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Published: Monday, Feb. 3 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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Miss Piggie
Phoenix, AZ

Cory Brown and his four wives shouldn't have any problem once the same-sex issue is resolved. Perhaps I should begin scouting for a second and even a third husband. This could get exciting. I have assets and other things to pass on.

slc, UT

@miss piggie

Just a thought, reading the article before commenting my help prevent an off topic comment in the future.

"In December, U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups threw out the part of the bigamy law that bans cohabitation. Waddoups said the provision was a violation of the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of religion. The Utah attorney general's office might appeal the ruling, so Anderson said he's dropping his proposal this year because lawmakers don't want to interfere."

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

This is all part of leaving the barn door open with the many issues surrounding marriage equality. At this point, everything should be fair game.

Provo, UT

Utah can't legalize polygamy for a very simple reason, and it's a compelling state interest: According to Utah's state charter and also the state constitution, if polygamy is legalized, Utah ceases to be a state. It was all part and parcel of being admitted to the Union.

Northern Lights
Arco, ID


You bring up an intriguing point to think about: what if a federal judge should ever rule the Utah constitution unconstitutional? While the idea itself is absurd in my opinion, some other judicial rulings in recent years have been almost as bold.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

No need to repeal the law. Just stop enforcing it.

Obama soes it with immigration, the Obamacare law, and others.

At a time when families (by any definition) are under attack and declining, a law that bans a polygamous family is sort of silly. Especially when rampant random cohabitation and procreation is tolerated, if not actually encouraged today.

Miss Piggie
Phoenix, AZ

"...if polygamy is legalized, Utah ceases to be a state."

That's easily fixed. Just Get Judge Robert Shelby onto the case.

Sioux City, IA

It would be interesting to know how many people who support legalizing illegal immigrants to prevent the break-up of families oppose the move to legalize polygamy even though it breaks up families.
And allowing adults to cohabit in a house should be illegal if they are legally married to one person and spiritually married to the rest.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Where are the libs and the cries for equality for these people?

After all, they were just born differently, with a desire to marry many.

don't they deserve equal rights?

Logan, UT

@Chris B

Unless you can prove that, Mr. Brown having 4 wives and a wife having 1/4 husband, are equal, his polygamy is not going to get legal recognition.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "Miss Piggie" I don't think you would want multiple husbands. Imagine you 2 guys together that are buddies. You will never see either one of them, and now you gave your first husband a video game/fishing/hunting/biking/weight lifting/farting buddie that is around all the time.

To "UTSU" But it is equal. Can you prove that that multiple women with one man is equal to only having 1/4 husband?

Logan, UT


Your argument is hard to understand. My point is, unless Mr. Brown can prove that, he, a 4-wife-husband, and one of his 4 wives, who has to share her husband with three other women, are equal, have equal right in such an institution, there won't be legal recognition for their polygamy.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "UTSU" I will make this simple.

Prove that a man with 4 wives is any less of a husbad to those 4 women than a man with only 1 wife.

While you are at it, prove that parents with only 1 child are less of a parent when multiple children are involved.

If you can do that, prove that 1 person cannot love multiple people equally.

Logan, UT


This has nothing to do about comparing a husband with another husband, this is about whether a husband and a wife are equal in such an institution. If they are not equal, then government has compelling interests to against such institution. Unless Mr. Brown can prove 4 equal to 1/4, he won't get his polygamy recognized.

And BTW, are you equating spouse-spouse relationship with parent-child relationship? You do know that married couples have sex, right?

Bored to the point of THIS!
Ogden, UT

The people of who hit the blogs of the DNews seem to be unwilling to address the polygamy issue. It gets little attention. I'm curious as to why?

The conservatives go wild about marriage being between a man and woman. The liberals go wild about equal rights for all... yet neither group says much here?

I would think both would have plenty to say?

Provo, UT

How ironic to recall the origin of polygamy laws in Utah, and how it relates to current events.

Just before the beginning of the 20th century, some of my own ancestors were imprisoned in the Federal Penitentiary - as punishment for practicing polygamy. I guess that puts me in my proper place.

The Federal Government reputedly imposed polygamy laws on the State as a requirement for Utah Statehood.

Salt Lake City, UT

If you take "sex" out of the equation, Polygamy could probably be considered noble and praiseworthy.

Any man who takes on children, and women, and cares for them lovingly and with respect is probably laudable in today's society.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "UTSU" PROVE it. You keep claiming that if a man is married to more than one woman, that the women have less of a husband each, yet lack any proof to show that the women have a fractional "share" of a husband.

You do know that marriage is about more than sex don't you?

Bakersfield, CA

Why hasn't Utah long ago fixed the problem they created in 1847 and then again in 1890?

With the LDS Church's abrupt about-face in denying plural/celestial marriage, they created more havoc with their sub-culture of newly disgraced but devout polygamists. The huge disgrace is the inequality shown to Fundamentalists by those who brought "The Principle" put west initially.

To deny that fact is mind boggling.

Rectifying/legalizing this religious injustice for thousands may actually help their stigmatized underground, which poses harm to many young women. At least we can try and see if it helps this culture so shrouded in secrecy and domination today.

Logan, UT

"You do know that marriage is about more than sex don't you?"

Of course we all do. but nobody can deny sex is a fundamental part of marriage. That is exactly why it is ridiculous for you to equate spouse-spouse relationship with parent-child relationship.

For Mr. Brown and his 4 wives, he has 4 sexual partners, but each wife has to share her only partner with 3 other women in this arrangement. if you say Mr. Brown and his women are equal in this polygamy, who are you kidding? You might just go on and claiming an emperor and his concubines are equal.

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