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Published: Monday, Feb. 10 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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Logan, UT

Michael Sam deserves respect for his honesty and courage.

Hopefully NFL will show their unprejudiced nature as Vince Lombardi did in his coaching years, and give this guy a fair shot.

Lindon, UT

People should be no more or less interested in his sex life than they are any other athlete. If he can play at the NFL level, then hire him for the job-- if not, don't. I didn't follow him as a player before and am no more likely to now. The locker room is for doing your business not picking up a date so if other players have a problem, it's clearly their problem.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Now I know the sexual preferences of exactly 1 person in the NFL draft.

To the remaining hundreds - I haven't told you my life choices about what I do in the bedroom, please don't tell me yours

St George, UT

This is a sports article? Nothing to do with sports, unless his lifestyle somehow affects the way he plays football. It seems the PC crowd is trying so hard to make this topic mainstream and legitimate, but it never will be.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I certainly hope the rights of the other players will be protected if they choose not to change their clothes or shower in front of him.

Let me anticipate the rebuttal: Just because he's gay doesn't mean he's attracted to all his teammates.

My response: Right, and just because I'm straight doesn't mean I'm attracted to all the women in the locker room at the gym, but that doesn't mean I should go barging in there.


I don't agree with the gay lifestyle, but I respect his right to live how he wants. My biggest problem with this is the inevitable press coverage if his career doesn't turn out the way he hopes.

He goes later in the draft than anticipated, a coach comes down hard on him, he doesn't get a lot of playing time, he gets cut for the first time, etc. When that happens to anyone else, it's all about their level of play, dedication, or whatever. When it happens to him, it will be all about his sexual preference and how he was discriminated against.

Also, someone please kill me know for agreeing with one of Chris B's comments.

Salt Lake City, UT

No.. the rebuttal would be that gay employees aren’t any less capable of leaving their “attraction” at the door of their workplace than their straight counterparts. Awwww… worried about dressing and showering? We all learned that as kids. These are grown adults with gar greater things on their plate -- they’ll figure it out. I also can’t see any connection between some male barging into the women’s locker room at a gym in Utah has to do with some native Texan’s future employment prospects. If he even gets hired anywhere, he’s certainly not “barging in.”

New York, NY

@Chris B says: Now I know the sexual preferences of exactly 1 person in the NFL draft.

Yeah right, like we never know anything about professional athletes' wives, girlfriends, dating lives, sex scandals, divorces, and on and on.

@Chris B says: "I haven't told you my life choices about what I do in the bedroom, please don't tell me yours"

Your sex life isn't relevant to readers since you're not an out gay man in a professional sport historically hostile to gay people.

Until it is just as unremarkable for players to have husbands and boyfriends as it is for them to have wives and girlfriends--- and until the long history of homophobia in the sports world is far behind us-- an open gay professional football player is justifiably news.

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