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Published: Thursday, March 6 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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deseret pete
robertson, Wy

Walt would not have gone along with this decision .

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

Walt would not allow the BSA to discriminate against people. Disney has long been at the forefront of offering equal benefits to the LGBT community.Ask yourself: why is it OK to have a boy in scouting that is gay but as soon as he turns 18 he has to leave the organization and can't serve as a leader?

The Caravan Moves On
Enid, OK

@ Sneaky Jimmy - Bay Area, CA "Walt would not allow the BSA to discriminate against people. Disney has long been at the forefront of offering equal benefits to the LGBT community.Ask yourself: why is it OK to have a boy in scouting that is gay but as soon as he turns 18 he has to leave the organization and can't serve as a leader?"

Answer: because while a fellow Scout is only a peer, and NOT in a position of direct authority and influence, a Scout leader IS in a position of direct authority and influence. That is a night and day difference and therefore an easy answer. YOU may not think it matters whether someone is a "peer" or a "leader" but other people think it matters. I'm one who thinks it matters very much.

Next question....

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

@Sneaky Jimmy

Come on Jimmy, you should know this. When they boy turns 18, in the eyes of the law he is in a position of power and authority over the other boys. How many cases of pedophilia and sex abuse have we heard about where someone is using a position of authority to groom and then abuse?

It's OK to disagree with BSA on this topic, but my advice is to come up with a better argument.

conservative scientist
Lindon, UT

Simple question. Would it be appropriate for an adult woman who is 20 years old, or any age really - who is attracted to men - to go camping and on other activities with 17 year old young men or any teenage young men? Is it appropriate for a 20 year old man, or any age really - who is attracted to women - to go camping with 17 year old women? Is it appropriate for an adult man of any age - who is attracted to men - to go camping with young teenage boys? The answer seems utterly obvious. I would never allow my teenage daughters to be in situations that are common in scouting with an adult man. No amount of rules and regulations within scouting can keep an adult man and a young man who are attracted to each other out of a bad situation. Scout leaders end up alone, one on one, with youth, all the time, even though it is not supposed to happen. A couple of minutes is all one needs for sexual assault to happen. It happens in schools as evidenced by recent headlines. Allowing gay men as leaders in the scouting organization is a bad idea.

Midwest City, USA, OK

It's already been said quite clearly; there is a very real danger to having knowingly or openly gay scout leaders. I can't look through the news on any given day without some story of sexual assault on the part of a teacher, a supervisor, a priest(people love to look really hard and dig these ones out), or anyone else; it is not in anyone's best interest to force the Boy Scouts to admit gay leaders.

American Fork, UT

We need to give this a rest already. I can't speak to what walt disney would approve of; people disapproved and approved of a lot of stuff in the fifties that have since changed. And maybe we need to start having some honest, open and meaningful discussions about sex. Now let's all get back to work.

West Jordan, UT

@Conservative Scientist:
And what do you think would happen during that one on one time? I can guarantee that 99% of gay men think of young men about the same way straight men think about young women. And aren't men invited to Young Womens camping trips? I know that was the norm when I was growing up. Shouldn't we be worried about that? You know, just in case?

Cedar Hills, UT

BSA is being used as a pawn by the far left. Sad to see this once great org die but anything wholesome in America is bound to die anymore with the ugly PC culture that exists. It's the boys that lose out.

Midlothian, VA

This is such a double standard....

So, I don't want you discriminate against me for my choices,

but I am going to discriminate against you for your choices.

Double Standard!

As If!
Layton, UT

To Utefan4Lyf,

I grew up in Southern California and we NEVER had boys with us when we went to camp or went camping as Young Women. As to Walt Disney, I can't believe he would even slightly approve of what Disney is doing. Totally out of character. If the Boy Scouts are destroyed because of the current push towards Gay Leaders, the LDS Church will just come up with our itsogram. I bet they're even working on one now.

Salt Lake City, UT

BSA should encourage all scouts to boycott all things dizzney! Turnabout is fair play......follow me boys follow me!

Southwest Utah, UT

I hope everyone who agrees with the scouts will cut funding to Disney in 2015.

Bountiful, UT

Allowing gay boys to benefit from the scouting experience was the right thing to do.

Not allowing gay leaders is also the right thing to do. They would be tempted. Where there is temptation, some would succumb to temptation. Past news stories with scouts and other organizations proves this to be the case.

Murray, UT

@cjb - Are you honestly suggesting that gay men more easily succumb to temptation? I sincerely doubt that one's gender attraction preference has any impact on ones ability to control their temptations.

Cinci Man

I find it interesting that Disney meets its objection to intolerance with its own intolerance.

Just one more opinion
Pleasant Grove, UT

I highly doubt this has anything to do with ethics or morals, Disney Studios is simply concerned about lost revenue and right now it's very en-vogue in Hollywood to go support homosexuality and gay marriage.

Somewhere in Time, UT

I agree with As If. I NEVER saw men at a girls campout in all my years in Mutual.

Disney has really sunk. This has been going on for a long time. I have no doubt that Walt is spinning in his grave.

I have no desire to have anything to do with Disney any more. It's really sad.

Kearns, UT

Walt died in 1966. How can anyone say what he would have done. Now I have added Disney to my boycott list. I also don't wear Levi's or Levi Strauss products due to them making the same type of decision regarding the Boy Scouts as Disney did. No more Disneyland or Disney movies for me.

PC run amok. Sad. They are being as bigoted as they accuse the Boy Scouts of being.

well informed
Salt Lake, UT

how are the boy scouts going to make up for the lost money? Friends of Scouting driving will be intense this year. Be ready

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