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Published: Wednesday, March 12 2014 2:12 p.m. MDT

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Las Vegas, NV

As long as no cinderellas happen in the conference tournament this week, than BYU will be fine.

Robert Johnson
Sunland, CA

The only way that Cal is a "Bubble team" is if they lose in the first round of the Pac12 tournament. Even then....they would still probably get in.

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

We will get in for sure because we are way good.

Go Utes!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

so with WCC will either get one or two teams in at most?

Other leagues are projected to get 6-7

And byu fans will try and tell us that the wcc is only slightly worse than those 6 bid leagues


Lindon, UT

Notice that none of the bubble teams listed here have as many wins as BYU with a RPI of 30. Those should both fair well for the Coug's but right now we need to be hoping the conference favorites all win to keep as many at-large slots available as possible. It looks favorable and I agree with Few. There are a lot of teams who aren't perhaps as good but ride the coat tails of conference reputation from all the major conferences. The best part about March Madness is that even smaller colleges can put together a great team and make a run. Certainly hope Collinsworth's injury isn't too serious. He's been playing terrific lately.

Overton, NV

Love what Coach Few said about those "middling teams in football conferences". Spot on.

There are 32 Division I basketball conferences. I really am tired of people acting like there are only a dozen. This isn't football. Stop acting like football does anything to make a school's basketball team "respectable."

And, yes, Cal IS a bubble team. Look at any of the bracket predictions. Any of them.

Mcallen, TX

Like football, no waiting for the Utes.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think they're in, the question is whether they have to play one of those play-in games.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Ya there are 32 division 1 conferences. Tell us what percentage of the NCAA march madness teams come from the big boy conferences and which come from the little league conferences.

5 power conferences, 32 total division 1 conferences.

So really the power conferences should only have about 1/6 of the total march madness participants right?


Surfers Paradise, AU

Just stick with the NIT and move forward. At least the opportunity to play more than one game exists.

Salt Lake City, UT

Here is a pair of pants to try on.

I must tell you that my friends have some of the hottest wives. My wife you ask? errrr, she's okay I guess. BUT, I have friends in AZ, OR and CA who have super hot wives. I love to brag about how hot their wives are. You people with only so so wives have no idea what it is like to have friends with super hot wives.

I must tell you that my "friends" have some of the better football and basketball teams. My teams you ask? errrr, they're okay I guess. BUT, I have friends in AZ, OR and CA who have super good teams. I love to brag about how good their teams are. You people with only so so teams like BYU have no idea what it is like to have "friends" with super good teams.

Sort of a dumb thing to argue about, right? PS. I am not married. No wife to offend.

Sandy, UT


If your analogy, your friends and their wives are really coworkers and neighbors. You wish you had a circle of friends that wanted to hangout with you but so far there have been no invitations to any big gathering, other than a church party or work party.

I agree it would be a bad argument unless you were talking to a guy whose wife was worse than yours. And then indeed you can brag about having a better wife than he does. Hopefully the scoreboard references here are clear. Oh, and a lack of a football conference invitation.

Salt Lake City, UT

Since we are interpreting each others analogies, I will oblige.
Yours is a projection of what you postulate I think. Mine rather is an observation of seen comments. You project your thoughts pertaining to what you perceive I feel, while I merely write what I know. The evidence for your feelings lie in the stickers, the T-Shirts, the big "Pac-12" country sign by point of the mountain, the incessant PAC-12 pride comments ......shall I go on? I am not nearly so desperate to be in the Big 12 (etc.) as some U fans are to indicate that they are in the PAC. The evidence for you wandering opining as to what BYU fans think is not there; for I am one and I indicate that such feelings are not present in my cranial progressions.

Your turn.

Plano, TX

BYU gets a play-in bid.

This team's year will be next season, seriously. They know each other and only get better with returnees.

Marysville, WA

Mark Few was right, and it fully applies here. As a lifetime fan of PAC schools, I think the conference is overrated in basketball. Taken on non-con wins & losses, it should be a 3-4 bid league this year.

For those of us all over the USA who are rabid BYU fans but have no connection to the state of Utah except for our alma mater, the constant, incessant, non-stop, ongoing, endless (need I go on?) nonsense about "big boy conference" is odd, and the kids on the hill who are stuck on that one note have obviously no idea how silly they sound.

Most of us non-Utahns grew up rooting for teams that have been in (air-quote) Big Boy conferences our whole lives, and nobody but nobody but Ute fans do this "we're better than you 'cause we are in a shiny conference and you're not" schtick. It's especially goofy because 5 years ago when they were on the outside looking in, they were the biggest whiners about how unfair the whole thing was and how little respect they got.

Oh, and for tonight's game: Go Dawgs!

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT

Sounds like Coach Few has midmajor syndrome.

ha ha ha!

Mcallen, TX

With the challenges of life,--how important is sporting events?

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

Tomahawk Crimson Goggles, ya double digit consecutive years in the NCAA tournament is quite a bad syndrome for Few to have isn't it?!

ha ha ha! (as opposed to Ogden's finest 'LOL!!!')

Cottonwood Heights, UT

But coach, how 'bout those middling teams from a no-football conference?

Mesa, AZ

Ok, lets all admit it, that even if BYU had a so so year they would still be in, cause of the Mormon following. Not that it is a bad thing, just the truth and the ncaa knows it and loves the revenue from it.

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