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Published: Friday, March 7 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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Saint George, UT

Time to set off a fire storm. I am a Mormon and I like Rick Perry because I think he has some starch in his backbone and he won't cow tow to the UN.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

What does it mean to have "starch in his backbone"? Doe "cow tow" have to do with livestock transport?

t-ville, UT


I'm baffled at the St. George sentiment regarding the UN. Did the school system stop teaching history? Have the libraries shutdown? Does the drinking water contain high doses of harmful chemicals? I can't for the life of me understand the peculiar sentiment in Southern Utah that the US is somehow harmed by UN membership. Prior to it's formation, the world saw two wars with millions of lives lost. Is there a better solution for creating relative stability throughout the world?

slc, ut

I love the annual c-pac meetings, they make great fodder for the late night comics.

Clearfield, UT

Republicans have all but forgotten Reagans 11th commandment. Thou shalt not speak ill of fellow Republicans. The country needs leadership and a president who knows how to unify not divide the country. I really don't care who is the most conservative. Republicans are acting like children who can't get along. The next election is not going to a wake up call for Republicans. Voters are tired of the extreme ideology of the far right.

Provo, UT

There may be a division in the Republican Party for some, but I see this as very healthy. It is great to be a party of open-minded people with strong convictions and individual thought. Somewhere along the line the Republican Party will unite behind a strong leader, but in the meantime, it is good to have much to debate. It is incumbent upon dynamic political parties to have diversity and not to kneel down to a "king" figure or the winner of some popularity contest and to shut down all debate. Debates are good and healthy and I'm sure our founding fathers would approve as they were strong opinion holders as well. Perhaps, if the citizens would scour various news outlets daily and become involved in the political process rather than staying up late at night to let late night comedians set the agenda this country would be in a true leadership role and "a light on the hill" (figuratively and literally speaking).

salt lake, UT

"When you don't stand and draw a clear distinction, when you don't stand for principle, Democrats celebrate."

I wonder if people like Cruiz will ever understand that it is not that we the voters do not understand were they stand and what they think we should be doing, we actually want them to shut up for a minute and actually listen to what we the voters (their potential bosses) want from our employees.

Bakersfield, CA

The Repubs will only ever win a nat'l election again when they "get" their demographics right:

Get behind one, good-looking, young, cool/hip, intelligent, eloquent "token" Black Republican. There's several out there. And put the female minority equivalent on the ticket as VP.

Libs, hip college youth and the vain in America care more about the outward. Do the BHO shtick and don't go into detail on the social issues, skirt around them and keep "open" and looking cool. Hang with Jimmy Fallon, get some rock stars on board, kick CatScratchFever moron off the circuit, and it's a done deal... Well, try to hoodwink Oprah and get her royal blessings; throw in Brad & Jolina.

Done deal. Then hammer them with conservative agendas for the next four. They'll see success in a new way and stop whining.

Someone kidnap the old guys during the vote and make it happen.

Salt Lake City, UT

Please. Please. Offer up ANY of these candidates as the Republican nominee. Hillary will cruise even easier then she already will in 2016. Possibly then the conservatives will realize that their party is completely out of touch and needs a new message along with a serious dose of reality!

slc, UT

That's the answer, we foolish masses just need some shiny beads to distract us while the conservatives with thier superior intellect come in and save us from ourselves

Bakersfield, CA


Yup. Thaz what I said, and thaz exactly what I meant.

Virginia Beach, VA

"'If you want to lose elections, stand for nothing,' said Cruz . . . "

If you want to lose elections by the largest possible margin, then define your Party as out of touch, irrational, delusional, uncaring, and just plain mean.

Welcome to the Modern Republican Party.

West Jordan, UT

Why do I vote for Republicans? I disagree with most of their platform. I'm for open boarders. I don't think a women should have to speak to a judge to get an abortion. I even think we should have universal health care. We should have allowed gays to marry and divorce years ago. The divisions and discussions in the Republican Party are healthy. The Democratic party is sick. Passing a law, like Obamacare without allowing the division and discussion is a recipe for disaster. I would trust a leader who disagrees with me and listens to me more than someone who tells me they agree with me but doesn't listen. If you want a party that doesn't bother with discussion vote for the Democrats. Then you will hear, "We have to pass this bill to find out what is in it," "If you like your health care plan you can keep it," and when you want an explanation you will be told "what difference does it make?" Yes, I remember why I vote for Republicans.

Saint George, UT

@slcdenizon If you think the UN is doing the USA any good then you must be a brick short. All we do is support the UN and they try to destroy us.

Virginia Beach, VA

nicholdraper - The Dems allowed plenty of discussion before passing Obamacare, but the Republicans didn't want to have anything to do with it.

The Republicans had their chance to contribute constructive suggestions, but apparently they couldn't think of any.

Ah well . . . fortunately the Dems were wise enough and capable enough to take the initiative and get this beneficial law passed.

Thank goodness for the wisdom, the perseverance, and the can-do ethic of Obama and the Democrats.

And thank you Founding Fathers for giving our generation the opportunity to enact good governance.

slc, UT

That misplaced arrogance is also exactly why conservatism is dead in America. Sadly for the far right they are not as clever as they think.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

"The Dems allowed plenty of discussion before passing Obamacare, but the Republicans didn't want to have anything to do with it.

The Republicans had their chance to contribute constructive suggestions, but apparently they couldn't think of any."

Is this some sort of new revisionist history they teach in Virginia nowadays? Obama told Republicans they can come for the ride but need to sit in the back. Many of the discussions were behind locked doors.

Midwest City, USA, OK

To elabrotae somewhat on the UN are two issues; First, that the UN's very chartering is faulty, in both being modeled much after the soviet charter and in granting a small number of countries (including Russia!?) on the "Security Council" supreme power to influence and act. The second concern is in preserving the United States' national soverign rights, particularly when it comes to UN agreements that would run counter to the constitution of said nation.

What's more, my life dispels the idea that "conservatism is dead in America".

Mitt Romney was awesome. Rick Santorum is awesome. Rick Perry is awesome. Ron Paul is mostly awesome. Ted Cruz is awesome, and absolutely correct. There is no shortage of fantastic presidential nominees, especially if one compares it to the roster of likely Democrats.

St.George, Utah

In case one has always wondered...
When discussing the Southern Utah town of LaVerkin, Utah, which is located on the curve of the highway, at the bottom of the hill, on the way to Zion's National Park......
One will clearly recall their drive through this little quirky little town.
La Verkin is the town that is known for rather odd buildings AND the large banner hung over the main highway stating,
"Get Us Out Of the United Nations".

USS Enterprise, UT

To "NeilT" if republican voters are "tired of the extreme right" then why is it that when in many cases where the "far right" canidate is the under dog, they end up winning? Why to they win as often as they have been over the pat 4 years? The facts seem to show that Republican voters are tired of moderates and Progressive Republicans.

To the liberals out there. Please explain why we should listen to your "advice" on who to run and how to improve the Republican's chances of getting their canidate elected? You do not have the Republican party's best interest in mide. Your goal is to get the Democrat elected. So again, why should we listen to you? When Republicans have, we have ended up with John McCain and other Progressives.

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