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Published: Monday, March 3 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ USNGary

We are not ruled by the majority, we are ruled by the Constitution. Also, your (invented) right to discriminate against people who are different than you is not protected by the First Amendment.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Disney is withdrawing their support of BSA, as have other corporations, because they refuse to allow gay leaders.
Groups like Trial Life have formed because BSA allows gay boys to participate.
It looks like BSA tried a compromise... and failed to appease either side.
It seems to me that this GBLT stuff often ends this way.

Harrison Bergeron
Holladay , UT

There is a lesson to be learned here. The BSA acquiesced to their LGBT critics and changed their policy. Rather than being appreciative, the BLTG types are still just as hostile as ever to the BSA (of not more so) because they will not allow homosexual leaders.

So the BSA has successfully alienated many of its friends but garnered no favor with the GTBL crowd. In retrospect, I'm sure they wish now, they had stayed with the original policy. Their friends would have stood by them and their enemies would be unaffected.

Akiachak, AK

We just have to remember what Jesus Christ would do. He befriended everyone, despite criticism for doing so. A prostitute, a tax collector for the Romans? Did not matter. Why can we not simply remember who Christianity is named after?

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Provo, UT


Teaching that something is wrong can be done in love, just as the Savior did. Jesus Christ taught adulterers that such was a sin. He taught repentance and extended forgiveness in His infinite mercy and love. He taught that He came not to destroy the law, but fulfill it.

In any LDS General conference, you will find these messages:

We are taught to extend the same love, forgiveness and compassion.
We are taught to stay true to the law, to turn from temptation, and to repent.
We are taught to keep the commandments, and promised blessings for it.

Jesus Christ was hated for what He taught. The people, the law, and His own refused and accused Him of the same things being said today of those who teach His message. None of us are perfect and people of all persuasions can be tempted to hate. What matters is that we keep the commandments. But determining to break other commandments isn't excused by simply being kind and keeping one commandment.

We are to perfect ourselves, not pretend to follow the Savior. Perhaps I'm as guilty as anyone else here is, but that is the truth.

Ft Thomas, KY

Sadly, the BSA of yesteryear no longer exists. The national leaders of the BSA have decided that money from big business is more important than teaching our youth to be morally straight.
I hope and pray that our church leaders will have the courage to leave the BSA and join this wonderful organization or start a similar one for our youth. I know change is hard but our youth deserve something better than what the BSA has become.

York, SC

Well, guess we can give thanks we still have the freedom to choose what organizations to affiliate with.

Centerville, UT

I absolutely love the Boy Scouts of America and their programs. The Aims of Scouting, the Outdoor Code, the Scout Oath & Law, the Methods of Scouting, the Mission of Scouting. It is inspired. It gives boys something that is harder to find in our world today.

The fact that the BSA welcomes gay boys to participate in the program doesn't change much in my mind. It gives every boy and opportunity to exercise morality, love of God, love of Country, and the principles and values of Scouting. I suspect that every boy would benefit from Scouting.

In Scouting I enjoyed Philmont (twice), attended LIFE twice (Leadership Institute for Explorers), went to the World Jamboree to Calgary back in the 80's, earned my Eagle, and now I am fortunate enough to work with young men to help them reach as high as they would like through Scouting.

It is a wonderful program that helps prepare young men in the LDS Church to better serve, be better husbands, and fathers.

I love the program.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

It is sad, indeed shameful, that those pushing the gay lifestyle did not form a new organization for youth to meet their goals, and instead insisted on destroying a century of good work by the Boy Scouts.

But, we now see a different group who have started a new group to further their goals. How long before the gay activists target them to destroy the Trail Life program as well?

It seems this "equality" stuff only works one way- You accept the gay agenda, or you are targeted for destruction. It never seems to be the gays merely asking for tolerance of their values without destruction of someone else's values.

Our youth desperately need good moral leadership and examples, such as Scouting has traditionally provided. Purposely attacking any part of Scouting instead of building new parallel programs is a disservice to all youth. And, is part of the reason for our nation's moral and economic decline.

Dane, WI

Interesting that "Trail Life" bans not just gays, but also Muslims and Mormons.

