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Published: Monday, March 10 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Fuaamotu, Tonga

All this political gerrymandering is nothing if not all-American. Demonizing the Koch brothers or President Obama (the most expensive presidential campaign in history) for spending too much money on their respective causes is simply posturing at its finest. The plain and simple truth of the matter is that money talks. Whoever has the money does the talking.

Liberals are angry at conservatives because they are taking some of their steam away. If the shoe was on the other foot, one could be certain that conservatives would be screaming just as loud. I don’t think all this garbage is what our Founding Fathers had in mind in promoting this political system.

oakley, idaho

Another misleading headline. The Koch brothers are hardly obscure. Creating and funding the tea party, numerous far right campaign funding both through anonymous donations to outside-spending groups that do not have to disclose their sources, and regular donations to candidates makes them people of considerable influence in politics.
One of the brothers actually ran for vice president on the libertarian party ticket. Saying they are obscure is just denying reality.

Cedar Hills, UT

Of course, when the unions, lawyers, and George Soros spend exorbitant amounts on Democrats, that's just funding truth and enlightenment, hence it is never comparable to the purely cynical funding raised by evil Republicans. There's always cause for concern when Democrats don't have a total monopoly on fundraising and media support.

For either side to whine about their opponent's rich fundraisers should be an insult to the intelligence of any rational American. But whine they will do, because so many don't even know they're being played.

Anti Government
Alpine, UT

And how are the Koch Brothers any different than George Soros? He and his groups funnel 10's of millions into the democrats campaigns and character assassination.

George Soros actually spends more money than the Koch brothers on politics.

More class warfare by the democrats. They love to build up hate amongst the "not-rich". They are constantly telling them they should have access to other peoples money for no other reason than they say so and it is "fair".

Little do the "not-rich" realize that according to multiple objective sources poverty has increased under obama. Corruption and partisan rancor are all worse as well. This is the democrat strategy...to make the "not-rich" feel like the democrats are out to help them meanwhile they are poorer than ever before and manipulated for votes to keep democrats in power. Its a sad deception being played out on these people..but getting something for nothing never really works. Its a lie.

Harry Reid? Talk about the King of propaganda himself. Zero credibility. Zero.

The Koch brother can't even keep pace with the democrats the last few elections which is why the republicans lost.

Wake up people.

Vancouver, WA

Mr Reid seems not to bring up the millions in union member dues used to promote the dems cause .He has also refused to bring up so many senate votes so he can protect the big "O" and his senate buddies. This is a true case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Sugar City, ID

The Koch brothers don't need help. They do the job for themselves.

Leesburg, VA

You wrote: "Mr Reid seems not to bring up the millions in union member dues used to promote the dems cause"
As a worker I pay dues for the Union to defend my interest, my interest is the same interest of the vast majority of Americans i.e. fair wages, legal working hours, health insurance. etc. I dare say that the money of the Unions represents the interest of millions and millions of Americans, even of those that do not belong to a Union but are workers.

On the other hand, the millions of dollars on political dues of the Koch brother represents....
the Koch Brothers and the rest of the 1%.

They have the right to donate their money and defend their interest.

You have the right to think and decide for yourself if the Koch brother's interest are in line with yours.

Virginia Beach, VA

The machinations of the Koch brothers haven't been completely revealed. No one but they know the extent to which they've influenced politics as the money men behind PAC’s and so-called grass-roots voter organizations . . . like The Tea Party.

The Koch brothers are old hands at this now, and they're pretty good at greasing the right palms.

They have achieved a major goal in keeping taxes inordinately low for the highest earners. But they have caused a lot of collateral damage to this nation.

Their drive to discredit Obama and keep him from being re-elected led to the successful obstruction of this administration’s job-growing efforts.

They succeeded in keeping unemployment high (by quashing Obama's Jobs’ bills), in the hopes that citizens would blame Obama, but the majority of Americans proved smarter than the Koch brothers thought. A solid majority re-elected Obama. But now, apparently out of habit, the Koch-brothers-controlled Tea Party, and the Tea-Party-controlled Republican Party still obstruct valuable Democratic initiatives.

Obviously, the Koch brothers get their way far too often.

Woodland Hills, UT

Harry reminds me of a great world military leader.

