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Published: Friday, Feb. 14 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

From another article today in the des news about legal immigrants receiving citizenship:

"They(in reference to a couple) will join more than 778,000 immigrants who were naturalized during the 2013 fiscal year."

778k people in a single year hardly seems like the impossible and oppressive legal immigration system barack and others would have us believe.

Barack - Americans need jobs - start by giving jobs taken by illegal immigrants back to law abiding American citizens. And stop crying about corporations that ship jobs overseas in a legal way when you are ok with illegal immigrants illegally taking jobs from Americans.

At least what the rich corporations do is legal, and the result is the same as illegal immigration.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Wrong and wrong, Mr. President.
Amnesty is the wrong thing to do.
And a national minimum wage is just a political ploy. If you take away the unfair competition at the low-skill level, wages will naturally go up.

salt lake city, UT

Glad to see the DN recanted and pulled off a previous post that violated it's polices on civil dialogue. BO is laying out his priorities, Congress will have their own. Let the voters decide.

Mr. Bean
Phoenix, AZ

"BO is laying out his priorities..."

BO is trying to assure that the Democrats retain the Senate in the coming election, and possibly even taking the house. How can he do that? By giving stuff away.

And, by the way, how is it the BO can decide what the wages will be that businesses pay their employees?

salt lake city, UT

@ Bean-
Yes, BO is doing a lot of what you are calling out. The GOP is going to rely on repealing the ACA for the very same reason. To gain power. Let the voters decide.

boneheaded, but not a smidgen

How many things are on barry's agenda? Benghazi, IRS, AP, Fast and Furious, California drought, wages and illegal immigrants? When will he find the time?

Mcallen, TX

So, Obama is telling business owners what to pay their employees?

To bad we can't tell him to quit spending our money on vacations, Solyndra, and campaign trips.

Who paid for Michelle's twelve thousand dollar dress?

Mr. Bean
Phoenix, AZ

Yes, BO is doing a lot of what you are calling out. The GOP is going to rely on repealing the ACA for the very same reason. To gain power."

Of course... that's what politicians do. They do whatever's necessary to stay in power. What we need are statesmen. Statesmen look after the interests of the country as a whole, not some esoteric faction.

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