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Published: Sunday, March 2 2014 9:15 p.m. MST

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Mesa, AZ

No rain in over 70 days and it POURED during the Celebration. The youth and leaders were up to the occasion and never waivered. They had to be cold, but I never saw one face that wasn't beaming. I thought the cloggers on that wet stage (I think they were cloggers--it was raining so hard that vision was poor at times) might have difficulty, but they never missed a beat! The diversity of cultures in this program was timely and heart-warming. (Arizona is once again portrayed in the news as a state populated by backward racist rednecks...) The Youth of the Church represented themselves, their families, the Church and the state of Arizona very, very well. Thanks to all who made this wonderful Celebration possible.

Cinci Man

The cultural celebration was amazing to watch. I was truly touched by the dedication and devotion of our youth. I couldn't help but wonder why God did not stay the rain for the celebration, but then an idea struck my heart. The settling of Arizona was made possible by early native American Indians followed by settlers who were able to bring water to the deserts of this state. There is no stronger way to celebrate the amazing accomplishment of water in Arizona, than to have the downpour of rain during the dancing and music. One speaker remarked in his dedication speech that perhaps the rain was symbolic of God sending them the message that blessings will be poured down upon those who devote their lives to God and righteous principles. Both ideas offer symbolic teaching that are valuable to our youth. We love our children, and God does also. Thanks to the 12,000 who celebrated our diversity, many cultures, and appreciation for this beautiful temple, while celebrating water in Arizona in the most effective way possible, with God's help.

The Caravan Moves On
Enid, OK

This is awesome!

When I was a kid growing up in Arizona we had only one temple: Mesa.

Now, if I remember correctly, there are 4: Mesa, Safford/Thatcher, Snowflake, Gilbert and soon, Tucson?

God bless President Monson, the other 14 living prophets, seers and revelators and ALL of the Lord's leaders throughout the world.

Hang on folks. Between now and when our beloved Savior comes again, it's gonna be a bumpy ride!, but in the end, the Lord and righteousness is going to WIN!


Watching those few hundred kids playing ukeleles in pouring rain while singing, "I want to be like Lehi, Nephi, Moroni, & Jesus Christ" it occurred to me, they are being like them right now, persevering despite obstacles and inconvenient situations. Impressive. And they were smiling!

Cinci Man

And also Phoenix will have a temple. We will have 6 Arizona temples when Tucson is completed.

Ghost Writer

The rainstorm took a celebration that would have been great and made it spectacular. To see all those kids facing down the rain and singing and dancing with smiling faces was inspiring.There was a "nothing can stop us" feel to the event. Arizona is a blessed place.

Mesa, AZ

I was there and it was amazing. It is well worth mentioning that although there was a lot of rain, there was no lightening, which would have necessitated a total evacuation. The saints were blessed that night.

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