St.George, Utah

No one can blame Dems for the public not feeling warm and fuzzy about the Koch Brothers.
Anyone who can read knows the truth about them and how they operate.
Powerful, wealthy, greedy, dishonest, and extremely unsavory fellows, those Koch siblings.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Anything to create a distraction.

Getting up on the floor of the U.S. Senate to make personal attacks on American citizens is beneath contempt. Of course, the reason he chooses the Senate floor for the attacks is because he cannot be sued for statements made on the floor of the Senate.

No amount of personal attacks or distractions can make the American people forget what a disaster this Administration has been.

LOU Montana
Pueblo, CO

If you want to see labor cost go down and deregulation of business ethic then take side with the KOCH Brothers.

In the world of the Koch Brothers the American worker is nothing more then toilet paper. Once you have been used they flush you to never be seen again. In their mind the American worker is disposable and should be replaced with illegal aliens.

Voters need to place a value on their personal worth.

Red Smith
American Fork, UT

We now have a $4 Trillion Federal Budget. $4,000,000,000,000 The course we are on is not sustainable. The young people are NOT going to honor the old people debt of $205 Trillion in entitlements.

Total US assets is about 100 Trillion and not liquid cash. The old people of which I'm one have spent everything twice over.

A democratic capitalism or Russian style socialism - that's the choice. Harry Reid is a socialist and employs no one and believes government solves problems.

The Koch brother employs 60,000 people and believe in less government.

At this point it look like the socialists are winning.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

They have wasted a lot of money and driven the Republican party to an extreme corner. they should run jointly for President and lose big time again.

Hayden, ID

What's really got Harry Reid in a panic is that he knows he will probably lose control of the Senate and his job in November!

Virginia Beach, VA

Red Smith - Of course Harry Reid "believes government solves problems." Don't you?

The founding fathers did. That's why they gave us the US Constitution, the template for a government that can and does "solve problems." Propaganda paid for by the Koch brothers has discombobulated impressionable Americans to the point that they think government cannot and should not solve problems.

“The government is us; we are the government, you and I” - Theodore Roosevelt
The government is the main vehicle by which We the People solve significant problems. The Koch brothers and the America's Right Wing have proven to be master deceivers, apparently even fooling themselves.

Yes Red Smith, the government solves problems. The purpose of government is to govern responsibly.

We certainly should NOT elect people into office who think that government cannot solve problems. But that's what we do when we vote for Tea Partiers, people who take their marching orders from the Koch brothers and apparently cannot think clearly for themselves.

When we elect anti-government politicians into office, they make a point of demonstrating just how bad government can be, and that transfers power from We the People to plutocrats like the Koch brothers.

New to Utah

Demcrats used Tom Steyer to buy the Virginia Governorship. He pumped in something like $15 million to overwhelm Cuccinelli and there hasn't been the outcry like Harry Reid's blasts against the Koch brothers. Hollywood, rich union leaders,George Soros actually the moneyed interests of the left dward anything the Koch brothers have. Look at the 2012 cycle where Candy Crowley the CNN anchor intervened to help Obama in a presidential debate with Mitt Romney.

Vince Ballard
South Ogden, UT

The fact is that the "robber barons" are riding again, (The Koch brothers, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros) and they operate from BOTH sides of the political spectrum. We need Teddy Roosevelt, desperately.

Charlotte, NC

My goodness, can the Democrats really be this desperate? Apparently so.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "Baccus0902" you are missing the point.

How are the Koch brothers any different than George Soros, Warren Buffett, or any other rich liberal?

If it is wrong for the Koch brothers, then why isn't it wrong for Soros or Buffett?

Also, what kind of strategy is demonizing the rich or polarizing the nation? In 2008 liberals claimed that Obama was going to heal America and the world and make things better. If anything Obama, Harry Reid, and their ilk are only making things worse.

To "GaryO" actually the founding fathers knew that government causes more problems than it solves. That is why they set it up with 3 branches that they knew would fight with eachother for power. That was the original intent.

Also, look at what we had before the Constitution. The Articles of Confederation set up such a weak government that there was no way to defend the US. The founders wanted minimal government because the knew that the more power a government had, the more misery it would spread.

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