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Published: Saturday, March 22 2014 6:30 p.m. MDT

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West Point , UT

Congrats lady Cougars! Maybe you can teach the mens team how to play defense. Are there any rules that would allow Hamson to play for the men?

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Wow, great performance by the Lady Cougs. Nothing left to do now but keep on winning.

Wasatch Wasps
Heber City, UT

Nice work ladies! Love it! Next up Nebraska. Go Cougars!

Rexburg, ID

Very strong performance by the Lady Cougs. If they significantly cut down on the turnovers (which seem to be their weakness), the Ladies will go far in the tournament.

Go Cougars!

South Jordan, UT

The men's b.ball team didn't show up; the men's football team didn't show up; the women's softball team hasn't shown up; neither has the men's baseball team; but the women's b.ball team did us all proud!

Way to go, ladies!!

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

By "failed to show up," I think a nicer way to say it would be "failed to live up to BYU's high expectations". And in that light, the Lady Cougars certainly exceeded expectations! If/when they finally lose, I hope everyone will remember that they started as a 12 seed, and not suddenly over-adjust the expectations.

Well, gotta admit, so far the baseball team hasn't showed up much...

Syracuse, UT

Great job ladies! Just keep relaxed and have fun In the next round.

Saint George, UT

I do not think it was an upset. The Cougars should have been ranked much higher.


I thought BYU was severely under-seeded with the #12; luckily, NC State seems to have been over-seeded with the #5.

(By the way, the BYU men's volleyball team is doing great!)

Spanish Fork, UT

I rarely watch the women's games. But, these ladies give it a lot more than the Cougar men's team, play as a unit better, play fundamental basketball better and no Carlino driving into double coverage or chucking up a wild shot.

Old But Not Stupid
Moorpark, CA

At least one Utah basketball team is more than one and done!

Richmond, VA

Wow, glad to finally see some fans commenting and showing support for the women's team. I wondered why hardly anyone attends their games like they do the men's. But it's good to see them finally getting some love. Also glad to see you bounced back nicely from that terrible loss earlier to the Lady Utes! For whatever reason, the Utes got our number but I'm hoping for a nice turn around starting next season!

Good luck against the Huskers next! Go Cougars!

Saint George, UT

Well written article. Go Cougs, will tune in Monday night.


Congratulations to THE BEST BASKETBALL TEAM in the state of Utah... bar none.

Theses women are athletic, humble, selfless, work hard together, and have demonstrated what the true meaning of teamwork is all season long. It's unfortunate they don't get as much press or school/public support as the men because they are very deserving of it.

Excellent job ladies. Keep up the great work, and take down another unsuspecting opponent.

Cinci Man

BYU volleyball and women's basketball are the best sports to watch and follow this year. They always give their very best. They play within themselves. They play as a team. Everybody find a way to contribute as individuals and that makes a great team and a great event to watch. Congratulations to a great team on a great win. We wish you well going into the next game.

Thid Barker
Victor, ID

You mean a team from the lowly WCC beat a team from the ACC? Amazing!

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

BYU's men's and women's basketball teams were both invited to the Big Dance this season, more than can be said of the programs on the hill.

The Lady Cougars were under seeded, but are making the most of it.

The men were probably slightly over seeded, but would likely have been more successful if they hadn't lost their best overall player in the WCC championship game.

Sandy, UT

Go Brigham Young Ladies today basketball , tomorrow The Priesthood !!!
You Ladies Can Do It !!!

Lindon, UT

concretebo: Don't hold your breath on "The Priesthood" comment, because it is not going to happen. The letter from the Church to the women's group vying for the Priesthood makes it perfectly clear that it is Church doctrine that ONLY worthy males can hold the Priesthood. If even 10,000 "good" sisters, members of the Church, request ordination directly to President Monson, by letter, or other means, does not mean it will happen. Even if they request that he petition the Lord about the matter, it still will not happen. Women did not hold the Priesthood is Heaven and they certainly won't be holding it here on the earth.

Missouri Coug
Greenwood, MO

Maybe next year the GIRLCOUGS should practice against the BOYCOUGS during basketball practice, to help prepare the guys for the big games...GO COUGS either way....

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