Far East USA, SC

"that those pushing the gay lifestyle"

There is a huge difference between those who "accept" and those who "push".

Who would have thought that Trail Life, an organization formed around the Christian Religion, would ban the LDS based on "religious differences"

It would appear that "discrimination" comes in all shapes and sizes.

Layton, UT

I think it's hard for a lot of parents to be open to the idea that kids can have gay friends and still live faithful, inspired lives active in their respective religious upbringing. This, imo, is very short-sighted and will ultimately fail. It's too bad because it needn't be this way.

WI Reader
Madison, WI

"As Christians from a scriptural basis, we love all folks, but the Scripture is very clear that being homosexual is a sin," Ron Orr said in an interview. "We've got to be able to hold a strong line and set a consistent example for our young men."

Many more things are sins as well such as lying, cheating, swearing, stealing. Chances are there are boys in their unit who are guilty of these sins. At which point do we begin casting the first stone? Aren't youth programs all about BUILDING and improving? If the youth are sinless what improvements need to be made?

Cardston, Alberta

Is there a definition of "openly gay youth"? Clearly same-sex attraction is not the same as "openly gay". LDS leaders and members are not excluding youth with same-sex attraction who are not involved in sinful activity. There is a difference. Furthermore, where is the line between accepting and allowing subtle recruitment by those with ssa? To deny that recruitment occurs is to deny reality. The LDS position possibly allows for LDS leaders in scouting to assist youth with ssa to make correct choices.

Los Angeles, CA

I think it would be great if the LDS church and other socially conservative religious organizations would leave the BSA. Then the BSA could go back to being for all boys regardless of dogma rather than an organization made to promote narrow thinking.

Far East USA, SC

"To deny that recruitment occurs is to deny reality."

Can you describe what kind of "recruitment" would be needed to flip a person from straight to gay?

I can't, for the life of me, fathom that anyone could have said or done anything that could have made me gay.

Can someone enlighten me?

Evansville, IN

I am not sure why there is a problem with openly gay boys in the Boy Scouts (whether or not they are sexually active) when there are have always been plenty of heterosexually active boys in the Scouts who are not dismissed or excluded from the organization and Christian organizations were not lobbying about the evils of permitting them in Scouts.

J in AZ
San Tan Valley, AZ

I suspect that Trail Life USA will be just another minor youth program like Royal Rangers, American Heritage Girls, and Camp Fire. They have chosen a course that risks self-marginalization because:

1. Their rejection of faith communities that don't believe in the Triune God.
2. Their adoption of a youth membership policy that is essentially identical to the BSA policy.

Mr. Orr in the article is demonstrating a Calvinist approach to sin where if a person is tempted by sin, they are already guilty of the sin. This flies in the face of the conception of most Christians of divine justice. This is another issue that will limit their growth.

I'm surprised at some of the comments of some of the LDS participants here. One of the first people that Wayne Perry, BSA National President, consulted on the modification of the BSA membership policy, was Thomas S. Monson, in both of his roles as the head of the organization sponsoring the single largest block of BSA units and as one of the most senior members of the BSA National Executive Board. The bottom line is that the BSA policy would not have changed without support from the LDS Church.

Los Angeles, CA

Ok mormons read the latest , a group of Western-state Republicans plans to enter the battle in favor of same-sex marriage on Tuesday, urging a federal appeals court to declare gay marriage bans in Utah and Oklahoma unconstitutional. Some Republicans know that equal rigths are for everyone in our great country!

Fuaamotu, Tonga

Not only will they exclude Mormons & Muslims but Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Inuit or other Native Americans and ANYONE who does not succinctly ascribe to the purist Christian views they hold to. I am all for teaching strong values to youth that will assist in helping them grow into responsible adults, but I don’t think this is the way to accomplish the goal. By excluding such diversity, young people will come to the belief that narrow-mindedness, bigotry, exclusion and discrimination against someone who is “different” is normal and justifiable.

Also from the site’s FAQs, it says “Same-sex attraction is not in itself a sin, as it is rather a temptation. It is what you do with that temptation in thought and in action that is sin.”

Apparently, it doesn’t matter what is done with the “temptation,” it is still a sin either way.

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