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Published: Monday, March 10 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The Final Word
Alpine, UT

Great to hear the security measures surrounding false documentation and passports have worked so well./sarcasm

"Criminals and illegal migrants regularly travel on fake or stolen documents."

This ought to make everyone feel safer next time they are in the air.

Once again just goes to show that most of these bogus laws and security protocols are nothing more than a massive time-wasting inconvenience and charade for those who were already obeying the law!!

This just in!! Illegals and criminals don't obey laws. Wow...who would have ever guessed.

We ought to stop inventing law that criminals don't obey to begin with and begin actively hunting these people with techniques that yield results.

Of course we don't know yet whether or not this was terrorism but the important point here is that it easily could have been because criminals with fake documents were ticketed and boarded the plane.

Farmington, UT

Final word, what this shows isn't that the laws don't work but rather that foreign governments don't work the laws. Big difference.

Salt Lake City, UT

If I were searching for them, I would start by looking for magnetic abnormalities in the South Pacific, specifically the area used by the Dharma Initiative in the 1970's. Also, was there a spinal surgeon, a fugitive, a lottery-winner and a Korean couple on board by chance?

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