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Published: Sunday, March 23 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

I remember watching that debate. At least at the end of the day I know that I voted for Romney. Obama has 2 more years in office and I'm betting that every other dictator is making plans to do something within that time frame.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

For as much hypothetical criticism Romney can hurl at Obama, it could be just as likely that had Romney stolen the election, he would have done even worse, and Russia STILL would have annexed Crimea. This sort of thing is really nothing more than Romney is still expressing sour grapes about being "not wanted" as President of the United States.

Virginia Beach, VA

Mitt Romney once again provides much-needed comic relief.

Mitt is claiming Obama failed to shape our nation's foreign policy in a way that would have prevented Putin's aggression. But he offers absolutely NO suggestions that might remedy current international problems, and he hasn't said what he would have done, had been elected, that would have better prepared this nation for Putin's actions.

In other words, Romney, is sticking to the same old safe, boring Republican routine of lashing out with complaints but offering absolutely NO solutions.

Mitt, I know you've had a difficult history of proposing ideas, and then having to take those ideas back and say the exact opposite.

By flip flopping like a dying carp, it would seem that you would occasionally be right about something, at least for a few seconds . . . But I can't think of any examples.

Mitt, I would really like to see you be right for once. But before you can be right about something, you have to actually propose a real idea, a potential solution, a real plan of action to which you can commit.

salt lake city, utah

"Mitt Romney slams Obama for 'faulty judgment' on Russia"

Who cares?

Mitt go back and ride your elevator up and down with your cars. You were wrong in 2012 about Russia being the single most significant international threat, and you are wrong now.

Ogden, UT

Mitt once again shoots off his mouth about something concerning which he has no knowledge or clue. Business as usual for Mitt. I wonder whether (contrary to his assurances) he is running for office again or whether this is just hubris because the voters saw through the personna he tried to portray to the real person beneath it, saw his deficiencies, and soundly sent him packing. In any event, he is trying detrimentally to interfere with the President's foreign policy and that is NOT good.

Salt Lake City, UT

Romney is a bully for picking on poor defenseless Obama.......

How dare he pick on this liberal loving president who has failed at every conceivable attempt to lead like Lincoln, a true conservative statesman.

Even Putin has proved to be more formidable than Obama in being a world leader.....bring on Joe Biden and his Teleprompter!

Ralph West Jordan
Taylorsville, UT

Sorry Romney, its the republican party that has spent the last 5 plus years gutting the respect of the office of the POTUS. That the real reason we have any lack of respect for our country!

St.George, Utah

Both political parties are weary of Mitt's opinion.
Could you please call someone else?

Leesburg, VA

"He said Romney has "forgotten those facts.""

Forgotten and imagined a whole bunch of others.

DN what is your fascination with Mr. Romney? You are a church's newspaper. The LDS church claims not to take political sides. Do you concur?

I respect Mr. Romney's opinion as the opinion of any other regular citizen. Yet, you don't publish articles about the opinion's of other regular citizens.

Charlottesville, VA

"Osama bin Laden is gone."
Yes, and Obama deserves credit for that, but it's debatable whether he's more dangerous as a martyr than as an ailing and increasingly irrelevant diabetic old man holed up in isolation from the world.
"The war in Iraq is over."
Because Obama didn't see the war through to an adequate conclusion, the result seems to be a return to extremist Islamist rule.
"Afghanistan is coming to a close."
And as we move out, Russia is moving back in.
"And this president has worked with many of these nations successfully to put pressure on Iran, the sanctions, bringing them to the negotiating table."
I'm sorry; where in all of that is a tangible result? Obama has "successfully" gotten roped back into playing Iran's game again, while Iran moves steadily towards its nuclear goals.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Romney would have done exactly NOTHING different than what Obama has done.
Obama has done far MORE than Bush did when Russia invaded Georgia in 2008.

boneheaded, but not a smidgen

takers are posting on this article at record rates. keep telling yourselves that barry is doing a great job. unfortunately, american takers wanted barry in office (twice) and look where we are. the clueless organizer continues to be clueless while putin walks all over europe. Barry has everything under control. His NCAA picks are in, Michelle is on spring break in China and all of his scandals are on the back burner, fast and furious, IRS, Benghazi, and a dozen more. Thanks Americans for putting this guy in office twice. We are so much better off.

Robert Johnson
Sunland, CA

Someone needs to break it to Romney that he lost the election.

Bountiful, UT

‘Mitt Romney slams Obama for 'faulty judgment' on Russia’


Mr. Romney needs to be taken to task for his faulty judgment on the United States. It isn't our rightful place to be the worlds policeman. If some state department official in years past or a president has obligated the United States to defend Ukraine they didn't have the authority to do it. It is the Senate who authorizes treaties. Because we have forgotten this we have become the busy bodies of the world. This has gotten us into wars, destroyed countless American lives, and drained our treasury.

It isn't even necessary that we be so dependent on outside resources. We could make use of Yellowstone geothermal to satisfy a significant portion of our energy needs.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

He's like a little annoying dog who keeps nipping at your heels. "Look at me." "Look at me." "I'm still relevant!" "Look at me!"

get her done
Bountiful, UT

Romney lost. The American public do not agree with him.

meridian, idaho

To all of you who don't like Mr. Romney, let me tell you something. This country would be much more better off now, if Mr. Romney would have been elected president than the one you have now.


One would think Romney is still running. Hardly a week goes by without an article appearing in the DN featuring Romney.

So is Romney arguing for pre-emptive foreign policy? We think a country may do something soon, therefore we impose sanctions, attack etc before they've taken action?

Interesting, dangerous and foolish.

We will continue to repeat the mistakes of the past (Iraq, Vietnam, etc) if we don't learn from them.

Denver, CO

Romney's fatal flaw is/was his willingness to pander to the extreme right - the same failing as George Bush, 2001-2009. President Bush's first term in particular was a military and fiscal disaster for the United States. The Iraq war (invasion by false pretense), and our mismanagement after the fact are without precedent. The culprits? Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bremer, and Wolfowitz, to begin with. They destabilized the region, emptied our coffers, gave Russia breathing room to rebuild its empire - but worst of all - their misguided chest-thumping policies allowed Iran to dominate the Middle East. Obama, has to rely on the Federal Reserve to manage fiscal policy. Every Obama fiscal initiative and nominee is blocked, and some multiple times. How many House votes on the Affordable Care Act? 45? Mitt Romney talks big, like the Texan before him. Remember 'Mission Accomplished?' I don't. Vis-a-vis 10 years ago, our financial strength has been sapped. Morally, we are a bit better off, but without Europe, we can do little about the Ukraine. Should we listen to Romney? A resounding no!

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

There's losing graciously, and then there's this ...

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