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Published: Thursday, March 27 2014 7:45 p.m. MDT

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Virginia Beach, VA

Absolutely President Obama is a great admirer of Pope Francis. And why not? They have a lot in common. Pope Francis took his name from Saint Francis of Assissi, the patron saint of animals, the environment, and the poor.

Obama and Pope Francis are both symbols of change. They both share the same values, and they're both Liberals, and they both believe in human rights.

And Rush Limbaugh says both of them sound like Communists.

It's not surprising that both Obama and the Pope are Liberals . . . Because as we all know, Jesus is a Liberal too.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Pope Francis is a great conservative who supports only marriage between a man and a woman. He is also against abortion. Pope Francis is doing what Jesus would want him to do in these regards.

Pope Francis is God's leader on earth today and I stand with him on these important matters I have mentioned.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Not much of a supporter of organized religion, but this new Pope, he is acting like, dare I say Christ.
From day one he's done things that upset the catholic royals, but really seem to jive with his mentors teachings.

...and Ditto to GaryO's comment.

American Fork, UT

Pope Francis is doing what Jesus would want him to do in these regards. Not casting the first stone.

Mcallen, TX

Some things Obama can learn from the Pope:

* thou shalt not lie
* thou shalt not bear false witness

Perhaps Obama can learn to strengthen his Christian beliefs.

sunamn, IN

The president is again is moving his lips. What Pres & Pope may have in common, is the end result, how they get there is how they depart in about 180 degree direction. The Pope Exhorts, Obama extorts (uses IRS, EPA, ACA).
Charity that is forced is not charity at all. The pope exhorted corporations to help the poor, the POPE statement on unfettered capitalism is true, reference the financier of liberals, Soros. But capitalism with Christian values is what America was built upon, the example here is the enemy of the left (Senator Reid specifically) The Koch brothers who doesn't go around destroying a country's economies to fill his pockets like Soros does, to finance the leftist agendas, but has given much to charities serving the poor, communities in general, and to his employees (See 1 Tim 5:8). Corinthians 10:29 States this: Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
The forcing the ADA on America is anti-liberty, thus anti-Christ;. Who you have aligned yourself with? Does the name start with a Capital C or a L. Christ "By there works ye shall know them".

Hyrum, UT

@GaryO and Happy Valley Heretic:

The only thing Obama has in common with the Pope is a believe in income equality... a much bigger issue in third world countries than in America, where capitalism catapulted America to become the strongest and greatest country on earth. Many liberals have recently tended to forget that their current comfortable lifestyles can be attributed directly to that fact.

There are huge differences in Obama's and the Pope's beliefs regarding birth control and homosexual marriage... two very controversial issues still causing contention in the U.S. and many other places around the world. I noticed you two both conveniently forget to mention that fact when pontificating the relationship of limited commonalities between the Pope and the president.
And when it comes to both issues, I will always follow a conservative man of God as opposed to a liberal secularist. Biblical history indicates that's always a better bet.

Hyrum, UT


You label the Pope as being liberal. Since when is being strongly opposed to abortion, birth control, divorce and homosexual marriage considered liberal?
Answer: It's not.

Based on past actions (and actions speak louder than words), Obama is an admirer of the Pope only when it proves to be politically expedient.
As worf mentioned, Obama could learn some very good lessons from the Pope regarding both his political views on controversial issues and also regarding his personal conduct... both which have caused him to drop substantially in the approval ratings of the American public. He's now a post-WWII low for 6th year presidents.

Virginia Beach, VA

Tators - The Pope is still regressive regarding birth control and abortion, but his comments regarding gays have distinguished him from other Popes.

His "Who am I to judge" remark set a new standard there.

Otherwise though, yeah the pope sounds just like a Communist (ie. Liberal in the minds of "Conservatives").

Just ask Rush Limbaugh. He'll tell you.

Unless . . . NO it couldn't be . . . You're not suggesting that Rush misled us, are you?!

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

@Tators – “… beliefs regarding birth control and homosexual marriage... two very controversial issues still causing contention in the U.S.”

But why?

I mean I sort of get it with respect to homosexual marriage because it’s new and people (conservatives especially) are usually frightened of change and often imagine the worse.

But birth control… I don’t get this one at all. 99% of all Americans including 97% of Catholics have used birth control. Seems like the American people have spoken (by their actions) on this one and in terms of % of population, it is about as controversial as the “Elvis still lives” belief.

But from a moral perspective (not to be confused with religious) neither issue seems very troubling.

When two gay people get married or someone uses birth control, who is being harmed?

Hyrum, UT


I've never once advocated myself as a follower of Rush Limbaugh. I am not. Apparently you follow him more than I do, since I hadn't yet heard the quote you claim he made. Nor is Rush recognized as being a universal spokesman for conservatism. He's not. He's actually an outer-fringe extremist... similar to Al Sharpton in the other ideologue direction.

By trying to bring him into the argument, you are diluting your personal position and demonstrating it's stand-alone weakness.

