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Published: Sunday, April 6 2014 9:15 p.m. MDT

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B Russ
Ephraim, UT

Two questions for Corbin: 1- Why don't you defend the 3 point shot? Why is the best player on your team (Alec Burks) still coming off the bench?

Saint Louis, MO

The headache is almost over.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA


Actually the headache is just beginning. Everybody expected the Jazz to be bad this year and they were. That's not a headache. But everybody expects the Jazz to be a championship contender in the next few years, but it's much more likely they'll be a lottery team throughout that time period. That's going to be the real headache.

Saint George, UT

Part of the headache will be over when Corbin, Jefferson, Rush, Williams and Lucas get kicked thru the door.

Sturgis, MS

Nothing wrong with Jazz that a decent coach can't change.

Tokyo, Japan

I am guessing Hayward won't be signed....Alec Burks would get the starting 2 since everybody mentions that he is the best player on the team....there would be a hole at the 3 spot...where i think one of our two picks in the first round would be used on...if we get lucky and get to 1 or 2....we might get wiggins or Parker....now the problem is the Bench...We have Gobert, Murphy and Evans for the Forward and C slots...we have Raul Neto coming in....so Diante Garret could probably swing 2 or third string PG....Ian Clark would cover the 2....i think our bench is rather thin....if Ed Davis is Free...i would definitely get him...there is also a situation where in...Jazz would just pay up for Hayward...this would leave fans disheartened...calling it an AK contract...and everyone would lose hope...and would call for the Lindsey's head

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