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was behind the efforts to have Cliven Bundy’s cattle moved off of the land his family have been grazing their cattle on for 140 years, in order to make room for solar power stations.

For any doubters, you are now seeing how liberals operate when they are in control of the government...like Totalitarian thugs!

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

It's time for the militia to march and de-throne harry reid and his corrupt family members. isn't it convenient that reid made his wealth from seizing land from others. Then used Federal money to make improvements and then sell the land for profit?

Wake up democrats, stop following your big business leadership.

To make matters worst, harry reid and his family are in bed with the Chinese.

What a bunch of fluff that they claimed they were saving a desert tortoise, when the plan was to shove this guy off of the land and put solar farm paid by and run by the Chinese.

How much longer are we going to stand for this?

Virginia Beach, VA

What we have here in Mr Bundy, the cattle rancher, is just one more exploiter who feels he has a right to enrich himself at the expense of every other citizen.

What do you want to bet he calls himself a "Conservative?

Durham, NC

I love it. Death to property rights…. from here on out, all federal land is anyones to do what ever they want with. While the rest of us pay taxes, our dear brother claims he has the right to this land, land he doesn't have title to, land he doesn't pay taxes on, and land he uses for free.

Here is an idea. I do consulting on drilling operations for the oil companies. I think they should all stop playing their leases and drilling contracts. If when the US bought the Nevada territories from Mexico does not give them title to the land, the same could and should be also held true for all government lands they acquired. By that virtue, no one should have to pay leases or rights to use public lands.

This not about a patriot… but a freeloader who feels he shouldn't have to pay what ever other citizen pays to use those lands. ITs about stealing assets that belong to all of us.

Floyd Johnson
Broken Arrow, OK

He has stolen over $1 million. Seize his cattle, throw him in jail and lease the property to someone who is going to pay the grazing fees.

Mcallen, TX


So we should pay government for the right to own anything?

It seems our political leaders have been the freeloaders.

"Its about stealing assets that belong to all of us".

If Obama can take tens of millions from us for vacations,--why can't Mr. Bundy keep his ranch?

Gary O, and UtahBlueDevil, please answer that. Isn't it discriminatory to say Obama is more important?

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Ignore the merits of the dispute over grazing fees.

What is most troubling is the fact that while we have more than 10 million illegal aliens in this country, and probably tens of thousands in Clark County, Nevada, the federal government's highest priority is to round up 900 head of cattle from the Bundy family's remote ranch in Clark County.

Even worse, is the fact that the Bureau of Land Management can call in heavily armed, highly militarized SWAT teams and agents from multiple states, with helicopter support. All to lay siege to the home and ranch of an elderly rancher and his family. How much did this massive federal para-military operation cost us taxpayers? Who approved it, and who asked for it?

The stories about a possible "Dirty Harry" Reid connection may or may not be proven, but certainly sound plausible.

Thankfully, it appears that cooler heads have prevailed, and the feds have backed down without murdering any more peaceful citizens. The Weaver family in Idaho, and the Branch Davidians in Texas were not so fortunate.

I love my country but fear my government.

Salt Lake City, UT

sg from newhall, CA, said: "...our tyrannical government and the gestapo-like BLM"..."and let's not forget the stasi inspired department of homeland security."

Anybody want to guess the preferred news source for sg, from newhall, CA?

Iowa City, IA

It's clear now why the government wants a ban on weapons. Our right to bear arms is for protection against the government! If being "progressive" leads to tyranny, suppression and armed conflict between the government and it's own citizens and dirty deals with international powers, then we'll do to progressivism what our ancestors did to England.

Blanding, UT

As far as I am concerned I think it is time to treat the western states the same way the states east of the Mississippi were treated and give all the "public" land to the states. This should have been done at the time of statehood.

Stafford, VA

Not just in Nevada but all over the west -- the people have been under the Federal thumb, and state governments have lost revenue and freedom to act in within their own borders.

It is past time to seriously campaign for stooping federal control of western lands.


To sg:

Bundy is breaking the law! What gives him and his supporters the right to threaten the BLM employees with guns?? Those employees have families too. If everyone in this country pulled a gun every time they didn't get their way we would lose our way of life.

We have laws for a reason. If a law needs to be changed then do it the right way.

I hope you don't knock on my door with a loaded gun because I adamantly disagree with your philosophies.

San Antonia, TX

Remember the Alamo my friends!!!

Our Freedoms are being limited everywhere you look. someone needs to take a stand and next time we all need to rally.

If we are at the point that the government is ready to start shooting demonstrators then the Leadership of this country needs to go.

Nice job Obama. You have no idea what you are doing.

Mchenry, IL

Why does Mr Bundy get to ranch federal land for free? Federal land isn't for the good of a single family and their pocket book. Maybe it's to be be open space, maybe the government has other plans for it. Has he been paying Nevada for the use of the land all this time? I doubt it. And he owes the federal government a massive amount of cash. 25 years is very patient. I hope they are back to take more of the cattle. He is using people. When the go the government will be back. You only have the right to use to land you have a deed to. In a way that is allowed. For instance you can dam up a river blocking water to other properties. And the government can give you fair value of that if it's needed for something else. This isn't complicated. You used to be allowed to do something on public land. Years ago that changed. It's not complicated.

South Jordan, UT

Bundy and his supporters are freeloaders and gun-toating anarchists. America only has a future if the rule of law prevails, and Bundy and his militia group have no respect for the rule of law. The lands in question are clearly federal lands. Federal agencies are assigned to manage those lands in the best possible way. Following Mr. Bundy's logic, we don't need to obey any laws as long as we can claim that we pre-date them or never agreed to them. Those attitudes put our country and our society at risk. If Bundy's rights are based on occupation, use, and "squatting," then he takes a back seat to all of the native Americans who lived in the southwest long before any Bundys showed up. If we take his approach, then I can occupy any military base for any reason or can stop paying any taxes to any local, county, state, or national government. The Bundy brigade doesn't represent America. It represents lawlessness and selfishness.

Mcallen, TX

Every year politicians take hundreds of millions from their follow Americans for lavish workshops, vacations, and other useless expenses. Do they pay fees, and taxes on that?

If not, lets take their cows.


What does the fact he is a Mormon have to do with anything? Why does that need to be pointed out? Because Mormons are peaceful and honest in their dealings?

South Jordan, UT

@ worf

So, the solution to "dishonesty and waste in politics" is for Bundy to be dishonest and not pay his fees? Two wrongs don't make a right. Bundy needs to pay for his use of our public lands, and wasteful politicians need to be held accountable by voters.

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