The Pope's "who am I to judge" comment should not be taken as any kind of endorsement of homosexual advocacy. It's not. The Catholic church spent much time, effort and funds in support of California's Proposition 8.

clearfield, UT


I certainly get a lot more news stories that the media is not covering by listening to Rush. As for Obama and the Pope, the only area these two seem to agree is in the unequal economics of the people in the world. I wonder if the Pope knows that both John and Matthew in the New Testament made statements that the poor will always be with us. That was the same as Jesus himself saying it. The only way an economy can work to make all people equal to some degree is to have government control a lot of it. We already have that in this country, particularly with Obama, giving all kinds of financial aid and such to Americans. The next step, socialism. You want that? If so just be honest and admit it.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT


Really! Obama is the "Antichrist"?

@Tator. Your version of history is the conservative one, unfortunately it isn't based in reality anymore than "Obama is the Antichrist."

worf said:
Some things Obama can learn from the Pope:

* thou shalt not lie
* thou shalt not bear false witness

Worf could learn from his own post...
Really, those are the same thing, not 2 different commandments.
So, are you lying to make your list seem longer?

If Christ was a conservative, he would have taught judaism.

God of the old Testament definitely conservative...Angry, vengeful, insecure (see the 1st 3 commandments) racist (see chosen people) and impatient for someone outside linear time.

Hyrum, UT

@ Tyler D:

I'm not opposed to birth control. My wife and I have used it a lot. But forcing others to support it via including it in private employer mandated health insurance is an intrusion into religious freedoms. As such (and it's hard to deny) it's currently a very controversial issue that the Supreme Court is just now taking up.

Read my previous statement again. I never once stated that I'm personally opposed to birth control. And I don't believe anyone is being hurt by its use. My stance is that it's use is very personal. And as such, it should be paid for by whomever chooses to use it, and not forcibly by the public (via nationally mandated insurance), since many in the public are religiously opposed to it.
I simply mentioned that the issue is still controversial in our country, and as such, its also contentious.

My biggest negative regarding homosexual marriage is that it doesn't allow a normal child rearing atmosphere, where many social studies have proven being raised by a father and mother is normally the best environment for children, who then usually end up with fewer adult issues.

Tooele, UT

Happy Valley Heretic,

Why are you associating Tator's comments with Obama being an Anti-Christ? He never wrote such a thing nor even insinuated as far as my reading of all the comments. Personally, I find his/her historical views more in line with reality than your own.

Regarding Worf; It wasn't him who claimed that "if you like your insurance, you can keep it." and the associated statements that have proven to be lies. And so what if he mentioned two similar commandments. Not a big deal. His point is still valid.

Claiming that conservatism is "angy, vengeful, insecure and racist" simply shows how judgmental you personally are. Judgmental people always lose much of any credibility they may've had with the rest of their statements. By so doing, you certainly lost any credibility with me and undoubtedly many other readers.

You can do better than that. I would encourage you to at least try to be more open minded towards those who don't share your particular ideological views.

Saint George, UT

Tyler D: If two people hate (or love)each other and both are pointing a loaded gun at each other, should anyone interfere? After all, its just between them right? No one else is hurt, right?

t-ville, UT

Don't get too excited libs, the Pope is still clearly a crank who places the condemnation of birth control over the spreading of AIDS. Beware the prophets who use soothing words but are wolves in sheep's clothing. I doubt if Jesus would recognize any of the organization's who claim his name.

Far East USA, SC

In reality, Pope Frances espouses some left leaning and some right leaning ideas. A realistic assessment of his views would not put him in the conservative or the liberal camp.

Whats wrong with that?

He is very pro religion, (big surprise there) and very anti abortion. However he would certainly decry the disparity in wealth in America and across the world.

Neither political side can claim that the Pope is "with them".

On a side note, Pope Francis is a breath of fresh air when it comes to religious leaders. Going out incognito to personally tend to the poor is just the kind of thing that Jesus taught.

I am very impressed with him. I hope he lives a long life and continues to set such a great example.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

@Tators – “I'm not opposed to birth control... But forcing others to support it via including it in private employer mandated health insurance is an intrusion into religious freedoms.”

Perhaps, but given the percentages I noted do you really believe it rises to the level of controversy? I think it’s more likely that this is driven by politics and not (so much) by religion.

And I’ve seen studies going both ways on children of homosexuals so I don’t think your view is a slam dunk by any means. And given that we do not mandate mother & father families for all children (I would guess being raised by a single parent would have worse outcomes than two homosexual parents) this hardly seems like a justified reason to deny them basic rights.

But kudos for at least making an argument based on real morals (well-being) instead of the debate stopper “my faith tells me it’s wrong.”

@bandersen – “If two people… both are pointing a loaded gun at each other, should anyone interfere?”

I’ll respond as soon as I have my jaw rewired and floor replaced…

casual observer
Salt Lake City, UT

Calm down everyone. This is a photo op for Mr. Obama and little else. For the Pope it is a duty to meet with world leaders. They are both well intentioned and have some good ideas while some ideas are less so.

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